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LinkedIn for Marketers: a deep dive with uberVU and LinkedIn Queen Eve Mayer


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Join uberVU and special guest Eve Mayer (the "LinkedIn Queen" and CEO of Social Media Delivered) for a deep dive into LinkedIn techniques for marketers. …

Join uberVU and special guest Eve Mayer (the "LinkedIn Queen" and CEO of Social Media Delivered) for a deep dive into LinkedIn techniques for marketers.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:
- How to create a LinkedIn strategy for your brand and establish goals to achieve real marketing results with the platform
- Strategies to manage both your personal profile and company page and navigate that individual/brand divide
- Tips and tricks you can implement in your brand’s LinkedIn strategy to make a difference right away

Published in: Business

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  • Here’s a little bit of information about today’s hosts. From uberVU, I’m Elisabeth, our company’s social media marketing & community manager. With us we also have Eve Mayer, our special guest and the “LinkedIn Queen” (you can find her there on Twitter and LinkedIn). In addition to being the LinkedIn Queen, Eve is the CEO of Social Media Delivered, a company focused in consulting and training their clients on the latest social media developments and ongoing strategies. Eve is the author of “Social Media for the CEO” as well as “The Social Media Business Equation” and has been recognized as one of the Top 50 Women on Twitter. She’s also ranked #7 on Forbes’ list of most powerful women social media influencers and 14 th on the list of overall social media influencers. She has a ton of speaking experience and has kindly joined us today to share her LinkedIn-specific expertise. Eve, it’s great to have you on board!
  • For those of you who aren’t familiar with uberVU, we’ve created a social media marketing platform designed for social media managers, community managers, and other marketers who use social media on a day-to-day basis. uberVU helps these people complete daily tasks more easily, hone in on important data points and ultimately increase results by giving them unique, real-time insights by personalizing social search results into action plans.
  • Transcript

    • 1. LinkedIn for MarketersA deep dive with the“LinkedIn Queen”Eve Mayer#LImktgMay 29, 2013
    • 2. Your Presenters:Eve MayerCEO, Social MediaDeliveredand the @LinkedInQueensocialmediadelivered.comElisabeth MichaudSocial Media Marketing/Community
    • 3. About uberVU#LImktg
    • 4. Interact!Use the hashtag #LImktgUpdateFollow us on Twitter for ongoing updates: @ubervuQuestions?Submit questions anytime through GoToWebinar – timepermitting, answers will be at the end123#LImktg
    • 5. Social Media DeliveredCopyright © 2012 - All Rights ReservedLinkedIn for Marketers:A Deep Dive withthe “LinkedIn Queen” Eve Mayer#LImktg
    • 6. What is Social Media?What is Social Media?An ONLINE COMMUNITY shared with people who like anddo similar things that you like and doA place to have a CONVERSATION with colleagues, fellowconsumers, and customersA place where people GIVE and GET information aboutthings that interest themSocial Media is simply people COMMUNICATING throughnew technologies#LImktg
    • 7. Twitter StatisticsTwitter StatisticsNumber of worldwide users 550 millionNumber of Tweets daily 400 millionAverage age of users 33Percentage who Tweet on mobile 60%#LImktg
    • 8. Facebook StatisticsFacebook StatisticsNumber of worldwide users 1.1 billionAverage age of users 46Average mobile daily visits 500 millionAverage visits per month 49Average friend count 141#LImktg
    • 9. YouTube StatisticsYouTube StatisticsDaily video views 4 billionMonthly page views 92 billionHours of video uploaded every min. 72Number of views in 2012 1 trillion +Unique visitors per month 1 billion#LImktg
    • 10. PinterestPinterestNumber of worldwide users 48.7 MillionUnique visits per month 850 millionPage impressions 2.3 billion#LImktg
    • 11. Google+Google+Number of worldwide users 400 millionActive monthly users 359 million75% of Top 100 brands have active profiles#LImktg
    • 12. InstagramInstagramMonthly active users 100 millionPhotos per day 40 millionLikes per second 8,500Comments per second 2.8 million+#LImktg
    • 13. LinkedIn StatisticsLinkedIn StatisticsNumber of worldwide users 200 millionAverage age of users 44Average Household Income $110,000Company Pages 2.8 million+Groups 1.6 million+#LImktg
    • 14. SECRET #1SECRET #1If your company likes selling products and services topeople who have money, then LinkedIn is for you.The average household incomeof a LinkedIn user is $110,000.#LImktg
    • 15. Why Does LinkedIn Matter?Why Does LinkedIn Matter?“New marketing is about the relationships,not the medium.”- Ben Grossman; Founder and chief strategist BiGMarKLinkedIn matters because…• It offers unmatched efficiency when developingbusiness contacts and new leads online.• Provides infinite market research capabilities.• Secures an online network of connections.• Has the ability to establish credibility with theright audience when optimized properly.#LImktg
    • 16. Who is Using LinkedIn?Who is Using LinkedIn?• Your current & future employers and clients• Your colleagues• Your potential strategic partner• Your competitionMOST IMPORTANTLY, the people andresources you need to know and need toconnect with are using LinkedInLinkedIn is considered the professionalSocial Network of choice#LImktg
    • 17. SECRET #2SECRET #2Stop setting up individual profile pages like resumes.Instead, turn them into your most powerfulsales and marketing tool.#LImktg
    • 18. LinkedIn Profile TipsLinkedIn Profile TipsBegin by prioritizing your goalsIt’s important to identify…What is the goal of this profile?Keep these goals in mind when buildingeach section of your profile.#LImktg
    • 19. LinkedIn Profile TipsLinkedIn Profile TipsUse a professional picture.• This should be a professional headshot if possible• If one is not available then a candid headshot will work• This should be a picture of you NOT A LOGO* The place for logos is on the Company Page• Do NOT include other people or personal items in photo#LImktg
    • 20. 22
    • 21. 23
    • 22. 24
    • 23. SECRET #3SECRET #3Use your status messageas a free professional billboard.#LImktg
    • 24. LinkedIn Profile TipsLinkedIn Profile TipsStatus Messages = Business Opportunity• Your status is your FREE professional billboard• Include links often for interesting and relevant news• Can be synced to post to Twitter, but not from Twitter toLinkedIn• Update often, ideally once a day but at minimumonce per week• Updating your status populates your information ontothe home pages of your connections#LImktg
    • 25. LinkedIn Profile Tips – Get recommendations.LinkedIn Profile Tips – Get recommendations.• These are CRITICAL to an optimized profile• Strive for at least 5 to 10 recommendations• You can only request recommendations from yourconnections on LinkedIn• Recommendations are highlighted under experience#LImktg
    • 26. LinkedIn Company PageLinkedIn Company PageWhat a LinkedIn user sees at a glanceabout your company:• Industry & company specialties• A list of current & former employees• Who current & former employees are connected towithin your network- Perhaps they can provide you with an introduction?• Revenue from previous years if you are a publiccompany#LImktg
    • 27. SECRET #4SECRET #4Fish where the fish are, not where other fishermen are.Join the right groups.#LImktg
    • 28. LinkedIn Groups – Using the Group DirectoryLinkedIn Groups – Using the Group DirectoryThe GROUPS DIRECTORY helps you find the rightgroup.• Invite your connections to join a group by clicking the‘Share’ button.• If your membership is subject to review by a groupmanager, they may require additional information suchas a valid e-mail tied to your profile• You also can ask the group owner questions orprovide additional information via an email link.• You can be a member of up to 50 groups at a time.#LImktg
    • 29. SECRET #5SECRET #5Connections and Groups are the secrets to success onLinkedIn, but not the way you think they are.#LImktg
    • 30. LinkedIn GroupsLinkedIn GroupsCurrently there are more than 1,425,000 activegroups on LinkedIn and almost 4,664 arededicated to social media marketing.Each Group Listing provides: a description, a ‘Join’ link, a ‘Share’button, number of members, similar groups, owner name.#LImktg
    • 31. SECRET #6SECRET #6Investing the right amount of time and doing itconsistently yields outrageous rewards, makingLinkedIn the most underestimated businessdevelopment tool ever.#LImktg
    • 32. Suggested Time Spent on LinkedInSuggested Time Spent on LinkedIn• 20 minutes per day• 4 days per week• Doing 3 things: Updating status message Cleaning out the inbox Prospecting for Business or Direct Reachouts toAchieve Business Goals#LImktg
    • 33. Suggestions for LinkedIn CompanySuggestions for LinkedIn CompanyPagesPages• Update status once per day using the Social MediaBusiness Equation.• When followers interact make sure to respond within24 hours on weekdays.• Fill out the Products and Services tab for maximumimpact.• Utilize visual imagery when creating status updates forhigher engagement rates.• Completely fill out profile with company information,and make it easy for LinkedIn users to contact you.#LImktg
    • 34. Visit us online at: SocialMediaDelivered.comFollow us at: WITH EVEEmail: Eve@SocialMediaDelivered.comOffice: +1’’s Connects Connect#LImktg
    • 35. Q&A#LImktg
    • 36. Thank you!Elisabeth Michaud@emichaud/@ubervuubervu.comLater this week, you’ll receive a link to the recorded webinarand slides. More questions? Tweet us @ubervu!#LImktgEve