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UBI Index - Global Release Event @ RocketSpace June 6
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UBI Index - Global Release Event @ RocketSpace June 6



The event on June 6 invited incubator managers and business developers, developers of universities, policy makers, thought leaders in innovation, angel investors and VC’s to come and to learn best ...

The event on June 6 invited incubator managers and business developers, developers of universities, policy makers, thought leaders in innovation, angel investors and VC’s to come and to learn best practices on the world’s leading university business incubators. But also to find out how new companies are getting created by the next generation of entrepreneurs. Keynote speakers were Leandro Margulis, Director of Impulsa California and Björn Lasse Herrmann, Founder of The Startup Genome Report.

The Global Top List of University Business Incubators was revealed and recognitions were given to 5 incubators in different categories.

To know more about the study, the event and the global benchmark report please contact ali@ubiindex.com

Web: ubiindex.com



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  • Should be like this: University Incubators could be successful models because they merge all of the talent of academia, science, and business. All of the areas create a system that mitigates risk and promotes successful ventures
  • 6. Many people say that it is not possible to create a top list of university incubators, because:     1. Many university incubators goals are to "inspire to entrepreneurship"      2. Many icubators focus on creating a diversified business landscape in the area (and it is therefore harder to push out new sectors that has not been in the region before) – example, Rovio, Supercell etc in Helsinki. -> angel money + inspiration -> kickstarting the ecosystem. This with diversification is even better     3. It is so dependent on the ecosystem that it is unfair, especially if you compare something with the US
  •      1. In Sweden, we have extensive experience from UX, mobile and internet competence areas. Everyone can travel to the largest entrepreneurship centers in Europe within a couple of hours at a decent cost. The Nordics are spitting out billion dollar company after each other.      2. It sure is an advantage if your incubator is located at Sand Hill road, but with today's technology, you can remotely invite inspirational speakers via Video chat (such as AVC and spainish incubator) and you can have teams going to silicon valley to establish the right networks (Startup Sauna). You just need to work harder, and that is your job as an incubator manager. Otherwise, you can be an ok incubator, but not a top incubator.     3. Many people blame that they can't do this or that because they do not get enough funding from the university or the government, but we can se examples of incubators that had have the same problem but been entrepreneurial and found revenue streams from selling services or licensing office space to large corporations that can pay for it to subsidize services for the incubates. To be a top incubators, you need to have a entrepreneurial mindset form the top to the ground. And that includes that all stakeholders including the university in itself allows you to be entrepreneurial. So fundamental, but still so many universities that do not let their incubators do what is best for the entrepreneurs. Simple reasons like this, forced us to do this, to keep the debate live and to push the industry forward, and beceme a more entrepreneur-centric industry than it has been in the past. This is our view, our quest and we need everyones input and support to become stronger, more accurate in the aspects that we push and get more data that supports our recommendations. I hope that everyone of you help spread the world and sign up for our panel on our website so that we can help push the incubator industry together and help change the life of millions of people by allowing to create more vibrant startups around the world. Universities has historically been seen as the innovation centre in the society, lets help them catch up and give them the guidance they need to become it once again. Thank you. + Mindset of creating small companies vs. billion dollar companies. University incubators should be a place for people and startups that want to change the world, not only change the region. (we are entrepreneurs that want to change the world, and want to support other entrepreneurs that want to change the world, the ones that want to change the region just come too low on the priority list) 

UBI Index - Global Release Event @ RocketSpace June 6 UBI Index - Global Release Event @ RocketSpace June 6 Presentation Transcript

  • #topincubatorGlobal Benchmark Release 2013June 6 @ RocketSpace San Francisco, CA
  • #topincubator5.00 WelcomeUBI Index & Silicon Vikings5.05 Background of reportInsights and Best practices5.30 Keynote: Leandro MargulisPost-Incubation Growth Challenges5.50 Global Top 25 listIncubator Recognitions6.05 Keynote: Björn Lasse Herrmann“Why startup fails?”6.30 Networking and FoodFenox Venture Capital7.00 Event 2: Nordic Startups
  • #topincubatorJoel Eriksson EnquistFounder of UBI Index
  • #topincubatorThe UBI Index Team
  • #topincubatorLars-Henrik Friis MolinFounder• Founder of Universum Group• Founder of Jobline (sold for 200MUSD to monster.com)• Founder of +18 othercompanies, sold 10Joel EnquistFounder• VC at Creandum• EIR at Nebula Ventures• Founder of 5 non-profits and 1consulting firm• Researcher• ConsultantDhruv BhatliCo-Founder &Research DirectorAli AminCo-founder & Sales andMarketing Director• Top Student• Entrepreneur+20 industry experts(both academic andpractical expertise)
  • #topincubatorThe story about UBI Index
  • #topincubatorWhy university incubators?• You have a ‘base level’ of funding• Access to information and technical expertise• Alumni networks• Access to untapped talent• Creates some legitimacy from the start• etc…Should be a great environment to start…
  • #topincubator.. but successful entrepreneurs chose not toparticipate in university incubator programsSome that have states that “We succeededeven though we did went through theuniversity incubator”What is done right/wrong?
  • #topincubatorWhy create a Top list?
  • #topincubatorCriticism• Some university incubators’ main goal is only to inspire• It is unfair to compare incubators with different sector focus (biotech vs. IT)• University incubators should take care of the weaker startups that do not manageto fundraise• University incubators creates much more values than the commercial aspects,and those values can not be assessed• It is so dependent on the ecosystemOk, as long as they do not forget tosupport the ‘real’ entrepreneursAgree, we have taken this intoconsideration in our model + we do aspecific sector top listOk, but they still need to create successstories out of these to become a topincubatorAgree, but commercial success storiessupports that those values are there, orare likely to be developedAgree, it is an advantage for startupsborn in larger markets, which wecompensate for, but we believe it is theincubator’s job to try to compensatethat gap
  • #topincubatorWe want to push the industry• University incubators should focus on theentrepreneurs• Universities should support entrepreneurialactivities• We want to keep the debate aliveJoin us!For any questions or input, please contact me at joel@ubiindex.com
  • #topincubatorDhruv BhatliFounder of UBI Index
  • #topincubatorA GLOBAL STUDY• USA• Canada• Mexico• BrazilAMERICAS EUROPE OTHERS• Ireland• Germany• Sweden• Finland• Italy• France• U.K• Netherlands• Austria• Norway• Russia• Australia• Taiwan• Singapore• Israel• India• China• Japan22CountriesRepresented
  • #topincubatorUBI ASSESMENT FRAMEWORKAvailable upon requeste-mail: ali@ubiindex.com
  • #topincubatorTOP UNIVERSITY BUSINESS INCUBATORSBENCHMARK REPORT 2013IDENTIFYBENCHMARKINSIGHTS123Available uponrequeste-mail:ali@ubiindex.com
  • #topincubatorTOP INCUBATORS ARE STEROIDS FOR THE ECONOMYMUCH MORE BOOST THAN AVERAGE INCUBATORSJOBS CREATED PER YEAR82.7 2.8XGraduated clients thatremain in the region3.3X62%TOTAL SALES REVENUE PER YEAR$10.4 M 45%%ofGraduatedClientsthatSurviveandgrow+GLOBAL AVG Graduated clients thatremain in the region27% +RELOCATION: POST GRADUATIONSURVIVAL & GROWTHGLOBAL AVG HIGHERHIGHERGLOBAL AVGAvailable upon requeste-mail: ali@ubiindex.comAvailable upon requeste-mail: ali@ubiindex.com
  • #topincubatorTOP INCUBATORS PROVIDE AWESOME TRAININGAND BETTER ACCESS TO FUNDS6.8 23%# OF ACTIVE COACHESGLOBAL AVG HIGHER40.6 19%# OF ACTIVE MENTORSHIGHER17.8hGLOBAL AVG#hoursperclientpermonth13hGLOBAL AVG#hoursperclientpermonth2X1.7X$ # CLIENTS THAT RECEIVEVC FUNDING$ACCESS TO FUNDS2X 25% +INCUBATORS OWN SEED FUNDAvailable upon requeste-mail: ali@ubiindex.comAvailable upon requeste-mail: ali@ubiindex.comAvailableuponrequeste-mail:ali@ubiindex.comAvailable upon requeste-mail: ali@ubiindex.com
  • #topincubatorTOP INCUBATORS ARE ATTRACTIVE30%% INCUBATORS THAT TAKE EQUITY IN THEIR CLIENT7.3%Mean Size of Equity Taken21%LOWERMORECoaches and mentors withentrepreneurial backgroundAvailable upon requeste-mail: ali@ubiindex.comAvailable uponrequeste-mail:ali@ubiindex.com
  • #topincubatorHIGHER1.45X 2.9XHIGHERFUNDS: INCUBATOROPERATIONSINCUBATORS OWNSEED FUND30% LOWER # Jobs per year66% LOWER Sales revenueper year21% LOWER # Clients that surviveand grow profitable42% LOWER # Hours: coachingspent per client permonthLOWER # Hours: mentoringspent per client permonth57%MUCHHIGHERMean size of equity taken byincubators in their clients12.9%EUROPE HAS TO GET ITS ACT TOGETHERAvailable upon requeste-mail: ali@ubiindex.comAvailable upon requeste-mail:ali@ubiindex.comAvailable upon requeste-mail: ali@ubiindex.com
  • #topincubatorKEY DRIVERS OF SUCCESS• Creating a large ecosystem and being part of an activecommunity• Quality of training & education• Choosing the right companiesAvailable upon requeste-mail: ali@ubiindex.com
  • #topincubatorKEY CONSTRAINTS• Insufficient physical capacity• Issues with awareness, press coverage and branding• Problems with fund raising, especially for non R&D purposesAvailable upon requeste-mail: ali@ubiindex.com
  • #topincubatorFEW BEST PRACTICES• Contribute to the ecosystem• Choose clients wisely• Ensure right competence developmentEnvironment/ background/ quantity/ engage• Run it like a startup• PR is serious businessAvailable upon requeste-mail: ali@ubiindex.com
  • #topincubatorLuis MargulisDirector of Impulsa California
  • #topincubatorUBI IndexIncubator Awards
  • #topincubatorTOP UNIVERSITY BUSINESS INCUBATORS• Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship, United States• VentureLab, United States• UB Technology Incubator, United States• NDRC LaunchPad, Ireland {Republic}• SETsquared, United Kingdom• Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast, Australia• Tech 20/20, United States• ATP Innovations Pty Ltd, Australia• STING, Sweden• NCTU Innovation Incubation Center, Taiwan• Youngstown Business Incubator, United States• I3P, Italy• Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies, United States• Jon Brumley Texas Venture Labs, United States• Startup Sauna, Finland
  • #topincubatorTOP UNIVERSITY BUSINESS INCUBATORS• InNOLEvation Accelerator, United States• TEC Edmonton, Canada• ASU Venture Catalyst, United States• Oxford Entrepreneurs Incubation Centre, United Kingdom• Mason Enterprise Center, United States• NYU-Poly Incubator, United States• Profund - Berlin Freie Universität, Germany• Sid Martin Biotechnology Incubator, United States• Advanced Science and Commercialization Center, United States• Incubateur HEC, France• StarTau, Israel• Flagship Enterprise Center, United States• Digital Media Zone, Canada
  • #topincubatorUBI IndexTop Young University Business Incubator
  • #topincubator
  • #topincubatorUBI IndexTop Biotech University Business Incubator
  • #topincubator
  • #topincubatorUBI IndexTop IT University Business Incubator
  • #topincubator
  • #topincubatorUBI IndexTop Life Sciences University Business Incubator
  • #topincubator
  • #topincubatorUBI IndexTop Global University Business Incubator
  • #topincubator
  • #topincubatorBjörn Lasse HerrmannFounder of Startup Compass
  • #topincubatorThank you!Want to learn more?Contact Ali Amin, Co-founder of UBI Indexali@ubiindex.comYou can also visit ubiindex.com for more and information andalso to pre-order your copy today!