Info Session: "Renaissance Italy and the Birth of Modern Europe"


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The explosion in economics, arts, science, poetry, and politics that occurred in Florence in what we have come to call the Italian Renaissance was unprecedented in the history of Europe. This course will focus on major Renaissance and Florentine figures who emerged from the economic growth and political turmoil that accompanied this cultural transformation: Petrarch and the Petrarchists, Renaissance poetic tradition; Machiavelli, a political theorist; Michelangelo, artist and poet; and Galileo, scientist and writer. Making full use of Florence and its environs, we will read central works of all writers and visit places they lived, including a trip to Machiavelli’s vineyard and inn where he played cards while writing The Prince as an exile from Florence, a special visit to Galileo’s house, where he was under house-arrest, with a night viewing from the Observatory where he worked. We will also visit Siena, home of the famous palio horse race, and Ferrara, the other great Renaissance city, known for its literary tradition.

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Info Session: "Renaissance Italy and the Birth of Modern Europe"

  1. 1. UC DAVIS STUDY ABROAD Summer Abroad in Florence, Italy “Renaissance Italy and the Birth of Modern Europe” Fall Summer 2015 June 25 – July 24, 2015
  2. 2. Program Specifics Italy What is Summer Abroad? o Faculty-Led o Designed for UCD Students o UCD classes, UCD units o Financial Aid Applies o 2.0 GPA o Good Academic Standing o Applications Accepted on a First-Come, First-Reserved Basis for Qualified Applicants o Enrollment: January 7th through April 3rd Summer Abroad Requirements
  3. 3. Academics o COMP LIT 180S – Selected Topics in Comparative Literature (4 units) o COMP LIT 198 – Directed Group Study (4 units P/NP only) Instructor: Antonella Bassi
  4. 4. Student Life—Housing and Meals Students will share one of several apartments in the heart of Florence. Each apartment is located within walking distance to the classroom and in close proximity to each other. Each apartment will have a fully functional kitchen, shared bathroom, and a washing machine (no dryer). Linens will be provided. Meals are not provided by the program. Apartments include an equipped kitchen where students may cook their own meals. A variety of local eateries provide abundant alternatives to home cooking.
  5. 5. Excursions and Day Trips o Day Trips may include: o Urbino o Ferrara o Lucca o Excursions (Examples: lectures, walking tours, activities) in Florence may include: o Duomo and Baptistry o Santa Croce o The Accademia Gallery o Palazzo Vecchio o Bargello o Boboli Gardens o Santa Maria Novella Church and Cloister o cooking class/demo
  6. 6. Program Benefits o Financial Aid Applies! (Make an appointment with a Financial Aid Advisor) o Apply for UC Davis Study Abroad award ($500-$2000) o Fees are all inclusive of program costs o UCD Coursework o Enrollment: Jan 7th – April 3rd Rome Venice Capri
  7. 7. You Could Be Here This Summer! Don’t miss your opportunity to study in Florence, Italy! Apply Today! Siena Tuscany Florence
  8. 8. Meet Program Alumni
  9. 9. UC Davis Study Abroad 207 Third Street, Suite 120 Davis, CA 95616 (530) 297-4633 207 Third St. Third Street AStreet MU