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Esna ROI Apps Around Unified Messaging & Fax
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Esna ROI Apps Around Unified Messaging & Fax






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Esna ROI Apps Around Unified Messaging & Fax Esna ROI Apps Around Unified Messaging & Fax Presentation Transcript

  • Unified Communications Platform ROI and Application Selling Sales and Marketing
  • Agenda
      • Needs Analysis
      • Return On Investment
        • Cost Savings
        • Data Points
        • Example
        • Tool demo
      • Selling Telephony Office-LinX’s value added features
  • What issues are customers facing?
      • Increasing customer retention
      • Increasing sales
      • Lowering internal overhead costs
      • Increasing staff productivity
      • Improving communications
  • Identifying a Need
      • Have mobile or distributed workforce that need to communicate:
        • Sales force
        • Field support
        • Trainers
        • Branch offices
        • Regional offices
  • Who Needs Unified Messaging
      • Only provide UM to those who need it most
      • Average percentage who "need" UM is 34%
      • Mobile personnel: sales/marketing, field support and executives
      • This is 10-30% for large organizations and 30-80% of small-medium companies
      • Messaging activity is 30-60% email, 30-50% voice mail and 10-30% fax
        • The larger the organization, the greater the likelihood of higher percentages for both email and fax, but not for voicemail
    Source: The Unified-View (UM Association)
  • Return On Investment
      • Hard Costs
        • UM reduces port requirements
        • Fax machine maintenance and support
        • Reallocation of Operators
        • Administration and support consolidation
        • Reduced LD charges (voice messages sent/received via email)
      • Soft Cost
        • Productivity Gains
    Cost Savings
  • Productivity Gains
      • Mobility
        • Receive/send messages anywhere
        • Teleworkers access all messages over a single phone line
      • Responsiveness
        • Improved ability to receive and respond to incoming messages (notification)
        • Ease of forwarding voice mail
        • Enhanced communications
        • Presence management
      • Save Time
        • Simplify message retrieval with a single mailbox
        • Enhanced message organization and manageability
  • Data Points
      • Research from The Radicati Group
        • UM can generate 25 to 40 minutes of additional productivity per employee per day
        • Mobile employees average 2.6% productivity savings per year, 1.5% in-office workers
      • 2002 Pelorous Group Study
        • Average support savings per user per year for unified messaging clients - $40
      • Captaris & Com Group Time / Motion Study:
        • Mobile workers 70% gain in productivity, in-office UM users 53%
      • Pelorous Group, UM in the Enterprise Report
        • Customers have estimated a savings of about 20-30 minutes per day per user
      • Cisco ROI study
        • One and a half hours is the average time spent per employee per day listening, reading and responding to voice mail, email and faxes
      • Intel ROI study, August 2002
        • 47% of UM users save at least 1 hour per week, 14% save over 3 hours per week
  • Auto Attendant Example
      • Input calls per day that can be handled by the ASR
      • Example is a 1000 user site, with 1000 calls per day handled by ASR
      • ASR also increases caller satisfaction
  • Administration Consolidation Example
      • Input number of UM or UC users
      • Example is a 1000 user site, with 340 UM users
      • Red corner provides comment on data point
  • Fax Machine Elimination Example
      • Input number fax users
      • Example is a 1000 user site, with 340 fax users
  • Port Reduction Example
      • Input current ports used for voice mail
      • Example is a 1000 user site, with 24 voice ports
      • UM users access voice messages through UM over 90% of the time, no port required
  • Productivity Gains Example
      • Input number of UM users per category
      • Example is a 1000 user site, with 340 UM users
      • These savings are not included in break-even
  • Results Example
      • Input system cost
      • Example is a 1000 user site
      • Provides ROI in months
      • Productivity Gains shown separately
  • Value Add Features
  • What are the“Value Add” Features
      • Speech Recognition Auto Attendant and contacts
        • Nuance market leader in ASR
        • Increases customer satisfaction
      • TUI Emulation
        • Saves retraining users
        • Can be set for individuals
        • Not 100% identical
      • WAP/UC Mobile
        • UC mobile adds UC functionality to smart phones- Mobility, presence, messaging, dialing
        • Most cell phones and some PDA’s are WAP enabled
        • Converts desktop mailbox to a wireless viewable format
        • Provides subset of Web Client functionality
          • Change status
          • View messages
      • UC Client Manager- Desktop UC features
  • Why Unified Communications?
      • Minimal change required to deploy
      • Works with current e-mail solution
      • Provides productivity tools to remote and field employees
      • Streamlines and cost saving in communications
      • Improves response time to inquires from:
        • Customers- revenue generator
        • Suppliers- cost savings
        • Staff- cost saving & revenue generator
  • ROI and Application Selling