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UC Davis Quarter Abroad, Spain: Info Session Slides
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UC Davis Quarter Abroad, Spain: Info Session Slides


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Spain...the very name conjures magical images of sun-drenched beaches, Moorish castles and a rich cultural and artistic heritage. So why not study in Spain's capital city and great cosmopolitan …

Spain...the very name conjures magical images of sun-drenched beaches, Moorish castles and a rich cultural and artistic heritage. So why not study in Spain's capital city and great cosmopolitan metropolis? When you study abroad in Madrid, you'll walk through history itself, down stoned-paved streets and past countless flowering balconies of the 18th century buildings before arriving in Madrid's city center, famous for tapas, shopping and entertainment. The unique spirit of Madrid is both serene and lively, making it a captivating place to learn Spanish and intern in the career field of your choice...

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  • 1. UC DAVIS QUARTER ABROAD SPRING 2014 Madrid, Spain …& Barcelona
  • 2. QA MADRID, SPRING 2014 Christina Siracusa Program Coordinator & Advisor UC Davis, EAC Victor Gonzalez ACCENT Madrid Study Center Director
  • 3. AGENDA Introductions Who is ACCENT International? Why Madrid? ACCENT Madrid Center Program Information – Program Dates – Housing – Courses – Internship Placements – Excursions – Program Costs • Application Process & Deadlines • Q & A • • • • •
  • 4. FACULT Y LEADER Professor Cristina Martínez-Carazo cmmar tinezcaraz
  • 5. TEACHING ASSISTANT Gabriel Guillén g a g ui l l e n @ ucd av i s .e d u S p a n i s h I n s t r u c to r a n d f o r m e r C o o r d i n a to r f o r t h e M i d d l e b ur y C o l l e g e i n M a d r i d p r o g r a m
  • 6. WHO IS ACCENT INTERNATIONAL? • P r o v i d e r f o r t h i s c u s to m d e s i g n e d S t u d y A b r o a d p r o g r a m • Partners with UC Davis • Located in heart of Madrid • M a d r i d AC C E N T S t u d y C e n te r o f f e r s • Libraries, classrooms, audio-visual equipment, wireless Internet, computer labs • Cntrally -located, fully furnished apartments and homestays in Madrid. • Fo c u s o n S a f et y a n d S e c u r i t y • ACCENT has close ties to the U.S. State Department and constantly monitors overseas situations. • ACCENT staff keep track of student‟s independent travel.
  • 7. ACCENT MADRID STUDY CENTER • Information and resource center • pick up mail • use the Internet • Access to extensive resources at the Instituto Internacional located just across the street.
  • 10. PROGRAM DATES: MARCH 31 – JUNE 6, 2014  Enrollment period: September 26- December 6, 2013*  Travel Award Deadline: December 6, 2013** *Enrollment is on fir st -completed, fir streser ved basis. **Financial Aid applies.
  • 11. THE MADRID EXPERIENCE • Spring Quarter Program led by a UC Davis Faculty member • Courses & credits towards completion of degree • Internships in select areas • Excursions exclusively planned for UC Davis Students  Explore a cosmopolitan city!
  • 12. HOUSING  Apartments -Double and single rooms available -Live with other UC Davis students  Homestay -Includes breakfast and dinner daily -Excellent way to get immersed into Spanish culture and practice the language
  • 13. PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION 20 euro metro pass to get around Madrid for internships and class AVE: Bullet train Best subway in the world 
  • 14. COURSES AND CREDITS Track 1 (19 –20 units) Track 2 (16-17 units)  SPA 1S Elementary (5 units)  SPA 2S Elementary (5 units)  SPA 3S Elementary (5 units)  SPA 192 I (1 unit optional)  SPA 100S Spanish Literature (4 units)  SPA 143 Spanish Art (4 units)  SPA 148S Spanish Cinema (4 units)  SPA 192 I (1 unit optional)  SPN 141 Spanish culture and civilization (4 units taught in English) )
  • 15. PREREQUISITES  Track 1 -No prerequisites  Track 2 - SPA 24  Internship track - SPA 24 Eligibility: 2.00 GPA & Good Academic Standing
  • 16. 1 UNIT INTERNSHIP Tracks 1 and 2: Optional internship  Teaching assistant in a local elementary school  Possibly other fields too  3 hours per week for 9 weeks  P/NP grading  A limited number of positions are available.
  • 17. INTERNSHIP TRACK ACCENT will provide internship placements in Madrid. SPN 141 - Spanish culture and civilization (English) (4 units) grade SPN 198 - Learning Through Internships: The Spanish Workplace (5 units) SPN 192I - Spanish workplace course (5 units) -18 hours/week in a field related to your area of interest. 15 units total
  • 18. INTERNSHIP OPTIONS • Film Distribution & Production Company • Motion Graphics Animation Studio • Non-profit Organizations • Prostitution & Human Trafficking • Immigrant Linguistic Integration • Educational Association • Social Media and Analytics Company • Environmental & Conservati on Foundation • European Think Tank • International Consulting Firm • Semi-private Catholic School • Graphic Design Studio • Genetic Diagnostics Research Center
  • 22. PROGRAM ACTIVITIES INCLUDE…  Barcelona: Students will spend 3 days in this beautiful city.  ACCENT, the host institution, will plan various events …sports, bullring tickets, cultural events, walking tours, and museum visits.
  • 24. EL MUSEO DEL PRADO One of the most important museums in the world
  • 25. THE REINA SOFÍA MUSEUM… El Guernica and much more…
  • 26. EL RETIRO PARK Our Central Park
  • 28. THE BULL …Madrid has the most important bullring in the world: Las Ventas
  • 29. IT IS NOT ONLY A BULL Concerts, tennis matches, etc.
  • 30. TOROS & FLAMENCO These pictures were taken by UC Davis students in Madrid!
  • 31. TOROS & FLAMENCO Many young Spaniards don„t know or don‟t like flamenco & bullfighting But it is still part of the culture, particularly in the south of Spain
  • 33. CAFÉ CON LECHE Y PINCHO DE TORTILLA What else do you need????
  • 35. UC DAVIS SPRING QUARTER PROGRAM COSTS  Program includes:  15 - 19 Quarter Credits  UCD Spring Tuition  International Internship  Accommodations in apartment or with a host family  Breakfast & Dinner (with host family only)  Excursions including Barcelona  Arrival reception & pre-departure celebration  Metro card worth 20 Euros for internship mobility  Medical & Travel Insurance  24/7 on-site support Total Program Cost: $10,906.88 includes CA resident tuition (See QA Spain website for estimated additional expenses. Financial Aid applies; your award may be adjusted according to the cost of the program.
  • 36. ESTIMATED PERSONAL EXPENSES  Meals $1400  Incidentals/books, etc. $800  Roundtrip airfare to Madrid $1300 Estimated Total Personal Expenses Per Student $3,500 Estimated Total Cost Per Student $10,906.88 (Fees charged by UC Davis plus estimated per sonal expenses ) $14,406.88
  • 37. APPLICATION PROCESS  Program Requirements:  2.0 Overall GPA  Complete application materials  Deadline for UC Davis materials is December 6th  Application Process: Internship trac k materials are due by mid -November  Students must apply through the UC Davis Educati on Abroad Center by Dec. 6th Deadline!  Complete Accent Application materials  Internship Application  Personal Statement  Resume  Unofficial transcript  Recommendation Letters will help with “placeability”
  • 38. IMPORTANT CONTACTS  Christina Siracusa, Program Coordinator & Advisor (  Professor Cristina Martinez-Carazo, Spanish Department (  Gabriel Guillen, Spanish Department teaching assistant (  Marcie Kirk-Holland, Internship and Career Center ( ACCENT Madrid,