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Connecting People in a Conference: A Study of Influence Between Offline and Online in a Mobile Social Application
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Connecting People in a Conference: A Study of Influence Between Offline and Online in a Mobile Social Application


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Presented in the Mobile and Pervasive Computing session at IEEE CPSCom 2012 conference in Besancon, France on November 21, 2012

Presented in the Mobile and Pervasive Computing session at IEEE CPSCom 2012 conference in Besancon, France on November 21, 2012

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  • 1. Connecting People at a Conference:A Study of Influence Between Offlineand Online Using a Mobile SocialApplicationXiang Zuo, Alvin Chin1, Xiaoguang Fan, Bin Xu, Dezhi Hong,Ying Wang, Xia WangNokia Xpress Internet Services Chinaalvin.chin@nokia.com1Work done while at Nokia Research Center Nokia Internal Use Only
  • 2. Motivation • Who should I meet here? • Who is this person that I met? • Why should I add this person to my social network? • What content and groups should I join?2 Nokia Internal Use Only
  • 3. Research problem • Find the relevant people and connect with them easily in a dynamic, ephemeral environment3 Nokia Internal Use Only
  • 4. Contributions • Build a system using social proximity and homophily • Quantify online to offline and vice versa (O2O)4 Nokia Internal Use Only
  • 5. Social proximity • Opportunistic networking • Familiar Stranger (Paulos and Goodman, 2002) • Cityware (Kostakos, 2008) • Proximity as a social pattern of user behavior • Bluetooth to discover the relative physical closeness (Quercia and Capra, 2009), sensing and phone context (Madan et al, 2010; Aharony et al, 2011) • Enhancing social interactions at conferences using RFID proximity (Atzmueller et al, 2011)5 Nokia Internal Use Only
  • 6. Homophily • Prob. of being friend is inversely proportional to the distance of their self-reported addresses in Facebook and with IP and geographical address (Backstrom 2010) • Physical interactions such as Bluetooth encounter can be an indicator of friendship (Eagle 2005, Quercia 2009) • The more known people recommended, the more likely be accepted (Chen 2009) • The more information source integrated, the richer the result and the closer the returning people to the ideal friend list (Guy 2008, 2010) • 100 times powerful influence from friends than from strangers (Hui 2009)6 Nokia Internal Use Only
  • 7. Online to offline and vice versa7 Nokia Internal Use Only
  • 8. Ephemeral Social Network Contact ESN = AC3 Activity Content Context8 Nokia Internal Use Only
  • 9. Using ESN to Bridge Online to Offline and vice ver Offline physical activities (Conf., Meeting, Party, Shopping, Hiking…) Activity 1 Activity 3 Activity 2 Activity n … Online social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, Renren…) time9 Nokia Internal Use Only
  • 10. Nokia Find & Connect Your ephemeral social network conference companion10 Nokia Internal Use Only
  • 11. Nokia Find & Connect: systemarchitecture11 Nokia Internal Use Only
  • 12. Casually browse for a person to connectwith12 Nokia Internal Use Only
  • 13. Find targeted person13 Nokia Internal Use Only
  • 14. People recommended to me14 Nokia Internal Use Only
  • 15. Find someone who you were together with15 Nokia Internal Use Only
  • 16. Online connections: UbiComp contactsgraph16 Nokia Internal Use Only
  • 17. Offline connections: UbiComp encountersgraph17 Nokia Internal Use Only
  • 18. Online and offline from UbiComp 2011conference18 Nokia Internal Use Only
  • 19. Online to offline and vice versa from UbiComp2011 conference19 Nokia Internal Use Only
  • 20. Marginal increase in network scale for offlineand online at UbiComp 201120 Nokia Internal Use Only
  • 21. Issues • Accuracy of encounters • Improve conversion rate from recommendation to contact • More social and integration with online SNS • Data too sparse, duration too short, need more users21 Nokia Internal Use Only
  • 22. Conclusions and future work • Application useful but needs to be more sticky • More than half of online interactions originate from offline interactions • What triggers people to connect from offline to online? • Individual user behaviour of offline and online • Identify ephemeral social networks from the encounter graph and conference context22 Nokia Internal Use Only
  • 23. Alvin ChinXpress Internet Services ChinaNokia, Beijingalvin.chin@nokia.comhttp://www.alvinychin.comFacebook: Alvin Chin ( alvin.chin@nokia.comTwitter: gadgetman4uSina Weibo: (gadgetman)Foursquare: Alvin Chin ( Nokia Internal Use Only