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RADVISION Video Conferencing Time Tunnel at the Collaboration and Messaging Service


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Published in: Technology
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  • Growth of VC by 16% - and why
  • Technology that exists in the consumer space is now becoming more prevalent in the enterprise spaceDo your kids use any of this ?
  • *From less than 5billion Video/Chat calls to nearly 30 Billion in 2015 * We now start to see video calls make it into Mobile devices and eventually TV’s-
  • Slightly different take from the previous slide in that 71b video mins (not calls) in 2010 just on Skype40% of calls on Skype now include video up from 28% in 2008.
  • The same is true in the device world where facetime is estimated to account for some 40 billion unique connections by December 2012The growth being fuelled by the devices that are supporting video - from the introduction of the iPhone with a face camera to the iPAD 2 with its more powerful processor and face camera.The capability to engage in a video interactions is clearly something that we expect to result in video become a more common communication medium.And why are we seeing this trend?
  • Largely due to choice made by the consumer:It’s easy to pick up the phone and call a friend or relative but it’s far more enjoyable to see and hear them live :have they got fatter, lost more hair : take a look at the new babyThat’s why video calls by any measure and from what we have seen from Skype and Facetime are set to see more than 8 time growth from now to 2015.
  • What does this mean for the enterprise?How can we use video as natural part of our day to day work?Flexible (home and mobile workers)What is the biggest cost items to most business – staff – 50%-70%. Travel costs are not normally in the top 5.A small increase in productivity or efficiency in some organisations will translate to millions of £ extra sales or savings
  • The iPAD is now on 80% of the top FTSE 100 companies approved device list
  • Tsahi
  • Transcript

    • 1. RADVISION Video Conferencing
      Andy Nolan
      Sales Director UK and Ireland
    • 2. Agenda
      About RADVISION
      Video Communications Market – Today & Tomorrow
      The RADVISION Solution
    • 3. About RADVISION
    • 4. A Global Video Conferencing Market Leader
      Industry Leader in Video Conferencing over IP since 1992
      History of Technology Leadership and Innovation with Strong Patent Portfolio
      Annual Revenues in 2010 - $95 Million
      Strong Debt-free Balance Sheet with $116M in Cash
      Listed on NASDAQ:RVSN March 2000
      430 Employees Worldwide
      4 Major Development Sites
      17 Sales and Support Offices
    • 5. Two Complementary Business Units
      Technology Business Unit (TBU)
      Advanced HD Video Client Products and Frameworks
      Enabling Technology for Developers of Video and Voice over IP (V2oIP), 3G and IMS Client/Server solutions
      Market Share Leader in Protocol Stacks (H.323, SIP, IMS)
      Professional Services Group
      Video Business Unit (VBU)
      Video and Voice Conferencing Solutions for the Enterprise Market
      Infrastructure, Management Software and Endpoints
    • 6. Video Communications Market – Today & Tomorrow
    • 7. Video Conferencing Market Dynamics
      $2 Billion Market in 2009 – 16% CAGR over next 6 years*
      Forecast 16% CAGR
      Executive Desktop
      Room Systems
      * Source: Wainhouse Research  historical and Frost and Sullivan forecast
    • 8. Technology proliferation
      From Consumer to Enterprise
      Social Media
      Video Content Sharing
      Over the top VoIP
      Video Communications - Currently in exponential growth
    • 9. New Video Market – SMB & Consumer
      Video Calls/Chat by Screen
      Source: GigaOM Pro – calls only
    • 10. Video calls over the Internet increased
      % of video calls out of all calls
      ~71B Video Minutes
      Source: Skype
    • 11. The Network Effect
    • 12. Used to bridge geographical barriers
      The Number of Consumer Video Conferences projected to grow by more than 8 times between 2010 and 2015. - Gigot, 2010
    • 13. Productivity is the name of the game
      What does this mean for the enterprise?
      By EOY 2011 75% of US workforce will require mobile capabilities
      World Wide mobile workers increase from 759M in 2006 to >1Bn by 2011
      Increases employee productivity
      Source: IDC
    • 14. Tablets have gone Enterprise
    • 15. By the end of 2011 Smartphones will outsell ordinary phones, and by 2012 they will outsell PCs
      Source: Appleism Vs. Googleism, Inteligent Life,The Economist (Winter 2010)
    • 16. The RADVISION Solution
    • 17. RADVISION Complete Product Portfolio
      Highest Quality Experience
      Easiest to Use Solutions
      Most Affordable
      Advanced Technology
      From End to End
    • 18. Most Affordable Solutions in the Market
      3 to 4 office locations
      Need to connect remote sales and customers
    • 19. End-to-End Product Portfolio
      Turnkey Solutions - Professional Services
      Testing Products
      Client Products & Projects
      SIP Server Products
      Client Frameworks
      SIP Server Frameworks
      SIP Server
      & Events
      Multimedia Terminal Framework
      Testing &
      Validation Technology
      Protocol Toolkits
      NAT Traversal
      SIP Developer Suite
      IMS SIP Suite
    • 20. H.264/SVC
      Maintaining High Quality - RADVISION’s SVC Technology
    • 21. RADVISION’s NetSense
      Delay based bandwidth estimation & adaptation
      Monitor delay for “trends”
      React accordingly
      Converge quickly to the effective bandwidth
    • 22. NetSense
      NetSense reduces bandwidth before packet losses occur on the network, reducing video artifacts and increasing video quality
    • 23. Thank you!