Augmented Humanity + Enspirited Reality


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Gene Becker slides for NAB2010 AR Panel 12 April 2010. Contact info: or @genebecker on Twitter

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Augmented Humanity + Enspirited Reality

  1. 1. Augmented Humanity + Enspirited Reality images courtesy Mac Funamizu:
  2. 2. Eucalyptus globulus Golden Gate Park Blue Gum Eucalyptus Air quality: San Francisco, CA Planted circa 1935 GOOD Installed & tested by NorCal Stagecrafters 37.768, -122.482 WGS84 Teamsters Local 231 Permit #SFPA90567A.277.09 Banjo Stage Lineup October 2, 2010 Stage Lighting Complex 24kW 101dBA 0900 Del Ray wear earplugs! Now playing: 1015 Oaktown Boys Beyond the River Bend 1130 Hazel Dickens concept design: future of mobile search by mac funamizu 1300 Bill Kirchen 1500 Elvis Costello 1700 Emmylou Harris Hazel Dickens Barry Mitterhof Also plays in: Hot Tuna at 1500 on Arrow Stage Barry Mitterhof plays Gibson Mandolins Status: OCCUPIED Health: FAIR Sponsored by: Charmin CV Video Productions Permit #HSB2010-29870 Watch live stream Food Concessions Grateful Dawgs Bluegrass BBQ Falafel Truckers Hungry Heart Friends nearby: Bruno U, Rebecca A, Chetan D, Joe G, Seth S
  3. 3. Augmented Humanity • Extending our human senses and capabilities with technology mobile, embedded, distributed, cloud, social, contextual, sensory • Seeing through time and space • Seeing and hearing in different languages • Sensing chemical, biological & physical processes • Discovering the invisible stories that are everywhere around us • Learning to act as a massively multiplayer species images courtesy Mac Funamizu:
  4. 4. Enspirited Reality • Computing & connections infuse everything with digital energy • People, places and things are first-class digital citizens • Latent information becomes digital, findable, activated • Non-fiction world: facts, locations, measurements, histories, events • Fictional worlds: games, stories, art, music, adventures images courtesy Mac Funamizu:
  5. 5. Creating for an AR World • Magic lenses and windows are a compelling metaphor • Authoring is multidisciplinary – location scouting, story development, stagecraft, art direction, 3D graphics, sound design, programming, web services, social media, game mechanics, experience design… • We’re a long way from glasses that give us “Terminator Vision” images courtesy Mac Funamizu:
  6. 6. Thank You! Gene Becker Twitter: @genebecker Email: images courtesy Mac Funamizu:
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