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Taiwan 101 Workshop

Taiwan 101 Workshop



TASC Initiative presents "Taiwan 101--Intro to Taiwan", an introduction to Taiwan's history, foods, and sights. ...

TASC Initiative presents "Taiwan 101--Intro to Taiwan", an introduction to Taiwan's history, foods, and sights.

A majority of the pictures were found through Google Images and Yahoo Images, TASC does not claim ownership of these images.



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  • Austronesians, “out of Taiwan” theory is still under debate
  • Pork knuckle introduced to Taiwan at this time, possibly
  • Also some Shinto shrines throughout TaiwanA lot of Japanese culture mixed in with Taiwanese culture todayOlder generation Taiwanese people can speak Japanese
  • The ba wan is Taiwan's mega dumpling.Made with a dough of rice flour, corn starch and sweet potato starch, it looks almost translucent after cooking. Pork, veggies and sometimes eggs are stuffed inside and gravy is poured on top. It is commonly believed that ba wan was invented during periods of scarcity. The simple pork dumpling was then a luxurious snack enjoyed only during the Lunar New Year festival. 
  • Comes in many variants, clear/non-spicy/spicy broth, thin/very thick noodles, different cuts of beef
  • The iconic eatery originated in Tainan about a century ago. A fisherman sold noodles during the slack season and the joint became so successful that he quit fishing altogether. The signature bowl of Slack Season noodles is served in shrimp soup with bean sprouts, coriander, minced pork and fresh shrimps.

Taiwan 101 Workshop Taiwan 101 Workshop Presentation Transcript

  • Welcome to Taiwan 101Brought to you by:
  • What’s TASC?What’s Taiwan?
  • What’s TASC Initiative?Taiwanese American Social ChangeInitiativeFounded in 2011Formerly “Bruins for Taiwan”Hosted last year’s TAHWGoal: spread awareness about Taiwan andTaiwanese Americans
  • Interesting facts about Taiwan• Size of Maryland and Delaware combined• Asia’s 3rd most democratic country• US citizens receive up to 90 days of visa-free stay in Taiwan• Taipei is the #1 snack city whencompared to cities in China and HongKong
  • Taiwan: brief history• Original inhabitants:“Taiwanese aborigines” or Austronesians
  • “Formosa” considered a Dutch colony(1624-1662)Ilha Formosa means “beautiful island” in PortugueseFort Zeelandia/Fort Anping, Anping, Tainan
  • Fort Santo Domingo (destroyed), now FortAntonioSpanish occupied Northern Taiwan(1626-1642)紅毛城 “Fort of the red-haired”, Danshui, Taipei
  • Military leader, Koxinga, retreats to Taiwanduring the fall of the Ming dynasty and ouststhe Dutch (1662)Statue of Koxinga, Tainan
  • Taiwan under Qing administration 1683-1895Koxinga’s grandson is defeated and Qing government annexes TaiwanEluanbi Lighthouse, Pingdong, Taiwan
  • Japanese colonial rule (1895-1945)Red House, Ximen, Taipei
  • Martial Law under the Nationalists (1949-1987)Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Zhongzheng, Taipei
  • Free Democracy 1987-nowTaipei 101, Xinyi, TaipeiWorld’s Tallest Building 2004-2010
  • Food in Taiwan
  • Tea Eggs 茶葉蛋 cháyèdàn
  • Sticky Rice Rolls 飯糰 n
  • Soymilk and Chinese Donut 豆漿油條 dòujiāngyóutiáo
  • Egg Pancake 蛋餅 dànbǐng
  • Oyster Omelette 蚵仔煎 “O a jian”
  • Taiwanese Meatball 肉圓 “Ba wan”
  • Fish cakes 甜不辣 tiánbúlà
  • Stinky Tofu 臭豆腐 chòudòufu
  • Double-layered Sausage Roll大腸包小腸 dàcháng bāo xiǎocháng
  • Ahgei 阿給 āgěi
  • Popcorn Chicken 鹽酥雞 yánsūjī(lit. salty and crisp chicken)
  • Taiwanese Beef Rolls 牛肉捲餅 niúròu juǎnbǐng
  • Beef Noodle Soup 牛肉麵 niúròumiàn
  • Danzai noodles 擔仔麵 dānzǎimiàn
  • Oyster Vermicelli 蚵仔米粉 “O a mi soa”
  • Sesame Paste Noodles 麻將麵 májiàngmiàn
  • Shaved Ice/Snow 刨冰 “chua bing”Best Desserts around the World (CNN)
  • Peanut Wrap 花生捲 huāshēngjuǎn
  • Tofu Pudding 豆花 dòuhuā
  • Pineapple Cakes 鳳梨酥 fènglísū
  • Boba vs. Pearls 波霸 vs. 珍珠(zhēnzhū)
  • 1. 2.3. 4.
  • 1. Sticky Rice Rolls 2. Beef Noodle Soup3. Taiwanese Meatball 4. Shaved Ice
  • 5. 6.
  • 5. Stinky Tofu 6. Oyster Omelette7. 8.
  • 5. Stinky Tofu 6. Oyster Omelette7. Double-layered sausage roll 8. Boba
  • 9. 10.
  • 9. Soymilk and Chinese Donut 10. Ahgei
  • Ganbei
  • What’s at a Nightmarket?FOOD Stands + Clothing + Games
  • Nightmarkets (cont’d)In Taipei…• Biggest Nightmarket: Shilin– Most food stalls– Most games• Most Unique Foods: Raohe• Most clothing: Wufenpu– For every 10+ stores for women, there’s 1 for men• Navigation and Food guide: My Kafkaesque Life Blog• Long lines• Weekdays• Don’t be afraid to try new foods!
  • Sights, Entertainment,Transportation
  • Sights
  • Nightlife
  • Transportation
  • Uniquely TaiwanFuneral dancers and Betel Nut Beauties
  • World’s largest public glass work ofartDome of Light Tainan, TaiwanTaken by: Sara Lin
  • Cultural DifferencesAmerica vs. TaiwanScenes from a Hat!
  • Before you go…
  • Taiwanese 101Hi!Thank youExcuse meLet’s eat!Li Ho!Gam XiaPai SeiJia Bung!
  • Make sure to pack• Mosquito Repellent• Deodorant• Pepto BismolGet to know locals!• Taiwanese people are very friendly 
  • Upcoming Event• One Fund Boston Benefit Concert!• 7pm at Ackerman 2nd Floor LoungeFeaturing:– Nate Tao– Instant Noodles Dance Crew– Priska– Eric from Johnny Hi-fi– …and more!
  • Feedback• Feedback forms will be e-mailed out this week• Upon completion, you’ll receive all of theslides and I’ll provide my contact informationWe really appreciate it!Any Questions??
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