Building Strong Community Connections Through Digital Collections


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Presented at the 2013 British Columbia Library Association annual conference in Richmond, BC May 10, by Michael Conroy, Community Digital Projects Analyst & Coordinator, BC Digitization Coalition, and Simon Neame, Director, Irving K. Barber Learning Centre.

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Building Strong Community Connections Through Digital Collections

  1. 1. Building Strong CommunityConnections through DigitalCollectionsMike Conroy, Community Digital Projects Analyst & Coordinator, BCDigitization CoalitionSimon Neame, Director, Irving K Barber Learning CentreJillian Povarchook, Collections Associate, Museum of Vancouver
  2. 2. BC Digitization Coalition• Multi-sector partnership• Goal: to build an infrastructure thatsupports the access and discovery ofdigitized content from BC’s culturaland memory institutions• Steering Committee• Technical Sub-committee• Collaborative funding model,additional support from IKBLC Photography by Jean-François Lanzarone
  3. 3. Archives Association of BC | BC Electronic Library Network|BC Libraries Cooperative | BC Historical Federation | BCLibraries Federations | BC Museums Association |BC TeacherLibrarians’ Association | | Irving K. BarberLearning Centre | Simon Fraser University | Vancouver PublicLibrary | University of Northern British Columbia | Universityof Victoria | Union of BC Indian Chiefs | University of BritishColumbia Library
  4. 4. BC Bibliography Project• Goal: build a single searchable database of the bibliography ofBC, based on searchable digital versions of the books fromvolumes 1-3 (1849 – 1950)• Phase 1 pilot – 166 items• Phase 2 – 4,000 items from UBC holdings• 7293 items in all three volumes• High res, high quality scans•• West Beyond the West: Books• Potential to integrate other themed collections e.g.newspapers, videos
  5. 5. West Beyond the West HostingWest Beyond the West Search Portal
  6. 6. Problem #1Searching through digitalcollections takes a lot of time• You mean I have to go toeach library’s digitalcollections?!
  7. 7. Problem #2Searchers don’t always think aboutvisiting your digital collection.Guys, have you checked out mywebsite yet?
  8. 8. Problem #3 – Everything!How many FTEs do you think wehave anyway?
  9. 9. “There’s an appfor that”Projects:West Beyond the West HostingWest Beyond the West Search Portal- Metadata Wrangling
  10. 10. West Beyond the WestHostingJune 2013
  11. 11. Powered by AtoM
  12. 12. WBTW Hosting Features– Branded institution page [Coalition sponsored]– Text, image, audio, video– Full text search– Exports to Canadiana & West Beyond the West SearchPortal [Coalition sponsored]– Remote back-up protects against equipmentfailure/disaster– Ability to select metadata schema at the collection level[Coalition Sponsored]– Priced for small to medium sized institutions
  13. 13. West Beyond the WestSearch Portal
  14. 14. West Beyond the WestSearch Portal FeaturesYou mean I have to go to eachlibrary’s digital collections?!When Data meets DataSolving Problem #1
  15. 15. West Beyond the WestSearch Portal FeaturesSolving Problem # 2• Find and be found…– Aids users in discovery– Aids institutions in visibility
  16. 16. West Beyond the WestSearch Portal Features• Getting Social
  17. 17.
  18. 18. Metadata Wrangling•
  19. 19. How it all worksWest Beyond the West• Search and browse acrossBC digital Collections• Relies on CanadianametadataDigital Collection HostingService withenhancements to AtoM• Hosts digital collectionsfor small institutions• Institutional branding• CMR Metadata ExportMetadata Wrangling Service• Transformation ofmetadata from smallerinstitutions with existingdigital collections to CMRCanadiana• Centralmetadatarepository forWBTWAtoM2.0AtoM2.0AtoM2.0community instances
  20. 20. Participate!Michael.Conroy@ubc.ca604-827-4960