Layar @ SDForum 28 Feb 2011
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Layar @ SDForum 28 Feb 2011



AR overview talk for the SDForum Digital Media SIG, 2/28/11 in Palo Alto.

AR overview talk for the SDForum Digital Media SIG, 2/28/11 in Palo Alto.



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Layar @ SDForum 28 Feb 2011 Layar @ SDForum 28 Feb 2011 Presentation Transcript

  • The Emerging Mass Mediumof Augmented RealityGene BeckerAR Strategist
  • About Layar Mobile augmented reality leader Founded in June 2009 Based in Amsterdam VC funded 50+ people worldwide
  • Augmented reality is a new medium ofcreative expression that expands humanexperience
  • inspirations:AR past & future
  •      AR  research:  first  HMD  -­‐  Ivan  Sutherland  (1966) The  “Sword  of  Damocles”
  •      AR  research:  Caudell  &  Mizell  (Boeing,  1992) Caudell, T., Mizell, D.: Augmented reality: an application of heads-up display technology to manual manufacturing processesOverlaying graphics to support assembly of complex wiring harnesses in aircraft manufacturing at Boeing. Coined the term “augmented reality”.
  •      AR  research:  wearable  compuNng  -­‐  Steve  Mann
  •      AR  research:  first  mobile  AR  systemFeiner et al, Touring Machine (1997), Columbia University
  • AR: a vision of future personal computing
  • visual search on the physical world concept design by mac funamizu source:
  • querying the natural world concept design by mac funamizu source:
  • computational print media concept design by mac funamizu source:
  • seeing through space and time concept design by mac funamizu source:
  •      is  AR  the  end  of  personal  privacy?  concept  by  TAT
  • and just wait ‘til the glasses get here concept design by mac funamizu source:
  • AR in the present tense
  • present  day  mobile  AR:  Layar Layar  demo  video:  hRp://
  • AR Basics – How does it workGPS Compass Accelerometer CameraWhere am I? What direction am I How is my phone Background image looking at? oriented in the world Future: enable computer Optional: Gyroscope vision projects smoother experience
  • Layar Platform Browser Player Publishing Platform AR view SDK for your iphone app1.000.000 active users Thousands of developers Launch January 2011 & companies 1.500 layers
  • a few Layar factsLAYAR is the worldwide leader in mobile AR:* Over 1.3 million active users* 1600+ published AR layers* Thousands of registered developers* 50+ premier development partners worldwide* Supported on iPhone, Android, Bada, more coming soon* Preloaded on Samsung, Sprint 4G devices* Potential reach in the tens of millions, growing
  • room to grow Smartphone Market Size (millions) Layar addressable market12001000800600400200 0 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 source: Gartner
  • The Layar ecosystem inspirational applications Brands & Media artists enthusiasts historians scientists creative producers Agencies game designers curators technical developers Layar developers 1000’s of content layersLayar’s open & free platform cross-platform support 1,000,000+ users
  • Augmented reality is a new medium ofcreative expression that expands humanexperience
  • AR is expressive
  • Uninvited Art exhibition, MoMA
  • Stedelijk Museum
  • AR is informative
  • Quake information
  • AR is playful
  • GRAPH 22 3
  • by C2K © 2010, Layar B.V.
  • AR is social
  • Foursquare by TAB
  • Tweeps around by TAB
  • AR is commercial
  • Prince of Persia by TAB © 2010, Layar B.V.
  • Quiznos
  • Rolling Stones by Mobilistar © 2010, Layar B.V.
  • AR reveals the past...
  • Historic Market St. in SF
  • Berlin wall by Hoppala
  • ...and the future
  • Markethall by NAI/in10
  • let’s make layers!
  • Creating layers – Terminology Layar: The browser application Layer: A content layer in our browser POI: Point of Interest, element of data in the AR view (sometimes called hotspot, or object) AR View: The augmented reality view, with the POIs superimposed on the camera view. List View: A list of all POIs Map View: POIs shown on a map
  • RadarLayar terminology BIW
  • Creating layers Layers are built using simple web technology  HTTP, JSON, HTML 2 step process:  Create a layer definition in the Layar publishing environment  Create a layer server for delivering the POI content to the phones
  • Layar ecosystem
  • Creating layers – Publishing site Add all the static content of a layer  Listing details  Look & feel  Service URL
  • Creating layers – Layer service RESTful API with a single HTTP GET call GetPOIs Request: HTTP request with the following parameters: Latitude, Longitude, filter settings... GetPOIs Response: JSON data containing POI information (hotspots) API documentation:
  • &lon=4.887339&timestamp=1249226148713 &userId=ed48067cda8e1b985dbb8ff3653a2da4fd490a37 &developerId=896&developerHash=1ee6d294aa6b639b365899f844257523c5bf9702 &RADIOLIST=a&radius=6245&CUSTOM_SLIDER=23987.0 &lat=52.377544&layerName=snowy4 &SEARCHBOX=asdfdhcgg&accuracy=100 {"morePages": false,Response "layer": "jsource02", "errorCode": 0, "hotspots": [ { "object": { "baseURL": "", "full": "ghost.l3d", "reduced": "ghost_reduced.l3d", "icon": "icon1.png", "size": 2 }, "transform": { "rel": true, "angle": 45, "scale": 5 }, "actions": [ { "label": "Visit webpage", "uri": "" } ], "distance": 0, "lat": 52000000, "lon": 4350000, "attribution": "", "line2": "", "imageURL": null, "line3": "", "dimension": 3, "line4": "", "type": 0, "id": "asda4494", "title": "Test object" } ], "errorString": "OK", "nextPageKey": null }
  • Creating layers – 3rd party services Instead of creating your own layer service, you can use one of the community created tools, e.g.:  Porpoise Open source server software created by Jens  Hoppala Augmentation Hosted solution, easy to use.
  • Discuss.Gene Beckertw: @genebeckerskype: gene.beckerweb: www.layar.commail: