UC Nursing CESDEV 3 I


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UC Nursing CESDEV 3 I

  1. 1. BSN III–I in SITIO LANGOB BRGY KALUNASAN, GUADALUPE, CEBU CITY college of nursing university of cebu-banilad September 8, 2007
  2. 2. Feeding Program
  3. 3. Guadalupe It is the home of the world renowned sweet Guadalupe mangoes. Two (2) of the top public schools in Cebu City, namely: Guadalupe Elementary School (GES) and Ramon Duterte Nat'l Highschool (Ongkin King) are found here. Transportation is very easy and accessible (06B and 06F). Famous places: Guadalupe Church (named after Guadalupe, Mexico), Langub sa Guadalupe (A chapel inside a cave), the Chongbian (famous place for sabongeros-spanish term for people who love cockfighting), and Star Fm. Famous restaurants can also be found, mouth-watering dishes served at AA's BBQ, Seafoods Restaurant, Cheaverz place, Jolibee, Moon cafe, CnT lechon, Carenderia's and the very famous Gisangag Express (Eat n' Drink all you want)
  4. 4. W ORLD H EALTH O RGANIZATION <ul><li>WHO is the directing and coordinating authority for health within the United Nations system. It is responsible for providing leadership on global health matters, shaping the health research agenda, setting norms and standards, articulating evidence-based policy options, providing technical support to countries and monitoring and assessing health trends. </li></ul><ul><li>In the 21st century, health is a shared responsibility, involving equitable access to essential care and collective defence against transnational threats. </li></ul>
  5. 5. Preparation …
  6. 6. food preparation
  7. 7. ...before the departure
  8. 8. In the area…
  9. 9. … just arrived 
  10. 10. … are we ready yet?
  11. 11. … kids, pls settle down
  12. 12. … fun fun fun!
  13. 13. ...we’re teaching them the ideal way to wash their hands. It aint obvious, ryt? Haha 
  14. 14. … kids, you should always remember the GO GROW GLOW stuff 
  15. 15. … eating time!
  16. 16. … while some are busy eating… <ul><li>… wound care was happening </li></ul>
  17. 17. … thanks for making our outreach program a success!
  18. 18. &quot;We are guilty of many errors and many faults, but our worst crime is abandoning the children, neglecting the foundation of life. Many of the things we need can wait. The child cannot. Right now is the time his bones are being formed, his blood is being made and his senses are being developed. To him we cannot answer &quot;Tomorrow&quot;. His name is &quot;Today&quot;.&quot; Gabriela Mistral, 1948