Break Through to Improved Results - Mastering


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At Pearson our mission is to help students learn. One way we
pursue this mission is through personalised learning programs such
as Mastering.

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Break Through to Improved Results - Mastering

  1. 1. MasteringMasteringTo improved results
  2. 2. At Pearson our mission is to help students learn. One way wepursue this mission is through personalised learning programs suchas Mastering.Mastering is the leading online homework, tutorial, and assessmentproduct designed with a single purpose in mind: to improve theacademic success of science and engineering students, one studentat a time. And because Mastering comes from Pearson, you can beconfident you have an experienced partner committed to you andyour students’ success...every step of the way.With over 2 million students using Mastering in 2012, Pearson iscommitted to helping students in the sciences and engineeringsucceed both academically and in their careers.1‘It is a good study tool in all, with easy tograsp concepts made easier by theinteractive design of the program. I wouldboth recommend and use it again.– Joshua Page, Student, Edith Cowan UniversityTo improved student results through personalised learning“The explanation of why theanswer to a question wasright or wrong helped heaps.”Amy French, Student, MasteringA&P user,Monash University
  3. 3. Conceivedto emulatethe office-hourexperienceMastering was conceived to emulate the one-on-one office hourexperience, which is often cited as the most effective way to help studentsunderstand course material.Through specific wrong-answer feedback, Socratic and declarative hints,and with the addition of new learning features, Mastering is enhancingpersonalised coaching for each student.Mastering: Now even more personalised*NEW! Adaptive Follow Up is Mastering’s assignment type that provides each student with personalisedhomework that covers the topics and core pre-requisites struggled with most in your homework.NEW! Dynamic Study Modules enable students to practice science on their own in the areas neededmost in order to improve performance in the course.See pages 7–8 for details.*Available for select Pearson textbooks.2
  4. 4. Mastering helps students prepare for assessmentsData-supportedevidence ofeffectiveness3Data-supported evidence of Mastering’s effectivenessMyPsychLab has already been successful in transferringour approach to lecturing from a tradition, informationtransmission model, t thinking about how to use lecturesto engage students in more advanced discussion of thetopics, having already mastered the foundational conceptsthrough their online learning activities—Wendy McKenzie, MyPsychLab, Monash University’030405060708090MEANMQGRADE(%)WEEKLY CONTENTMacromoleculesCellsEnzymes&respirationDNAandchromosomesMitosis,meiosisMendelismHumangeneticsPlantdiversityEndosymbiosisAnimaldiversityEvolutionEcology1020without MasteringBiology 2007 with MasteringBiology 2008Weekly miniquiz mark (mean standard error)
  5. 5. EffectivenessThe positive impact of Mastering on student successRich metadata reports, utilising data gathered by Mastering,inform our authors and editorial teams about the qualityof our printed content and ways to improve it.For example, for a test bank question Mastering provides advice on theeffectiveness of distracters, and gives useful information on an item’s difficultylevel using an item response model. This type of targeted informationhelps our authors make content decisions efficiently and accurately.More Students EarnedAs and Bs,University of Kentucky,MasteringChemistry®Mastering data enhancesour print products440%45%35%30%20%25%15%10%5%0%PERCENTOFSTUDENTSGRADEA B C D F W D/F/W2009:Non-Pearson textand homework system2010:Pearson textand MasteringChemistryConsistent use of the online tutorialsthroughout the semester seems to be linked tohigh performance in the course’—Jo Devine, MasteringEngineering, USQ
  6. 6. NEW!Publisher AssignmentsPre-built CoursesNEW! Calendar FeaturesEasy to get started and easy to use5Mastering provides a rich and flexible set of pre-built courses and assignmentsto get you started quickly. Use them as is or customise to fit your needs.When creating a course,instructors now have the optionof copying a complete set of pre-built assignments for each chapter,containing the most frequentlyassigned questions in a “best of”homework assignment, curatedby experienced Mastering users.Choose from a set of pre-built model courses touse as a starting point for your own course. Pre-builtcourses have been:• Created by educators experienced in usingMastering.• Pre-populated with recommended assignments orto be used stand-alone.• Designed to go with your Pearson textbook.The Course Home default pagenow features a Calendar Viewdisplaying upcoming assignmentsand due dates.• Instructors can scheduleassignments by dragging anddropping the assignment onto adate in the calendar. If the duedate of an assignment needs tochange, instructors can drag theassignment to the new due dateand change the “available fromand to dates” accordingly.• The calendar view givesstudents a syllabus-styleoverview of due dates, makingit easy to see all assignmentsdue in a given month.
  7. 7. EasytogetstartedanduseNEW! Items Flagged to Enable Easy Updating!Content you can count on6The Mastering item library is continually improving due to the dynamic nature of itsproblems, resulting in content that is driven by student performance. Each problem isthoroughly analysed by reviewing data (including wrong answers, time to completion,and hints used) generated through classroom use with real students. We makecorrections to improve problems that have ambiguous answer choices, ineffectualdetractors, or tricky language and continue to strengthen each problem throughongoing review of the data generated by real student responses.Assignable Problem Types in Mastering**Not all disciplines have all problem types• Tutorials: Multi-part items with hintsand feedback• Reading Questions: Questionsto assess comprehension of yourtextbook content• Test Bank: Single-part items fromyour textbook• Coaching Activities: Interactiveexercises with hints and/or feedback• Activities: Multi-part items withanimations• End-of-Chapter: Single- andmulti-part items from your textbook• Lab: Laboratory activities andassessment• My Items: Imported items, editedpublisher items, or user-created items
  8. 8. Designed to help students wherethey need it most, the AdaptiveFollow-Up Assignments givestudents individual help ontopics they struggle with in yourhomework.Pick the grading, lengthand due date settings andMastering will do the rest.Check the Gradebook forscores and details on eachstudent’s work.NEW! AdaptiveFollow-Up*Assignment TypeHow it works:1. You set the grading settings for the AdaptiveFollow-up Assignment.2. Once the student completes your assignedhomework, the adaptive engine selects the bestitems for the Adaptive Follow-Up Assignment,based on the student’s performance on yourhomework, including any core pre-requisite topics.3. The Adaptive Follow-Up Assignment is broken intosets of questions so that later sets adapt based onthe student’s performance on earlier sets; all setstarget the gaps in each student’s understanding.Emulate the office-hour experienceA core mission of Mastering is to emulate the one-on-one office hourexperience. With our new learning features, Mastering offers morepersonalised learning to each student.Adaptive Follow-up*Available for selected titles only.Contact your Pearson Education Consultant for details.
  9. 9. AddedPersonalizationNEW!Self-Study Modules*How it works:1. Students receive an initialset of questions, with aunique answer format thatasks them to indicate howconfident they are aboutthe answer.2. After answering eachset, students reviewlearning material that istaken directly from thetextbook and is associatedwith each question.3. Once students reviewthe learning material, theyare presented with a newset of questions. Studentscycle through this dynamicprocess of test-learn-retestuntil they achieve masteryof the textbook material.*Available for selected titles only.Contact your Pearson EducationConsultant for details.8Dynamic Study ModulesDynamic Study Modulesin Mastering help studentsquickly and effectivelylearn the information theyneed to know to be moresuccessful on their tests,quizzes and exams.Created to allow studentsto study on their own,this dynamic solutionensures your studentsare better prepared toachieve higher scores ontheir tests and exams.
  10. 10. The Gradebook records allscores for automatically gradedassignments.• Shades of red highlight strugglingstudents and challengingassignments.Diagnostics provide uniqueinsight into class and studentperformance. With a single click,charts summarise the most difficultproblems, vulnerable students,grade distribution, and scoreimprovement over the duration ofthe course.• The problems you select foran assignment are tagged topublisher-provided learningoutcomes.• You can also add your ownlearning outcomes and associatethose with the assignmentcontent.• You can now track studentperformance against thepublisher-provided learningoutcomes and your ownlearning outcomes—­both at theindividual student and class level.Publisher-providedLearning OutcomesGradebook9Data you can use
  11. 11. Customer SupportCan’t find the answer to yourquestion? We’re here to help.Contact 24/7 Support:Call us: 1-888-547-4415Mon–Fri, 8 am–8 pm(Eastern Time, US and Canada)10Experienced partnerTeacher Talks: Ideas that InspireTeacher Talks are inspirational speeches fromsome of the world’s best educators. Designedto energise the leaders on the front lines of oureducational system, these videos deliver ideason how to be more effective teachers.Mastering Leadership ConferenceThe Mastering Leadership Conference bringsfaculty together to support innovation andexcellence in teaching across science. It createsa supportive network for exploring new facetsof teaching and learning, in using the Masteringplatform specifically and technology in general.Online ConferenceDesigned for both experienced instructors andthose new to Mastering, Pearson Education’sSpeaking About Mastering online conferencesare educational, illuminating, and full of insidertips and information on how to get the mostout of Mastering.Make Learning Part of the GradeThis publication shares results and bestpractices of using Mastering in the classroom.*Access all these community resources from the ProductInfo > In the News tab of any Mastering website.Faculty Advisors OfferPeer-to-Peer AssistanceFaculty Advisors are college instructorsexperienced in teaching with Masteringand available to share their instructionalstrategies using Mastering with you.• Ask an ExpertFrom within your course in Mastering,you can quickly complete a short formand send a question to experiencedMastering users (Faculty Advisors).Building a Community*Providing Support
  12. 12. © 2013 Pearson Education, Inc. All rights reserved. Printed in the U.S.A. MAST2554/0113MasteringNutrition™MasteringOceanography™Word cloud derived from Data-supported evidence of Mastering’s positive impact on teaching and learning, 2013