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Relationship between Esnatech and Google.

Relationship between Esnatech and Google.



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Esna/Google Playbook Esna/Google Playbook Document Transcript

  • MOBILITY PRESENCE MESSAGING ESNATECH PLAYBOOK Esnatech is an Industry leader in SIP-based Unified Communications Esnatech’s SIP-based solutions integrate with any phone system and provide voice/fax mail integration with Google™ Apps, as well as a full portfolio of unified communications and voice integration to the Google Apps environment. Esnatech’s Telephony Office-LinX™ for Google Apps integrates Gmail, Talk, Calendar and Contacts with an enterprise’s existing phone system to deliver native voice features like: 1. Unified Messaging with any phone system 2. Rich phone presence and status within Google Talk 3. Click-to-dial screen pops within Google Apps 4. Mobility phone integration Esnatech’s Telephony Office-LinX UC for Google Apps is the glue that links enterprise and hosted phone networks with Google Apps and other core business applications to deliver unified messaging, phone presence, call control and mobility in order to drive real-time communications and employee productivity, while driving down overall voice communications costs. © 2010 Esna Technologies Inc. 2
  • MOBILITY PRESENCE MESSAGING ESNATECH PLAYBOOK Key Technology Offered  Unified Messaging for Google® Gmail » Voice and fax mail integrated with Gmail, including message waiting light support with your existing office PBX » Gmail access over the phone so you can listen to e-mail and respond to e-mail like it is voice mail providing offline access to your voice, fax and e-mail messages.  Fax Server for Google® Apps & Gmail » Fax messaging integrated with Gmail » Fax-on-demand » E-mail-to-Fax—Fax printing from your desktop » Google web fax gadget that can be published in Google Apps for sending fax documents through corporate phone system © 2010 Esna Technologies Inc. 3
  • MOBILITY PRESENCE MESSAGING ESNATECH PLAYBOOK Key Technology Offered  Google® Talk/Apps Phone Presence Server » Provides rich phone status and phone presence integrated with Google Talk » Phone status enables click-to-dial from Google Talk using corporate phone system » Google Talk/Apps phone presence server » Ability to have Google Talk phone presence integrated with a user’s Google Calendar » Ability to call and change Google Talk status and availability using speech recognition over the phone  Google® Apps Computer Telephony/Voice Integration » Live screen pops, call control and live calls will be integrated with Google Contacts to provide live status of incoming calls native in Google Apps » Google Apps’ users can manage live real-time calls and decide which ones to answer and which ones to send to Gmail, so the caller may leave a message » Knowledge screen pops—provides Google Contact resolution on incoming calls. Esnatech’s UC service will execute Google desktop search based on the incoming Caller ID information for live call control and intelligent call management  Google® Apps » integration with screen pops, dialing, integrated Google Talk phone presence  Mobility Server » Speech access to Google Apps over any phone—access to Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, Google Talk Presence » Mobile Unified Communication client for RIM BlackBerry, Apple iPhone, Google Android, Windows Mobile—provides mobile access to enterprise PBX for making phone calls, changing availability and internal ext-to-ext dialing » Fixed-to-Mobile Convergence server that enables find me/follow me, call blasting, call hand-off with a user’s existing enterprise phone system—provides Google Voice functionality with a user’s existing extension and DID number(s)  Speech Server » Speech-enabled Auto Attendant and Directory integrated with Google Directory or Active Directory » Speech-enabled Contact dialing integrated with Google Contacts » Speech-enabled IVR to streamline automated business processes © 2010 Esna Technologies Inc. 4
  • MOBILITY PRESENCE MESSAGING ESNATECH PLAYBOOK Key Technology Offered  SIP-based Conference Server » Software-based audio bridge integrated with your existing phone system—access from Esnatech Google Apps UC Web Gadget » Enabled individual rooms for ad hoc meetings and discussions » Zero per usage charges for having audio meetings  IVR and Communication Enabled Business Process (CEBP) Integration » IVR, interactive voice response scripts » Speech-enabled IVR for automated business process » Custom API designer to create custom voice applications and integrate your enterprise PBX with automated call process applications © 2010 Esna Technologies Inc. 5
  • MOBILITY PRESENCE MESSAGING ESNATECH PLAYBOOK Use Cases for Esnatech Google UC Platform » Integrate Google Apps to an existing key telephone system » Unified Messaging and voice mail integration between Google Apps and existing key phone system such as, Toshiba, NEC, Asterisk, etc. » Replace fax machine and fax lines with Google Apps Fax Integration for fax messaging and outbound faxing SMALL ENTERPRISE (25-500 users) » Mobile Phone Integration—provides integration of mobile devices (including Google Android) with existing key phone system and Direct Inward Dial number(s) » Audio Conferencing—provides private rooms for ad hoc conference calls and meetings. Removes pay per usage charges and leverages an existing key system » Screen pops and desktop dialing from PC using an existing phone system » Unified Messaging and voice mail integration to Google Apps with existing PBX (phone system) » Replace fax machine and fax lines with Google Apps Fax Integration for fax messaging and outbound faxing » Google Talk Phone Presence—provide phone status and phone presence in Google Talk so co-workers can see what phone users are on and their availability » Audio Conferencing—provide private rooms for ad hoc conference calls MID ENTERPRISE (500-3,000 users) and meetings. Removes pay per usage charges and leverages the existing key system » Integration with existing Cisco, Nortel, Mitel, and Avaya phone systems with Google Apps for dialing and screen pops » Mobile Phone Integration—provides integration of mobile phone devices including Google Android with existing key phone systems and their Direct Inward Dial number(s) » Google enterprise voice functionality with existing corporate DID number © 2010 Esna Technologies Inc. 6
  • MOBILITY PRESENCE MESSAGING ESNATECH PLAYBOOK Use Cases for Esnatech Google UC Platform » Voice mail replacement or migration with existing legacy platforms— Octel, Audix, Call Pilot (10 million seats, end of life, Microsoft is attacking this market with Exchange 2010; Google can go after this market with Esnatech UC for Google Apps integration) » Integration with existing voice mail platform with Gmail, full message light support—Cisco Unity, Avaya Modular Messaging, Nortel Call Pilot » Integrated centralized fax services (fax messaging, outbound faxing) across all phone systems integrated with Gmail » Google enterprise voice functionality with existing corporate DID LARGE ENTERPRISE (3,000 or more users) numbers across disparate phone systems and locations » Centralized voice applications that can service multiple locations— voice unified messaging, call routing and steering, phone presence, FMC mobility services » Mobile phone integration with existing PBX, enabling call routing to any mobile endpoint by simply dialing internal extensions or existing Direct Inward Dial number » Integrated dialing and call control with legacy phone system (Nortel) and new IP Telephony deployment (Avaya, Cisco) Licensing and Packaging: Esnatech offers Unified Communications for Google Apps in three specific packages. Companies can choose based on the requirements of what users need, and then procure the appropriate per user, per year service model. Unlike specific Microsoft solutions, you can have a mixture of basic to fully advanced integrated user models that best serve the needs and budget of an organization moving to Google Apps. The system provides Auto-Attendant, IVR and voice mail features in its basic configuration. Companies do not have to worry about a complicated configuration and licensing models that are common in Unified Communications configurations. How many users and what features do they need? Three options available: 1. Basic Unified Messaging user for Google Apps—integration of voice and fax mail with Gmail (Retail Price per user/year - $30) 2. Advanced Unified Messaging user for Google Apps—integration of voice and fax mail with Gmail, plus phone access to your Gmail inbox with speech recognition for hands-free navigation, and text-to-speech technology for listening to e-mail over the phone (Retail Price per user/year - $45) 3. Unified Communication user for Google Apps—delivers full messaging, mobility, speech and presence services for Google Apps users (Retail Price per user/year - $70) © 2010 Esna Technologies Inc. 7
  • MOBILITY PRESENCE MESSAGING ESNATECH PLAYBOOK BASIC UNIFIED ADVANCED UNIFIED UNIFIED FEATURES MESSAGING MESSAGING COMMUNICATIONS Basic voice mail over the phone    Fax messaging    Access to voice mail from Gmail    Access to fax mail from Gmail    Access to Gmail over the phone n/a   Compose voice e-mail over the phone n/a   Access to Google Contacts for message dialing and n/a   replying Voice mail transcription    Outbound desktop faxing n/a n/a  Google Talk presence integration n/a n/a  Web Gadget - dialing, screen pops n/a n/a  Google Desktop Gadget - location, dialing, screen pop n/a n/a  Desktop UC software - dialing, screen pop, IM, mobility n/a n/a  Mobile UC software for BlackBerry n/a n/a  Mobile UC software for iPhone n/a n/a  Mobile UC software for Android n/a n/a  Mobile UC software for Nokia/Windows Mobile n/a n/a  BlackBerry BES Integration for Unified Messaging    Phone access to Google status and contacts n/a n/a  Speech access to Gmail (text-to-speech) optional   Auto Attendant    IVR Trees    Fax-on-demand    Salesforce Connector n/a optional  IVR Connector optional optional optional Voice Biometrics optional   Audio Conferencing optional optional optional © 2010 Esna Technologies Inc. 8
  • MOBILITY PRESENCE MESSAGING ESNATECH PLAYBOOK Identifying a Need for Voice/Unified Communications Integration QUESTIONS TO ASK? RESPONSE ESNATECH UC LICENSE REQUIRED Does the customer have a legacy, non-IP phone An Esnatech platform to integrate phone system with Google Apps. Yes system? (Nortel, Avaya, NEC, etc.) Do you already use Unified Messaging with your Basic or Advanced Unified Messaging to integrate voice and fax mail with existing e-mail platform? (Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Yes Gmail. Notes, etc.) Is your company currently on Microsoft Exchange Advanced Unified Messaging services for the company to retain the Yes 2007/2010? Unified Messaging features they currently have. Does your company receive faxes? Basic Unified Messaging services will integrate incoming faxes to Gmail Yes and eliminate the need for a dedicated fax line. Does your company send faxes? A UC license enables users to send faxes directly from Gmail and reduce Yes the manual transactions as well as the number of fax machines and lines required. Does your company already use Microsoft OCS or A UC license is able to replicate the core Microsoft OCS feature sets are they evaluating OCS deployment? integrated in Google Apps so customers will not lose functionality, but in Yes fact, retain and gain web-based functions at a better price point with less infrastructure to maintain. Does your company have a mobile workforce using A UC license enables users to register a mobile device with their existing mobile phones as their primary source of voice phone system so the can make/receive calls as if they were in the office. Yes communications? It will also enable click-to-dial functions from Gmail and Contacts, etc., that are integrated with their mobile devices. Does your company have a distributed workforce A UC license enables users to publish their phone status and location across multiple locations? Yes in Google Talk, so co-workers have easy access to click-to-dial and communicate live using their mobile phones and existing phone system. Does your company have and manage more than Basic, Advanced UM or UC will provide centralized Google Apps one phone system? Yes integration for voice mail and Unified Messaging across all of the PBXs reducing management costs of multiple systems. © 2010 Esna Technologies Inc. 9
  • MOBILITY PRESENCE MESSAGING ESNATECH PLAYBOOK Sizing and Configuring a System Properly QUESTIONS TO ASK? LICENSE TO PROVISION NUMBER OF USERS How many users need voice mail to Google Gmail? Basic UM License Enter # of Users: How many users need unified messaging (voice and fax)? Basic UM License Enter # of Users: How many users need access to e-mail and contacts over the phone Advanced UM License Enter # of Users: (while driving)? How many users require Google Talk phone presence integration? UC License Enter # of Users: How many users need Mobile phone integration for dialing and phone UC License Enter # of Users: presence? How many users need to send faxes from their desktop? UC License Enter # of Users: How many users need CRM integration for desktop dialing and click-to- UC License Enter # of Users: dial from their computers? Add the Total # of Users  © 2010 Esna Technologies Inc. 10
  • MOBILITY PRESENCE MESSAGING ESNATECH PLAYBOOK Positioning of Telephony Office-LinX for Google Apps Platform  Alternative to Microsoft Unified Communications Portfolio MICROSOFT APPLICATIONS REQUIRED GOOGLE APPS / ESNATECH SERVERS Exchange 2007/2010 Gmail + Esnatech Advanced UM License Exchange 2003 Gmail + Esnatech Basic UM License Microsoft Office Communications Server Esnatech UC License Microsoft Speech Server Esnatech Advanced UM License or greater  Key Differences from Microsoft/Cisco/IBM UC Portfolio DIFFERENTIATORS COMMENTS Server Hardware Requirements One server for Esnatech applications versus multiple servers and licensing for Microsoft, Cisco and IBM portfolio Legacy Non-IP phone system support More than 60% of enterprises still have legacy phone systems that WILL NOT SUPPORT Microsoft and/or Cisco, because they require hardware and infrastructure upgrade/replacement). Esnatech/Google is simply software and service added to existing infrastructure—a major cost-savings in management and deployment for not just e-mail, but UC services. Support for Hosted Voice Services Esnatech Unified Communication License will work with on-premise and hosted infrastructure. Microsoft cannot offer existing OCS integration to a hosted voice provider. The customer must move to a completely hosted provider for Exchange and OCS. Multiple OS Support Esnatech Google UC Framework supports any operating system, browser and mobile phone for maximum interoperability. Microsoft, Cisco, and IBM have limited operating system and mobile phone interoperability without the use of a third party solution or platform. Hybrid Business Application Support Esnatech voice integration will extend beyond Google Apps to support non-Google applications as well as,, and Microsoft CRM, etc. Extend UC services across all users and applications the customer is using and supporting. One license, one partner platform, vs. Cisco, IBM and Microsoft requiring multiple applications and partners to support multiple vendors and applications. © 2010 Esna Technologies Inc. 11
  • MOBILITY PRESENCE MESSAGING ESNATECH PLAYBOOK Sales & Marketing Content UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS FOR GOOGLE APPS Esnatech’s Unified Communications solutions provide simple, integrated unified communication services for small to large sized companies. Our UC solutions integrate Google Apps directly with an existing phone system. This includes voice integration support for Cisco, Avaya, Nortel, Siemens, and Alcatel PBXs, as well as over 250 different legacy phone systems. A pure IP integrated voice application that can extend integration to any new IP phone system, as well as any hosted voice platform. The three key technologies include unified messaging, rich phone presence and call control/mobility integration. MESSAGING Esnatech provides a complete line of Unified Messaging solutions ranging from voice and fax, to full unified messaging platforms that interface and integrate directly with Gmail. These solutions provide integration to a company’s existing phone system for phone access to voice, fax and e-mail, as well as message waiting light support with the existing handsets. MOBILITY Our mobility solutions leverage speech technology from Nuance to deliver anywhere access to Google Apps and your office phone system. Esnatech’s Mobile Smartphone software is available in all major Mobile App stores including the Android Marketplace. The mobile software connects to any enterprise phone system to provide least-cost routing and integrate phone presence directly from a user’s mobile device. Esnatech’s Mobility platform can integrate your mobile workforce and provide cost-savings to your current mobile strategy and infrastructure. PRESENCE According to IDC, by 2006 there will be 255 million users worldwide, both consumers and enterprises using instant messaging, almost three times the number of users in 2002. Presence promises to change user behavior as callers come to depend on knowing the availability of someone they want to connect with before initiating the call. They can avoid making a call altogether by the user’s live network and phone status, leveraging Presence technology embedded in Google Talk with Esnatech’s phone presence and integration. Esnatech enables Google Talk to become a rich enterprise presence application. CONFERENCING Esnatech offers a SIP-based Meet-Me Conference Server that can be added to any phone system or provided in conjunction with our Unified Communications platform. The WeLINK Meet-Me Conference server integrates conferencing services into your organization, allowing staff to leverage the on-going value of constant collaboration and anytime, anywhere meetings. By integrating conferencing with the existing phone system dial plan, users gain easy access to join a meeting room through the Esnatech Google Gadget Web services. © 2010 Esna Technologies Inc. 12
  • MOBILITY PRESENCE MESSAGING ESNATECH PLAYBOOK Sales & Marketing Content UC & CEBP FOR SAAS-BASED SOLUTION SaaS-based solutions and Cloud Computing may still be emerging as an IT delivery model, but organizations from all sizes and every sector are moving ahead with plans to adopt cloud services for core business processes such as CRM/SFA, e-mail and collaboration. The attitude among technology decision makers seems to be that the benefits outweigh the risks, and the risks can be mitigated with planning and careful implementation. Esnatech provides seamless integration with your existing voice and communication infrastructure to SaaS-based solutions such as and Google Apps. DISASTER RECOVERY Business interruptions lasting days or even hours can damage your reputation and cause your customers to switch to competitors. Esnatech’s Unified Communication platform delivers local survivability for enterprise voice applications. Our geo-redundant architecture provides centralized distribution of voice applications, which enables disaster recovery and 100% uptime. VERTICAL MARKET SOLUTIONS Esnatech’s line of vertical solutions provides businesses with the advantages of the current vertical workflow and Esnatech’s extensive expertise in specific vertical markets. With Esnatech, companies can capitalize on new opportunities and the changing dynamics of the market with focused, field-tested, reliable solutions. Learn more by visiting http://www. © 2010 Esna Technologies Inc. 13
  • MOBILITY PRESENCE MESSAGING ESNATECH PLAYBOOK Sales & Marketing Content  Marketing Portals (Access to Documentation) » » » »  White Papers and Technical Documentation » » »  Sales Tools » » »  Other Resources » » »  Sales Training » » » »  Esnatech Blog » » © 2010 Esna Technologies Inc. 14
  • MOBILITY PRESENCE MESSAGING ESNATECH PLAYBOOK SALES CONTACT INFORMATION It is best to contact Esnatech for discovery and configuration. Phone: 1-800-565-3762, say “Sales” or dial 1, or say the first or last name of the person you wish to speak with. E-mail: CORPORATE CONTACT INFORMATION (Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM EST) Tel: 905-707-9700, or 1-800-565-3762 | Fax: 905-707-9170 | Web: Mailing Address: 30 West Beaver Creek, Suite 101 | Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3K1  Channel Managers » West/Major Accounts & Business Development—Michael Seeley ( » Channel & Government solutions—David Ballins ( » Canada Excluding Quebec—Michael Daniels ( » Latin America & Quebec—Andres Venegas ( » East—Susan Fernand ( » International and Business Development, VP of Sales and Marketing—Davide Petramala (  Sales Engineers » SE Manager (West)—Adam Kling ( » SE Manager (East)—John Biancucci ( » SE Manager (EMEA)—Ed Verstratten (  Webinar & Demo Resources » Esnatech Marketing (  Technical Support » Technical Support Manager—Scott McHardy (  Customer Service » Customer Service Manager—Leah Hodges ( © 2010 Esna Technologies Inc. 15
  • MOBILITY PRESENCE MESSAGING ESNATECH PLAYBOOK How to Configure Your Order NEW UC Configuration Tool—Esnatech has created a UC Configuration Tool to simplify ordering and the configuration process. The UC Configuration Tool will provide you with the most optimum system configuration based on a survey and Esnatech part numbering for ordering our award-winning Telephony Office-LinX™. » Download the latest version of the UC Configuration Tool at Copyright 2010 Esna Technologies Inc. All rights reserved. Telephony Office-LinX is a trademark of Esna Technologies Inc. (Esnatech). All other trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners. poweredbyesnauc unifiedcommunications uc4gapps or ucommunicate © 2010 Esna Technologies Inc. 16