UC Nursing CESDEV 3 P M A N G R O O V E P L A N T I N G O R I E N T A T I O N


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UC Nursing CESDEV 3 P M A N G R O O V E P L A N T I N G O R I E N T A T I O N

  1. 1. BSN -3P
  2. 2. A mangrove is more than just a tree ... it's a whole forest community which lives between the sea and the land. For many people, mangroves look like muddy, swampy places filled with mosquitoes, snakes and spiders. But take a closer look....
  3. 3. Walking through a mangrove can be like going on a giant treasure hunt. Hidden within the twisted vines and branches are amazing reptiles, wild looking insects and plenty of crabs and other animals which call the mangroves their home. Besides being a wonderful place to explore, mangroves are also important from an ecological standpoint. The Australian Institute of Marine Science has a number of fascinating research projects under way in an effort to better understand mangroves, for example: Biologists estimate 75% of the commercially caught fish and prawns spend at least some part of their life cycle living in the mangroves. For many species of fish, like the sea mullet and barramundi, the muddy waters of the mangroves are the nurseries where they raise their young. Because fish are so dependent on mangroves, protecting these forest communities is another way of protecting our fish populations.
  4. 4. Hi, good afternoon… We will be talking about…
  5. 5. Mauna sya class… kasabot? Ahhhhh...
  6. 6. And that would be all…
  7. 7. So serious…
  8. 8. Any questions and clarifications?
  9. 9. Miss, question… Sa mangrove forest motubo ang SHARKS? ?
  10. 10. Mangadto na ta sa Sitio Baka!
  11. 11. Na traffic tingali sa colon! Asa naman ang bus? Dili kuno ta madayun kay walay nakareserve na bus!
  12. 12. Pili lang mo og bus?
  13. 13. Nagboating na kunta mi sa Kutkut, Liloan!
  14. 14. Nagtanum na kunta mi>>>
  15. 15. Mi tubo na kunta run! hihihihi
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