Diabetes and Metabolic Disease Discoveries, University of Chicago


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Diabetes and Metabolic Disease Discoveries, University of Chicago

  1. 1. Diabetes and Metabolic Disease at the University of Chicago Available for download at tech.uchicago.edu/areas
  2. 2. UChicago: Leading the Way Lou Philipson, MD, PhD Director of Kovler Diabetes Center & Professor of Medicine Leading authority on difficult to treat and monogenic diabetes New state-of-the-art clinical and research center Graeme Bell, PhD Louis Block Distinguished Professor of Medicine & Human Genetics World leader in genetics and regulation of glucose metabolism • > 100 years of advancing diabetes research • >120 scientists and clinicians • Multidisciplinary teams conducting early discovery and clinical studies • Leading monogenic diabetes registry 2
  3. 3. Areas of Expertise Clinical Research, Genetics, & Biomarkers • • • • • • Genetics of diabetes New diagnostic and treatment paradigms Mutations databases Monogenic diabetes Neonatal diabetes MODY Signal Transduction • Regulation of insulin and glucagon secretion • CNS & insulin response • Regulation of adipocyte biology 3 Immunology & Islet Biology • • • • Autoimmunity Beta cell biology and turnover Insulin synthesis & trafficking T-cell biology & T1D Type 2 Diabetes & Obesity • Regulation of energy storage in adipocytes and liver • Fat cell and mitochondrial biology • Sleep and endocrine function
  4. 4. Clinical Research, Genetics, & Biomarkers • Advanced clinical resources and access to diverse patient populations enable population-based and personalized studies of diabetes genetics • Discoveries enabling patient stratification and improved patient care through development of new diagnostics and personalized therapeutic paradigms Select Research & Technologies Graeme Bell, PhD Gene mutations leading to early onset of diabetes: development of diagnostics and identification of new therapeutic targets Lou Philipson, MD, PhD GLP-1 signaling and GLP-1 receptor regulation: discovery of new therapeutics and development of noninvasive companion diagnostic for personalized incretin-based therapies * * Available for licensing 4
  5. 5. Immunology & Islet Biology • Elucidation of molecular mechanisms leading to autoimmune destruction of pancreatic beta cells will enable development of new and improved therapies for patients with type 1 diabetes Select Research Maria-Luisa Alegre, MD, PhD High throughput models to screen for modulators of NF-kB in T-cells: identification of new treatments for type 1 diabetes 5 Alexander Chervonsky, MD, PhD Fas signaling in regulation of autoimmune response and destruction of pancreatic beta cells: identification of new therapeutic targets in diabetes
  6. 6. Signal Transduction • Understanding the central and systemic regulation of glucose homeostasis will lead to new and improved therapies for type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and obesity Select Research Chris Rhodes, PhD Map directly linking the hypothalamus to pancreatic islets for fine control of insulin and glucagon secretion: identification of new targets and therapies for diabetes 6 Barton Wicksteed, PhD Mechanisms of insulin synthesis and beta cell survival: identification of new drug targets for diabetes and obesity
  7. 7. Type 2 Diabetes & Obesity • Adipocyte biology, including white and brown fat adipocytes, emerged as new promising source of drug targets for discovery and development of new transformational therapies for treating the growing epidemic of type 2 diabetes and obesity Select Research Matthew Brady, PhD Biology of different types of white fat and brown fat: new therapeutic approaches for obesity and type 2 diabetes 7 Kay Macleod, PhD BNIP3: novel therapeutic target for clearing dysfunctional fatty liver in obesity
  8. 8. How to Partner with the University of Chicago Contact UChicagoTech, the Center for Technology Development & Ventures, to learn more. We build strong industry partnerships to successfully bring innovation to the marketplace. UChicagoTech can connect you to emerging technologies and fieldadvancing researchers that may inform and enrich your own innovation efforts. We value your involvement at every stage of the invention pipeline, from idea to tangible asset. For more information, visit us at tech.uchicago.edu or contact the Diabetes and Metabolic Disease team below. Divya Varshney, MBA Chief Marketing Officer Phone: 773-702-8696 dvarshney@tech.uchicago.edu Alan Koncarevic, PhD Project Manager Phone: 773-702-0741 akoncarevic@tech.uchicago.edu kovlerdiabetescenter.org 8