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Moscow 1

  1. 1. • It is the country capital city, in the Moskva river • The largest city in Russia, with 12 millions • • • • • inhabitants A city of superlatives It has a ring shape, with 5 concentric ring roads and several radial roads Great historical buildings contrast with other many hideous blocks of apartments The three Moscow treasures: The Red Square, The Kremlin and Moscow Metro Others; The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Novodevichy Convent, Bolshoi Theatre or the Seven Sisters
  2. 2. The Red Square * The heart and soul of Russia •All Russian government have used it for official ceremonies * Its name comes from the word “krasnaya” * The state Historical Museum •The Kremlin wall • Lenin’s Mausoleum • St. Basil’s Cathedral • Kazan Cathedral • The Resurrection Gate • GUM
  3. 3. The Resurrection Gate •Between the State Historical Museum and the old Town Hall •Destroyed in 1931 and rebuilt in 1996 • It is the main entrance to the Red Square The State Historical Museum •Russian Revival Style • From the Palaeolithic period to the present day
  4. 4. Lenin’s Mausoleum • Built in 1930, six years after his death • A pyramid in red, grey and black granite •It harmonizes with the others buildings St. Basil's Cathedral •Ivan the terrible -1552 , in the same place the Trinity Cathedral was before •Nine different cupules •There is a legend about the architects
  5. 5. GUM •The State Department Store •I was built in 1893 before The Communist Revolution •Stalin turned it into an office building •It was reopened in 1953 Kazan Cathedral •It was built in the 17th century •Next the Resurrection Gate •To commemorate the repulsion of Polish invaders
  6. 6. THE KREMLIN •A medieval city-fortress •The first wooden fortress was built in 1221 •It is in the central part of the city. •The Cathedral Square with: •The Cathedral of the Annunciation * The Cathedral of the Assumption * The Cathedral of the Archangel
  7. 7. We could also see other churches such as: The Cathedral of the Twelve Apostles Ivan the Great Bell Tower Church of the Nativity
  8. 8. Other buildings inside the Kremlin: •The Great Kremlin Palace •It was built by Nicolas I between 1838-1850 •The ceremonial residence of the President. The Senate Building *It was built between 1776-1788. •It was used by the Soviet Government for meetings of the USSR Council of Ministers The State Kremlin Palace •The Palace of congress and renamed after 1992 •It is used for official and popular concerts.
  9. 9. The Kremlin Walls and Towers *They were built between 1480-1490. * There are 20 Towers There are many other buildings such as: The Arsenal The Armoury Faceted Chamber
  10. 10. MOSCOW METRO •The first line was opened in 1935 • Marble walls, high ceilings and enormous lamps •Bas-reliefs, bronze statues, mosaics, paintings and stainedglass windows • Scenes of historical characters and their victories • The Russian Revolution. •The four first stages developed from 1931 to late 1950’s - The most luxurious stations •Since then, new station projects became simpler and cheaperStations almost identical •The luxurious architecture was restored from mid-1970’s
  11. 11. By Angeles Carmona López 2º B1 February 2014 THE END