Simple Db & Dynamo Db


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  • Amzon provide database as a service (DAAS) Here we have 2 types of database services -SimpleDB -DynamoDB Both are NoSQL database NoSQL-Not only SQL
  • Key -value stores allow us to store schema-less data. Data consist string which represents key and actual data cinsidered as value of key. Key -value store have high read/write rate in compare to sql. Key is identical to other key- values stores,it automatically indexed and allow for fast data. Amazon simpleDB uses this key-value store for our database And gives us fast ,reliable,scalble,flexible database service.
  • SimpleDB not uses relational database service so its easy to access ane provides better availability because RDBMS not support of complex objects and not provide text searching , in simple DB there is no need to perform in structured way to and dont need to performs joins operation or normalization so its easy to alter data and rise perfomance as wel as flexiilty , Amazon SimpleDB provides a simple web services interface to create and store multiple data sets, query your data easily, and return the results. Your data is automatically indexed, making it easy to quickly find the information that you need.
  • Simple DB provides so many services among them here we discus services which is effective and important for our buisness. -Query flexibility -Availability -Speed -Flexibilty -Scalability -Secure
  • As we can see in figure, here is key/value storage database of SimpleDB Query processor perfoms key/value search operation on each node. It boradcast request on ech node and fatches result from nearest or less traffic node and forward to client. SimpleDB is specifically suitable for smaller workloads that require query flexibility, Amazon SimpleDB automatically indexes all item attributes and thus supports query flexibility. It is much flexible for use as it make us free from table defination, so we dont need to care about table strucutre,and we can store our dta anywhere,anaytime .
  • SimpleDB automatically creates multiple distributed copies of each data ,if one replica fails it automatice moves for another replicas. In SimpleDB there is no JOINS at all so we get good speed in operation and we can do concurrent operation which saves our prcoss timing and we get quick results.
  • Here we have figure how Simple DB work with amazon cloud and our application. When we are request to access our database instance , amazon make requestID and operation are issued as HTTP GET request . Simple DBresponse in xml form . SimpleDB supports SQL-like syntax to fetch our data.
  • As we see about SimpleDB . What is SimpleDB? What services we get from amazon SimpleDB? how it's work?. At last here is some genuin advantages As we seen that SimpleDB indexed our database automatically , we don't need to perform any extra operation. SimpleDB replicate our data ane distribute it in different server, so its easy to fetch our data and there is no data loss. It is not relational database , its key-value stores so it is easy to develop.we dont need to think about relationship of data we can create it anywhere and anytime, so result is fater development.
  • As we seen in previous slide DynamoDB is NoSQL database service as we move ahead , here is short overview of NoSQL so can bettere understand DynamoDB. Not only SQL-this is not sql its free from query language structued format. Its not mean that No to SQL ,it is Not only SQL. Not RDBMS-relational database contains joins,and nosql not RDBMS so it has no joins and free from relational dta structure. Social networking and cloud makes database of databases day by day its volume increases and as volume increase its hard to scale by traditioanal way. We can say that we have solution of this problem ,it is nosql .NoSQL database systems are developed to manage large volumes of data that do not necessarily follow a fixed schema.
  • Here is some advantages of NoSQL which is make as to thionk beyond sql or traditional database system. Scalability -NoSQL describes a horizontally scalable,system can easily scale out by adding more servers, and failure of a server can be tolerated. Now High availability -its stands for database is available i schedule period and maintanance period is temporary down,system alltime available and we can do maintanance without shutting down system. Less cost -this is the one of the main reason , that today so NoSQL are in accepted very every one need more databse but if we use traditional database system it is not good for compnays' bank balance ,in the other case NoSQL gives that dataase service at very less cost Lets talk about partion tolrent cpability of NoSQL.database partitioned on different distributed systems ,in NoSQL system continues to operate despite arbitrary message loss.
  • DyanamoDB is a fully managed NoSQL database service,so we can store any amount of data . And we get good scalability. As it is use non relational database system it gives us fast operating power and great perfomance. Dynamao DB spreads it data a and traffic in to number of server and improve request capacity. All data stored in Solid State Drives (SSDs) , and all data Automatically replicated in multiple availabilty zone,we can say multi AZ in same region.
  • solid-state drive (SSD) technology and incorporates numerous other optimizations to deliver low latency at any scale. There is no size limits for table , in simple word we can say that clients can get unlimited data storage,and automatically scale resources in respose to databse traffic. It is Provisioned throughput model with low latency . DyamoDB provides consistance in read-write operation and disk only write operation.and provide automatice and synchronous replication to data centers. It is integrated with elstic map reduce and hadoop framwork . We can monitor our database health by cloudwatch
  • Amzon automatically partitioning and repartitioning data as needed to meet the latency and throughput requirements of our very demanding applications. Amazon handle partitioning mostly automatically and increases capacity by spreading out your data across more partitions as you scale capacity demand rises. partitioning is done per table and synchronously,doesn't use random partitioning to spread data across partitions.and we get good scalability and flexibility.
  • Amazon dynamoDB provides automatic replication of our database. Amazon DynamoDB automatically and synchronously replicating your data across multiple Availability Zones in a Region for high availability and to help protect your data against individual machine, or even facility failures. Replication provides automatic redundancy and fail-over. In amazon DynamoDB all reads and writes are sent to all replicas on server,When we perform a read operation, it means that DynamoDB gives us an answer when the first replica reply.
  • Here is advanatges for amazon DynmaoDB which is really make our stuff low. Our all administration work are handle by amazon behalf of us.we don't need to maintian database or no need to worry about resources. Amazon DynamoDB uses SSD(solid-state drives),so its very fast perfoming. We can scale up and down our database instance as our need.
  • Now we are move on to create amazon DynamoDB instance To create instace login to amazon Management Consol Than click on :Amazon DyanamoDB Select your region where you want to crate your instance:US East(N.virginia) Click on create table.
  • you can specify how much read and write throughput capacity you want to provision for your specified table. From this information Amazon will provision the appropriate resources to chase your decided throughput . Enter your read capacity unit and write capacity unit. And click on continue to proceed
  • Now you can create your instance. At this stage you can set alarm for your instance,but it is optional if you don't want to create alarm than u can definitaly create your table. If you want to create alarm than enter your id where amazon can send notification. Than click on create . And you successfuly create your table.
  • Simple Db & Dynamo Db

    1. 1. SimpleDB and DynamoDB
    2. 2. Key – Value
    3. 3. Simple DB non-relational data store High available perfomance
    4. 4. SimpleDb services Query flexibility Availability Speed Flexibility others
    5. 5. Flexibility
    6. 6. Speed No JOINS Concurrent Operations Replica on multiple server
    7. 7. How SimpleDB Works? SimpleDB
    8. 8. Advantages Data indexed automatically Distributed Replicated Sacle as you go Faster development times
    9. 9. NoSQL Not only SQL Not RDBMS Large Storage volume
    10. 10. NoSQL Advantages Scalability High availability Less cost Partition tolrent
    11. 11. DynamoDB NoSQL database service Fast and predictable perfomance Automatically spread traffic Automatically replication in multi A-Z.
    12. 12. Service Low latency Scalable Predictable perfomance Durable Other
    13. 13. Partitioning Dynamo DB perfoms Data partitioning Partitioning using hashing
    14. 14. Replication Automatic Replication Fault tolerence Improve availability
    15. 15. Advantages Zero administration Fast scalable
    16. 16. Lunch DynamoDB
    17. 17. Set Primary Key
    18. 18. Throughput
    19. 19. Create table