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Applying Successfully for Graduate Scholarship Funding
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Applying Successfully for Graduate Scholarship Funding


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Published in: Education, Economy & Finance

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  • 1. Applying Successfully forGraduate Scholarship Funding 05 September 2012 Brendan Morey Graduate Awards Manager
  • 2. This presentation reviews the processes and application materials for the annual Tri-Agency / Affiliated Fellowships competition administered by the Faculty of Graduate Studies. This competitionprovides an example of a competitive, graduate-level scholarship competition. This competition has agreat deal in common with other graduate scholarship competitions, though some details will differ.
  • 3. Competition Overview CIHR Affiliated NSERC SSHRCFellowships CGSM Graduate Program •Review apps for eligibility and completeness •Rank apps (Masters and Doctoral separately) •Forward top apps to Grad Studies Grad Studies
  • 4. Competition Overview Grad Studies •Review apps for eligibility and completeness •Forward eligible apps to one of six adjudication committeesNat Sci & Nat Sci & Health Soc Sci Soc Sci Hum Eng 1 Eng 2 Sci 1 2 Master Ranking List
  • 5. Competition Overview Master Ranking List1. Jones – Affiliated Top NSERC apps forwarded to NSERC2. Singh - Affiliated3. Cushan - NSERC4. Wong - NSERC Top SSHRC apps forwarded5. Thompson - SSHRC to SSHRC6. Wright - NSERC7. Tennebrau - Affiliated Top CIHR CGSM apps8. Lowrie - CIHR forwarded to CIHR9. Etc. Preliminary Results to Grad Programs early February
  • 6. Competition OverviewVanier, NSERC, SSHRC, and CIHR release results in late March to late April Master List 1. Jones - Affiliated 2. Singh - Affiliated 3. Cushan - NSERC 4. Wong - Affiliated 5. Thompson - SSHRC 6. Wright -NSERC 7. Tennebrau - Killam 8. Lowrie - CIHR 9. Etc.
  • 7. Academic StandingTo be eligible for any of these competitions, youmust have first-class academic standing in each ofthe last two years of full-time study
  • 8. Which Application? NSERC SSHRC Master’s SSHRC Doctoral CIHR Master’s CIHR Doctoral Affiliated Fellowships Vanier**Vanier Scholarships are adjudicated through a separate, parallel competition
  • 9. CitizenshipInternational students are eligible to apply only tothe Affiliated Fellowships competition.International students are not eligible for theNSERC, SSHRC, or CIHR competitions* *exception: Vanier Scholarships
  • 10. Research AreaNatural sciences and engineering OR Social sciences and humanities OR Health sciences
  • 11. Months of Study• Each award types has restrictions on the number of months of study you have completed as of a certain date• Limits and dates are different for each agency, so pay careful attention
  • 12. Where to Submit• Where you submit your application depends on the funding agency and your current registration status• Options: • Current university • Former university • Directly to funding agency• Make sure you get it right!
  • 13. Deadlines• Make sure you know which deadline applies to you • Deadline to grad program vs. deadline to agency • Signature deadlines• Do not submit after the deadline – your application will not be accepted
  • 14. Selection CriteriaAcademic Excellence• academic record;• scholarships and awards held; and• duration of previous studiesGiven more weight for Master’s applicants, less fordoctoral applicants
  • 15. Selection CriteriaResearch ability or potential• quality of contributions to research and development;• relevance of work experience and academic training to field of proposed research;• significance, feasibility, and merit of proposed research, and justification for location of tenure;• critical thinking, problem-solving skills, originality
  • 16. Selection CriteriaCommunication, interpersonal and leadershipabilities• ability or potential to communicate scientific concepts clearly and logically in written and oral formats• professional and relevant extracurricular interactions and collaborations• work experience, community involvement and other extracurricular activities
  • 17. Application Materials• Application form• CV (some competitions)• Research proposal• Transcripts• Reference letters
  • 18. Application Form• Like a résumé: make a good impression• Fill in everything that applies to you• Most forms are online (you’ll need to create a username and password)• Three key things to remember: • Follow the instructions • Follow the instructions • Follow the instructions
  • 19. Common CV• Some funding agencies use Common CV (• Follow instructions• Can be finicky when creating PDF file to upload to application form – keep trying
  • 20. Research Proposal• One- to two-page summary of research you plan to do while funded• Samples available on Grad Studies website students/scholarships-awards-funding/resources- award-applicants
  • 21. Research Proposal• Significance/relevance of research question• Hypothesis to be tested• Match between research question and methodology• Not too big and not too small• Write for non-experts• Font size and page margins
  • 22. Transcripts• Official transcripts• All postsecondary studies (including programs undertaken but not completed)• Talk to your graduate program about which transcripts they need from you
  • 23. Reference Letters• At least two, sometimes three• Ask potential referees (they may say no)• Help your referees help you; provide the following to your referees: • Application form • Proposal • Transcripts • Selection criteria • “Highlights” sheet
  • 24. Ethics and Integrity• Application must be an accurate picture of applicant • Beware of hyperbole and embellishment • Give credit where credit is due • Review Tri-Agency Framework: Responsible Conduct Of Research ( politique/framework-cadre/)• Who should write the research proposal? • Applicant alone? • Applicant together with supervisor?• Consequences
  • 25. Last Advice• Check your spelling• Be careful about formatting (font sizes, margins, etc.)• Have others read your application• Follow the instructions *This is a very important project, and I am the very best person to do it*
  • 26. Further Resources Prospective StudentsScholarships, Awards & FundingResources for Award Applicants
  • 27. Contact InfoFaculty of Graduate Studies 170 – 6371 Crescent Road 604-822-2848