Linking People Through Physical Proximity in a Conference

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Workshop talk from Modeling Social Media 2012 workshop @ Hypertext 2012 conference

Workshop talk from Modeling Social Media 2012 workshop @ Hypertext 2012 conference

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  • 1. Linking People ThroughPhysical Proximity in aConferenceAlvin Chin, Bin Xu, Hao Wang and XiaWangMobile Social Experiences TeamNRC Growth Economies LabModeling Social Media workshop 2012Nokia Research Center
  • 2. Outline • Motivation and research problem • Contributions • Physical proximity and social linking in a conference • Find & Connect • Network properties • Relationship between physical proximity and social linking in Find & Connect • Conclusions and future workNokia Research Center2 Company Confidential
  • 3. Motivation How do I know this friend? Why should I add him/her?Nokia Research Center3 Company Confidential
  • 4. People connect with each other becauseof • Social selection • Homophily and similarities (McPherson et al, 2001; Guy et al, 2010) • Social influence • Joining an online community (Backstrom et al, 2006) • Consumer desires, behaviours and technology adoption (Vannoy et al, 2010)Nokia Research Center4 Company Confidential
  • 5. Proximity • Using location and human mobility for friendship (Cho et al, 2011) • Encounters to determine who to add as friend (Aka- Aki; Quercia and Capra, 2009) • Introduce people and infer one’s social network (Eagle and Pentland, 2005) • Enhancing social interactions at conferences (Barrat et al, 2010)Nokia Research Center5 Company Confidential
  • 6. Research problem • Can physical proximity affect people to make connections and link to each other? • Hypothesis 1: more physical interactions will result in an increased probability for a person to add another as a social connection (social selection) • Hypothesis 2: establishing these connections will result in an increased number of physical proximities between each other (social influence)Nokia Research Center6 Company Confidential
  • 7. Offline Improves Friend RecommendationXu et al. Using Physical Context in a Mobile Social Networking Application for Improving FriendRecommendations, 1st International Workshop on Sensing, Networking and Computing onSmartphones, In Proc. of CPSCom 2011, 2011 Nokia Research Center 7 Company Confidential
  • 8. Contributions • Examine the relationship between physical proximity and online social connections in an indoor environment for a conferenceNokia Research Center8 Company Confidential
  • 9. Similar work • Conferator (Atzmueller et al, 2011) • Live Social Semantics (Barrat et al, 2010) • IntelliBadge (Cox et al, 2003)Nokia Research Center9 Company Confidential
  • 10. Find & Connect • Find people, rooms, sessions, papers in a conference • Connect people together through social linking using physical proximity and homophilyNokia Research Center10 Company Confidential
  • 11. Recording physical proximityNokia Research Center11 Company Confidential
  • 12. Social linking in a conference • Friend • Following • Exchange contactsNokia Research Center12 Company Confidential
  • 13. Find attendees on a map @ UIC 2010 Chang et al, Enhancing the Experience and Efficiency at a Conference with Mobile Social Networking: Case Study with Find & Connect, In Proc. of HumanCom 2011, 2011Nokia Research Center13 Company Confidential
  • 14. Connect @UIC with others from feeds andmessages Chang et al, Enhancing the Experience and Efficiency at a Conference with Mobile Social Networking: Case Study with Find & Connect, In Proc. of HumanCom 2011, 2011Nokia Research Center14 Company Confidential
  • 15. Find & Connect @ GCJKXu, B. et al, Physical Proximity and Online User Behavior in an Indoor Mobile Social NetworkingApplication", In Proc. of the 4th IEEE International Conference on Cyber, Physical and SocialComputing (CPSCom 2011), Dalian, China, 1-10. Nokia Research Center 15 Company Confidential
  • 16. Network propertiesNokia Research Center16 Company Confidential
  • 17. Proximity vs. social linking networks • Proximity encounters form a highly tight and dense network compared with social linking networks • Follow social influence theory of 3 degrees of separation (Cacioppo et al, 2009)Nokia Research Center17 Company Confidential
  • 18. Offline encounters influences onlineconnection @ UICNokia Research Center18 Company Confidential
  • 19. Offline encounters influences onlineconnection @ GCJKNokia Research Center19 Company Confidential
  • 20. Average encounter frequency occur inbursts @ UICNokia Research Center20 Company Confidential
  • 21. Average encounter frequency @ GCJKNokia Research Center21 Company Confidential
  • 22. How physical proximity affects social linking • More than 2 hours before social linking – social selection is weak • At most 2 hours before social linking – sharp rise in encounters, social selection becoming strong • 2 hours after social linking – social influence dominates • Eventually proximity encounters flattens outNokia Research Center22 Company Confidential
  • 23. Conclusions • Hypothesis 1 on social selection – not supported • Hypothesis 2 on social influence – supported • Contact and encounter networks follow social influence theory of 3 degrees of separation Cacioppo, J.T., Fowler, J.H., and Christakis, N.A. Alone in the crowd: the structure and spread of loneliness in a large social network. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 97, 6 (2009), 977.Nokia Research Center23 Company Confidential
  • 24. Future work • Collect longitudinal data for longer period of time • Study transitions from online and offline and vice versa to create user behaviour model • Create algorithm to mine encounters to identify groups that indicate activity-based social networks (ephemeral social networks)Nokia Research Center24 Company Confidential
  • 25. Alvin Chin Nokia Research Center, Beijing Facebook: Alvin Chin ( LinkedIn: Twitter: gadgetman4u Sina Weibo: (gadgetman) Foursquare: Alvin Chin ( Google+: ubiquitousdude@gmail.comNokia Research Center25 Company Confidential