Breaking down physical boundaries<br />Andy Brocklehurst – UK&I Lead for SMB & Distribution<br />Please come and visit us ...
&<br />Profits<br />The Value of Collaboration: <br /> Business Transformation Models<br />Challenges<br />Save To Invest<...
Interoperable,OpenArchitecture<br />Secure Inter-Company<br />Flexible<br />ConsumptionModels <br />VideoCommunications<br...
Collaboration Architecture<br />Customer Care<br />Conferencing<br />Communication and Collaboration Applications<br />Ent...
Built for purpose<br />A Cisco phone system for the daily price of a cup of coffee with 0% financing that won’t cost you a...
Product Portfolio<br />
Product and Services <br />IP Phones<br />Low-cost HD Voice<br />Mobile Device Pairing<br />Investment Protection<br />Sim...
Small Business Pro PortfolioSmart Business Communications Solution<br />WAN Router<br />Links to<br />Remote Sites<br />Ad...
Connect<br />
Cisco Small BusinessSwitching Portfolio<br />Cost<br />Cisco Catalyst<br />Cisco Catalyst 2960 Series<br />SMARTnet<br />C...
Switching for Small BusinessOne Portfolio: A Spectrum of Choices <br />Catalyst 2960 Series Switches with LAN Base and LAN...
Secure<br />
SecureSmall Business Video Surveillance Solution<br />Advanced Video Monitoring System (AVMS) Software<br />NEW<br />NEW<b...
Communicate<br />
Unified Communications <br />UC560<br />UC 560<br />UC 540<br />UC 320<br />License Upgrade to 104<br />UC540<br />Users<b...
SPA 525G2<br />CommunicateComplete Small Business IP Phone Portfolio<br />NEW<br />NEW<br />SPA  301 and SPA 303<br />SPA ...
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Breaking down physical boundaries


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  • Cisco’s strategic direction for collaboration has 5 key elements. First, an interoperable, open architecture is a top priority for Cisco. We recognize that people inside the organization and their partners and customers outside operate in different workspaces, with different applications, on different devices and operating systems. Inter-company collaboration is simply not possible without broad and deep interoperability – it is absolutely critical and something the industry needs to be committed to – as it’s in the best interest of all of our customers. Cisco’s goal for interoperability is to enable any device or application to leverage that same core of collaborative services that our own devices and applications have access to. This includes other collaborative applications, business applications, custom applications that our customers or developers build with any of our development tools, and of course any 3rd party devices like the smart phones.Next, while collaboration today is largely within the organization with our own work groups or teams, we firmly believe that collaboration over the next couple years, will extend beyond the firewalls…With inter-company collaboration, organizations are able to securely collaborate with their partners, suppliers, and customers as if they were behind their own firewall.It’s a fact that business processes extend beyond corporate firewalls. That means they have to include people outside the company as readily as they do people inside the four walls.Procter &amp; Gamble has already put a public stake in the ground, that over 50% of their products are created or impacted by crowd-sourcingIn many ways, the manufacturing industry has led the charge in driving inter-company collaboration ― operating seamlessly with partners, suppliers and customers. Now, other industries are poised to do the same, and it will result in tremendous value on all levels: operational, product/service, business model. Next, we believe that collaboration is moving from text and document-centric, to communications and people centric. Next to a face-to-face meeting, video is the most natural way for human beings to communicate. In fact, studies show that over 90% of our communication is from non-verbal clues – our body language. Especially in this era of reduced travel, video has the ability to increase the trust we build withoutVideo will be a transformative element that will become as easy to use as documents are today – as easy to create, publish, search and repurpose. And Cisco will be enabling video throughout our portfolio, not just as end points. Next, we believe social software will change the way business works.As human beings, we have a natural tendency to build relationships and seek others with like minded interests; we want to share information, broadcast our preferences and contribute our expertise. Social networking has surpassed personal email as the fourth most popular online activity It’s growing twice as fast as any of the three sectors ahead of it (search, portals, PC SW).So how does this translate to the business world? The rigidly structured, silo’d teams that were traditionally put in place in most enterprises will give way to more fluid, ad-hoc communities.Companies will increasingly rely on “clusters of experts” to get critical projects completed. These groups will form dynamically to achieve a shared outcome.This self-organizing cycle repeats itself as needed. It is efficient, agile, and produces quick results since experts are drawn to projects rather than assigned top down. In the future, people may be dynamically tagged with specific expertise based on their activity in the network – for instance; what applications they work in, which websites they visit, etc. Cisco will deliver Enterprise Social Software with the ease of use, speed and ubiquity that social networks offer in the consumer world – combined with – the security, availability, quality of service, and reliability required by the enterprise. And finally, enterprise and IT architects won’t be making decisions in the context of on-premise versus on-demand. Flexible deployment models are required based on the company, their IT resources and priorities. In fact both the enterprise network and the cloud will play integral roles in enabling a comprehensive collaboration platform – especially inter-company collaboration. Our vision at the infrastructure layer is to blend the best of both worlds. To couple the robustness, security and performance of the enterprise network with the openness and flexibility of the Cisco WebEx Collaboration Cloud. Last, we believe that all of these must be brought together into an integrated experience. One that addresses ALL of the essential elements of collaboration I just discussed. Solutions that focus on just one or a few of these elements will not be effective. Whether we’re talking about the customer experience in a retail store, the experience in financial services, the forklift operator’s experience in manufacturing, or the doctor/nurse/patient experience in healthcare – our vision for collaboration is not just to optimize business processes, but rather to enable new and better experiences that translate to tangible and differentiated business value.Transition: Before I describe why Cisco is best positioned to deliver collaborative solutions that meet these requirements, let me first update you on Cisco’s collaboration portfolio – including some exciting new entrants.
  • Cisco’s collaboration architecture not only powers our product portfolio, it is also our most important differentiator. From the ground up, it is constructed to enable boundaryless collaboration – breaking down silos between content formats, between individual tools and devices, between companies, and ultimately between people working towards a common goal.At Cisco, we recognize that it requires a combination of both great software and purpose-built hardware to deliver the experiences that most effectively bring people together. Yet at the same time, we recognize that heterogeneity is a fact of life and that interoperability, openness and customer choice are paramount. These principles are actively embraced throughout our architecture.We also realize that it’s neither all about the desktop nor all about the cloud – it’s about recommending the right option to empower individuals, teams and communities to get their work done. But whether it’s an on-premise in-room solution, a hosted PC-based solution, or a combination of the two – it’s an intelligent network that’s the foundation that makes it all possible.It is the converged network that binds together today’s infrastructure domains of virtualized computing, network resources and persistent storage to enable unmatched agility, resiliency, scalability and quality of experience – and that allows an organization to securely span beyond its corporate firewall in order to collaborate with customers, partners and suppliers.With MediaNet, the network will be able to dynamically route rich media traffic along the path of least resistance to deliver the fastest and highest quality voice, video and data experiences to end users.With the Service Advertisement Framework we’re building into MediaNet, devices will automatically be able to advertise what services are available to them so that things like the configuration of dial plans can be automated… changing the experience for those working in IT behind the scenes as well.And there’s much more - so when you hear competitors talk about the network as “just plumbing”, you can respond with confidence that it’s actually an intelligent platform for rich and effective inter-company collaboration.On top of this foundation resides a comprehensive set of network-based services that enrich collaborative applications - services that can turn video into a first-class content citizen instead of just an opaque data type, services that turn data into information by providing associated context. Services that can construct an open social graph of who you know – and who you need to know – to get products built faster, close deals more effectively, or discover that next billion dollar market opportunity.Services such as presence – and we mean presence well beyond the boundaries of instant messaging – that are shared across different tools and devices, bridging between individual application slios using standards-based protocols such as SIP/SIMPLE and XMPP.Services that allow you to locate the people you need to interact with, whether they’re in the office or on the road – and that can manage collaborative sessions such that if a call is dropped, with a touch of a button it can be resumed – and then transferred - as you move between different devices in the flow of your natural workstream.These building blocks are designed to operate consistently and reliably, with true functional integrity that ensures their reusability by any application or device that touches the network. Well-defined APIs expose these services to a very broad range of both Cisco and non-Cisco collaboration applications – all the while consistently secured and managed via network-based policy.Cisco’s portfolio of collaboration applications leverage these services to help companies deliver against the top line business imperatives they are facing today - - such as saving on travel costs, improving employee productivity, increasing customer intimacy and facilitating innovation as they prepare for the upturn.And for IT, as we’ve stated in our strategic direction, the architecture is enabled through a set of flexible deployment models – whether on premise, Software as a Service or a hybrid of the two – to meet the specific needs of the organization.
  • Cost Effective SolutionsResellers used to need to partner with a wide range of different providers to deliver a solution to customersResellers can now consolidate their partnership relationships to just CiscoNow, small businesses are turning to Cisco for their networking requirements as they can enjoy proven Cisco technology at small business pricesCisco can provide big business features at small business prices A complete range of networking products designed with the small business user in mind forming an end to end Cisco network for the cost conscious small business customer e.g. Entry level switches starting at £22.50 (end user price) A full range of phones, IP cameras, access points, routing &amp; switching products  and network attach storage for the small business environment e.g. Cisco
  • Product PortfolioCisco are unique in being able to provide an end to end architecture for SMEsEverything within the Cisco product portfolio links together to make the deployment and management of a customer&apos;s infrastructure simple and easyThis allows resellers to demonstrate ease of setup and simplicity of use to their customers, who can then focus on the key aspects of their own businessBroader portfolio helps broaden conversations with the client, increasing the reseller’s value to clients as trusted advisors, whilst adding new revenue opportunities for resellers Cisco provides the reseller with a broad portfolio which enables them to consolidate their vendor relationships allowing them to reduce training costs and other overheads, whilst enabling them to have broader conversations with clients and become a one-stop-shop to their clientsAlso provides a single consistent support and service model for clients, underpinning the reseller first line supportCombined with a cost effective overall solution, resellers will be able to use this major benefit to increase sales
  • Breaking down physical boundaries

    1. 1.
    2. 2. Breaking down physical boundaries<br />Andy Brocklehurst – UK&I Lead for SMB & Distribution<br />Please come and visit us on stand 504<br />
    3. 3. &<br />Profits<br />The Value of Collaboration: <br /> Business Transformation Models<br />Challenges<br />Save To Invest<br />Innovation: competitive edge in the eyes of customers<br />Revenue<br />Productivity: Improve productivity<br />Opex<br />
    4. 4. Interoperable,OpenArchitecture<br />Secure Inter-Company<br />Flexible<br />ConsumptionModels <br />VideoCommunications<br />SocialSoftware <br />Ingredients to enable effective Collaboration<br />Integrated Experience<br />
    5. 5. Collaboration Architecture<br />Customer Care<br />Conferencing<br />Communication and Collaboration Applications<br />Enterprise Social Software<br />IP Communications<br />Messaging<br />Mobile Applications<br />Telepresence<br />Content Mgmt<br />Session Mgmt<br />Presence<br />Collaboration Services<br />Location<br />Client Frameworks<br />Tagging<br />Policy and Security Management<br />Infrastructure<br />Network<br />Storage<br />Virtual Machines<br />On-Premise<br />SaaS<br />Hybrid<br />
    6. 6. Built for purpose<br />A Cisco phone system for the daily price of a cup of coffee with 0% financing that won’t cost you a bean<br />Procurve<br />£22.50<br />£1 per day<br />
    7. 7. Product Portfolio<br />
    8. 8. Product and Services <br />IP Phones<br />Low-cost HD Voice<br />Mobile Device Pairing<br />Investment Protection<br />Simplified Warranty<br />3-year Peace of Mind<br />Service & Support<br />Communicate<br />Video Surveillance<br />Advanced Software<br />IP Video Cameras<br />Secure<br />Managed Switches<br />Enhanced Features<br />Energy Efficiency<br />Connect<br />
    9. 9. Small Business Pro PortfolioSmart Business Communications Solution<br />WAN Router<br />Links to<br />Remote Sites<br />Advanced Security<br />Unified Communications<br />Switching<br />IP Phones<br />Wireless<br />SRP520 & SR520<br />SPA500 Series<br />Unified 300 &500 Series<br />ESW 500 Series<br />AP541N<br />SA 500<br />Business & Productivity Applications<br />Video Monitoring<br />Cisco Configuration Assistant 2.2<br />Third Party Network Monitoring Tools<br />
    10. 10. Connect<br />
    11. 11. Cisco Small BusinessSwitching Portfolio<br />Cost<br />Cisco Catalyst<br />Cisco Catalyst 2960 Series<br />SMARTnet<br />Cisco Small Business<br />Functionality<br />Cisco 300 Series<br />Cisco 500 Series<br />Cisco Small Business<br />Cisco 100 & 200 Series<br />Unmanaged and Smart switches<br />Warranty, Support Center, Community<br />
    12. 12. Switching for Small BusinessOne Portfolio: A Spectrum of Choices <br />Catalyst 2960 Series Switches with LAN Base and LAN Lite<br />Cisco SFE and SGE Managed Stackable Switches<br />Cisco Small Business ESW 500<br />Reliable Easy-to-Use Switches<br />AdvancedLANSwitching<br />Cisco 300 SeriesManaged<br />Cisco 200 Series Smart Switches<br />Cisco® 100 SeriesUnmanaged Switches<br />Cisco IOS® Software<br />Cisco SMARTnet® Support <br />PDF, OIP, VIP<br />Small Business Support<br />PDF<br />Functions<br />Cost<br />
    13. 13. Secure<br />
    14. 14. SecureSmall Business Video Surveillance Solution<br />Advanced Video Monitoring System (AVMS) Software<br />NEW<br />NEW<br />NEW<br />NEW<br />VC 220 Dome IP Camera<br />VC 240 Bullet IP Camera<br />SMART Designs <br />
    15. 15. Communicate<br />
    16. 16. Unified Communications <br />UC560<br />UC 560<br />UC 540<br />UC 320<br />License Upgrade to 104<br />UC540<br />Users<br />License Upgrade to 32<br />UC320<br />License to 24<br />16 User<br />8 User w/ Wireless<br />Desktop<br />Desktop<br />Rack Mount<br />UC 500: Call Processing, Voice Mail, Security, Wireless<br />SBCS Components: Secure Routers, Switches, IP Phones, CCA & Applications <br />
    17. 17. SPA 525G2<br />CommunicateComplete Small Business IP Phone Portfolio<br />NEW<br />NEW<br />SPA 301 and SPA 303<br />SPA 508and SPA 509<br />SPA 502and SPA 504<br />SPA 501<br />Buttons on Phone: 5<br /><ul><li>Wi-Fi
    18. 18. VPN
    19. 19. MonitorView
    20. 20. Mobile Link (Bluetooth)
    21. 21. Screen saver
    22. 22. MP3 music player </li></ul>SPA 509<br />SPA 508<br />Buttons on phone:<br /><ul><li>SPA 508: 8
    23. 23. SPA 509: 12</li></ul>SPA 504<br />SPA 502<br />Paper label Buttons on phone: 8<br />Buttons on phone:<br /><ul><li>SPA 502: 0
    24. 24. SPA 504: 4
    25. 25. No display / display
    26. 26. Limited feature set
    27. 27. Replaces SPA 901, 921, and 941
    28. 28. Under $100 US</li></ul>Dynamic Soft Keys and Monochrome Backlit Display<br />HD voice (wideband audio) available across the SPA IP Phone portfolio<br />Office Employee<br />Retail Desk or Break Room<br />Administrator and Manager<br />Entry Level Phones<br />Executive<br />or Remote Worker<br />
    29. 29. A Cisco phone system for the daily price of a cup of coffee* with 0% financing that won’t cost you a bean**<br />
    30. 30. Please come and visit us on stand 504<br />
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