Oulu: Integrated climate change response: From strategy to practice


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Oulu: Integrated climate change response: From strategy to practice

  1. 1. Local response to climate change City of Oulu “From strategy to practice” CHAMP Final Conference 14.-15.12.2011Marketta Karhu Hanna-Mari KoivukoskiEnvironmental Office of the Oulu Region Environmental Office of the Oulu Regionfirstname.lastname@ouka.fi firstname.lastname@ouka.fi
  2. 2. Short history of local climate work: commitments related to climate change in Oulu City of Oulu´s updated strategy Climate change ”ILMO” = City of → i.a. responding to climate strategy of the Oulu’s Development change with the principles of Oulu region Programme for the sustainable development Climate Change 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Energy Efficiency Agreement and Energy Covenant City of Oulu´s Programme for 2008-2016 of Mayors environmental → the city of Oulu is committed to the 9% policyenergy saving in their own activities by 2016 Eurocities Declaration of Mayors
  3. 3. Main achievements and results in our local climate work– what we have done in practice: • ..during 2011, we have started two projects (with external funding) concerning citizens’ climate change awareness • ..published a Climate and Energy Review four times a year • ..organized energy advice sessions • ..participated in national and international events and campaigns (Earth Hour, European Mobility Week, Energy Saving Week and so on..) • .. given a loan indicators for measuring energy consumption of households • .. made a guide that includes advices on rational energy consumption and climate-friendly lifestyle • ..purchased a electric bike for the common use • .. gathered the measures and indicators in the annual report related to climate change strategy
  4. 4. Events which we have organized… – we organized the energy and climate change themed event in connection with the Earth Hour – campaign – event was arranged in cooperation with several parties – “Energy and Climate Change – path” was the operative route, which aims was to get participants to reflect on their own energy consumption and climate impact of their choices – 250 people attended the event
  5. 5. Events which we have organized.. – In Finland, we have "a cycling week" in every May – In Oulu, during the week we organized guided cycling tours in the official cycling routes in cooperation with the local cycling club – we also organized “bicycle orienteering”, where participants cycled to different destinations on the city with help of images – the week includes “Bike to work” – day, so we encouraged our employers to bicycle to work
  6. 6. Main achievements and results in our local climate workWhat is becoming?– Eco-support activity begins in January 2012– Eco-support is an operating model developed for promoting environmental awareness in the workplace • one or more eco-supporters are appointed and trained for every working community • alongside their regular duties, these eco-supporters will offer instructions and motivation to their fellow workers for environmental work • the basic training focuses on environmental issues, reducing the environmental load of the work, changing standard operating procedures in a more environmentally friendly direction, and various ways of influencing everyday operations • the work of eco-supporters includes formulating recycling instructions for individual workplaces, disseminating information, and raising environmental issues at meetings.– Activity is developed in the city of Helsinki
  7. 7. Benefits of the CHAMP to our local climate change work?• We think that CHAMP.. – ..confirmed the ongoing work with the Climate change strategy of the Oulu region – ..gave new ideas and models to improve our work – ..gave support to go forward in climate issues – ..helped people to network