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  • Several yrs back during the Summer Olympics in Beijing, an astounding 25 world records in swimming were broken. One of the contributing factors to these record-shattering performances was a radical, technology advance, with a reduced-friction racing suit that enabled athletes to shave precious tenths of seconds off of their race times. Advanced fabrics biomimetically designed with a surface that mimics the rough shark denticles reduced drag along key areas of the body. Teams that were able to use the new technology enjoyed a significant advantage over their competitors, and once others realised the competitive edge that those teams had there were additional advantages even before the racers entered the water. This technology had such a profound impact on the sport that the rules have been re-written for 2010 ..... This is also true of many other types of sports with technology forcing the re-writing of century old rules ....
  • Increasingly it is about Applications connecting to peoplePublic sector are beginning to use this technology to promote messages, share info, enable access between Gov organisations and their citizensSocial networking ( TWITTER, FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, FLICKR )M2M – In a world of increasing cost reduction requirements, AUTOMATION is leading the way with TCO and Operational reductionsSOCITM figures are Over £8 Face 2 FaceAround £3 for Telephony30p for Website4p for Self services
  • Barak Obama – First president to challenge US government IT policyIn an interview with CNBC, Mr Obama said: "They're going to pry it out of my handsObama said keeping in touch by email was a way of escaping the trappings of power and staying in touch with the electorateFLYBOOK – Smallest commercially available PCTablets / Netbooks / Google devicesI hear lots of people talking about how the younger generation uses technology to communicate in new ways ….. But we all use technology in different ways – An iPhone allows me to use Twitter to communicate with NASA space station astronauts in orbit, you may use the same device to throw angry birds at pigsHitachi RFID POWDER - incorporated into other products. Carries basic data which can be read over small distances. Shown compared to human hairSelf Service interaction in RETAIL and PUBLIC SECTOR is on the increase. Banks are looking more like APPLE stores and NIKE shops todayINAMO restaurant LondonInteractive table ( menu, graphical meals displayed, table layout, ordering, ask for the bill, Kitchen Webcam … even games for kids, and local community info )
  • Most of our organizations R dealing with budgets that are only 85% of 2009Expectations - First time resolution of issues / Increased responsiveness to needs / Online interactions / Empowered front line staffProductivity - Transform business processes / Optimise utilisation of resourcesAvailability of management information / Measuring performanceNWOW - Attracting & retaining talent / Meeting employee’s changing expectations / Enabling collaboration / Ensuring business continuityOperating Costs - Travel & Expenses / Optimising IT infrastructureRationalising propertyConsolidation - Reducing supplier base / Shared services / Functional units / Office spaceCompliance - Reducing carbon footprint / Regulatory complianceData protection / Health & Safety
  • Previous decade about transition of Analog & proprietary digital telephony over to IPT ……. NOT JUST VOIP, BUT IP CONNECTIVITYAlmost all organisations agree that answering ringing phones just isn't enoughBut 80% of those organisations we often find are running traditional telephony operations80% of IT resources / budgets are being spent around just in-going maintenance Internet uses IP as common protocolIn fact IP could be only global tools we have in businessVery little else is global ? Money, language, powerIn the last few years the evolution within the telecommunications market has been IP telephony, initially aimed at infrastructure & operationsmany businesses with traditional PBX commsAlso suffer traditional problemsInefficiencies, long manual processes, difficulty achieving communications basics
  • Latest innovations … Desktop > Laptop > Voicetop > WebtopMix of …..ApplicationsConsumable servicesComputing devicesNetwork accessThere is no longer a one size fits all
  • A Workstyle is a classification given to describe the combination of the working pattern, working location and working culture From an employee’s point of view, a Workstyle is a classification of a role not of their individual ability or preferencesIt is anticipated that the deployment and adoption of Workstyles will enable the No 10 organisation to become more agile and provide services in a more responsive, effective and efficient manner. location independence …….. separate users from devices … One NumberWhat is Mobile ………… Is it a device ? …. Or is it somewhere you work ?The So What factor …..More tech, increased interruptions, more flashing bleeping devicesIdentify champions …… User adoption plan
  • Standardise policies – Variance drives up additional costs, and degrades the effectiveness, and compromises your ability to controlLarge Enterprise – Centralised system with distributed services – endpoint agnostic ….. ( trend increasingly for OPEX )Smaller Business – Hosted modelBoth want to Transform Processes"What we do today won't work with the way the new solution does it."Isn't that exactly the point? INNOVATIONCENTRALISED Governance, Admin, Control, Security, PoliciesCOMMON - Services, Number Ranges, Voicemail, Conferencing / CollaborationCalls are still subject to: Voice Recording Least Cost Routing Call Logging Service Observe Measurement Working from home is just one of the many options for remote working …… The point is to work from wherever is the most effective place to get the job done
  • The office is rapidly becoming just one of a network of workplace optionsThere is every reason to expect your organisations and businesses do not need more office space …….but instead better workplaces, more intelligently distributed and far more intensively usedPhases of UC – One goal implemented with several phased projectsPHASE 1 – Often BUY BACK or MANAGED SERVTHIS IS JUST OUR FRAMEWORKNo two solutions are the sameIf they were …. They would be a product
  • Communication – Announcement, Statement, Message Collaboration – Teamwork, Partnering, CooperationPositive transformation to employees work locations have positive effects for all involved …Gain centralised control over Communications operating costsUse technology to drive cultural change The appropriate technology for the roleA Mobile phone as replacement desk phone is not for every employee …….. But it may work for a vast percentage of them
  • Talk through 3 areas123I only really had time to ‘Whet your appetites’Come and talk to me and my colleagues further on our stand
  • Talk through 3 areas123I only really had time to ‘Whet your appetites’Come and talk to me and my colleagues further on our stand
  • Good opportunity to kick start or piggy back related activities or projects. Bring into scope and deliver alongsideCreate set of working “profiles”, Defining a set of standards on how people operateBy profiling, we define a set of comms services against particular functional
  • £ - Savings and protecting - One priority for 2011 is extending the lifetime of existing equipment OPEX models are increasingly of interest – BUY BACK MANAGED SERVUp arrow – drive up efficiencies, increase flexibility, providing greater resilience ( not just with technology reliability, but with proactive mngt / service ) Down arrow – Risk to the organization ( project planning ) lower operational costs, drive down complexityTick – Compliance and interoperability. GREEN goalsOver 80% of overall energy consumption of IPT system attributed to IP phonesIndividual savings minimal but X 1000 devices Substantial and ongoingAutomation ( robot ) – self service, std tasks automated, M2M, expectation increase costs
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