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Espoo: Local response to climate change
Espoo: Local response to climate change
Espoo: Local response to climate change
Espoo: Local response to climate change
Espoo: Local response to climate change
Espoo: Local response to climate change
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Espoo: Local response to climate change


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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. City of Espoo, Finland – Local response to climate change Sari Soini sari.soini(at) CHAMP Final Conference 14.-15.12.2011
  • 2. Path of our climate work
    • Energy saving and efficiency measures since mid 1990’s
      • Energy saving office 1998-2001
      • Energy efficiency agreements
    • Metropolitan area climate strategy in 2008 (mitigation) & Espoo’s own action plan for years 2009-2011 and 2012-2014
    • Climate change adaptation: metropolitan area strategy under preparation, measures alredy included in Espoo’s own action plan
    • Climate issue strongly in city strategy
      • ” Espoo will be a forerunner in climate change mitigation”
    08.12.11 Sari Soini
  • 3. Espoo’s current commitments
    • Covenant of Mayors and SEAP (-28 % in CO 2 -emissions per capita by 2020)
    • Eurocities climate declaration
    • Metropolitan area climate strategy 2030 (-39 % by 2030)
      • Climate strategy action plan 2009-2011 and 2012-2014
    • Energy efficiency agreement, 2008-2016 (-9 % in energy consumption by 2016)
    08.12.11 Sari Soini
  • 4. Where are we now?
    • Direction is right, pace could be faster
    08.12.11 Sari Soini
  • 5. Process of Espoo’s local climate work
    • 2009-2011 action plan preparation coordinated by environment center, wide participatory process
    • 2010 the effectiveness of the action plan evaluated
    • 2011 climate and energy issues coordination group
      • updating the action plan 2012-2014, wide participatory process
      • action plan coordination
      • follow-up
    • 2011 political steering group
      • definition of priorities
      • ensuring resources and realisation
    08.12.11 Sari Soini
  • 6. Lessons learnt
    • First action plan period 2009-2011
      • Raising the awareness about the plan has taken a long time, more resources should have been available for communication
    • Coordination group has enhanced the work
      • Responsibility for carrying out actions and follow-up is divided
      • Now we can also concentrate on cooperation with citizens and businesses not just city’s own operations
    • Political steering group  stronger political support also in concrete issues not just in principles level
    • Key has been integrating the climate actions to Espoo city strategy, no longer a separate action plan
      • Climate targets and concrete actions are included in unit scorecards
    08.12.11 Sari Soini