Thomas Andrew Felton


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Thomas Andrew Felton

  1. 1. Biography Name:Thomas Andrew Felton Date of Birth:   September  22, 1987 (24 years) Place of Birth:   London, UK Citizenship:   United  Kingdom Profession:Actor, singer Career:   1997 - present Destination:   fiction,  adventure, horror
  2. 2.  Tom was born in London,  UK. Currently residing in the town  of Dorking, in Surrey. He has three brothers: Jonathan,  Chris and Ashley. Tom is the  youngest in the family. As a child, Tom was singing in  four choirs, the first of which was  the church, whichhe joined at age  seven. In the 11 years he was  engaged in fishing. He was educated in the «West  Horsley's Cranmore  School», and then «Howard of  Effingham School», a secondary  school in Surrey.
  3. 3.  "I actually farm boy - said Tom. - I live in  the wilderness, and I like it. For me is very  cool - to come home at night and enjoy the  quiet countryside "
  4. 4.  The boy with  childhood showed  talent in acting and  singing. At the age  of 10 years, with the  filing of a single  actress, close friend  of Tom's parents,  the boy came to the  studio, where he  met with an agent,  and two weeks later  got a role in "Thief." 
  5. 5.   But the real Tom became  famous playing the character  of the famous book "Harry  Potter" Draco Malfoy, the son  of Lucius Malfoy, a  representative of a noble  family and a supporter of the  central villain Lord Volan de  Mort.
  6. 6.  Subsequently, for Tom  as an actor, a role  created arrogant and  arrogant guy, that to  some extent  influenced the  subsequent offer to  star in films from other  producers. Around the  world began to appear  numerous fan sites of  Tom, but this did not  prevent him from living  an ordinary life of a  teenager.
  7. 7.    Already after the first film based on the book "Harry Potter" the young  talent began to appear his haters, fans of the magical world that too  seriously perceive what is happening on the screen, bringing it to life. Some  children were afraid to openly and Tom showed his aggression when he  came to the premiere, which according to him, amused him, and at the  same time frustrating. Over time, as they grow older characters and their  fans, this attitude has changed, and Tom began to take the heat as another  of the actors, embodied on the screen of their favorite book characters.
  8. 8.  A few years earlier  another famous work  of Felton was the role  of the young son of  Jodie Foster in the  movie "Anna and the  King," where he is  also very well  displayed the  character of the boytomboy
  9. 9.  In 2006, Thomas decided  to go to university at the  faculty of "fishing  business". In the future he  intends to make it his  main profession, since,  according to him, acting  career unattractive to  him. Although in a recent  interview, after the  premiere of "Half-Blood  Prince" Thomas said he  decided to postpone the  "fishing business" on shelf  "hobby" and in the future,  sees himself as an actor.
  10. 10.  However, despite their  statements to engage with the  acting, in 2008, Thomas agreed  to take part in the movie «Emma  of Lulworth Cove», shooting of  which is currently suspended  due to lack of funding. Felton can be seen in the film  «The Disappeared» which  premiered on November 8,  2008. In this horror film Tom  plays the role of one of the good  friends of the protagonist,  searching for his missing  younger brother. It also was  recently filmed a horror movie  "13 hours", where Tom played a  major role.
  11. 11.  In August, 2011 in Los Angeles,  Tom starred in a photo shoot  with her boyfriend Rupert Grint  in the autumn-winter collection  fashion brand «Band of  Outsiders». At the end of August 2012 is  expected to premiere the film  «The Apparition» where Tom  plays the role of a guy named  Patrick. The plot revolves  around a failed experiment,  college students, according to  parapsychology, the challenge  of the spirit from the world that  begins the persecution of the  main characters and their  attempts to get rid of it. The film  also took part in Twilight actress  Ashley Greene.
  12. 12.  Musical creativity In 2008, Tom released his first album  of copyright songs «Time well spent», which  is popular with fans and successfully sold  out. CD Release Date April 16, 2008.Cover is  made in the form of the ascetic and the  disk includes only five songs.
  13. 13.  After a few months on the shelves of online stores laid out a second job Tom album «All I need». CD Release Date 4 July 2008. The declared value of each of the disks is $ 4.95. Before you bring the public the draft of the world, Tom was engaged in promotion of their project, leading to the blog and posting itsayteYouTube ho memade videos of his playing the guitar with the performance ofalbum songs. .
  14. 14.  Felton's favorite hobby is fishing. It also enjoys soccer, skating, roller skating, basketball, cricket, golf, swimming and tennis. But it still remains a favorite sport basketball
  15. 15.  Felton - an active fan of football club "Arsenal", London.
  16. 16. Interesting Facts  ♣ This actor's hair color - brown. For the role of Draco Malfoy Tom p oured on his head for a few liters perhydrol, gel and nail polish - for the magnificent effect ofplatinum hair, similar to the book character.
  17. 17.  ♣ Tom plays the guitar professionally, but nevertheless, this did not prevent him to record two albums of music and release them in limited edition on sale on Internet sites.
  18. 18.  ♣ When the actor came to audition for the film "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone", the producers honestly have not read any books about Harry Potter. Butdespite this, he still took on the role of Draco.
  19. 19. Tom Felton has also worked in radio, particularly in the radio listeners of “The Wizard of Earthsea,” the famous fantasy novel, Ursula Le Guin, where the voice   Loeta
  20. 20. Year       Movie Title      Role   1997        Pigrin Cloke 1998             1999  2000 2001 2002 2004 2005      2007 2008 2009  2010   2010     2011    2012     2013    Carnaby The Borrowers             Bugs              The Worst Witch Second Sight Anna and the King Second Sight: Hide and Seek Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Home Farm Twins Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix The Disappeared Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Get Him to the Greek 13 Hrs White Other Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 Rise of the Planet of the Apes From the Rough Evac Labyrinth Night Wolf The Apparition Grace and Danger       James Alexander Jones Thomas Inghem Luis Leonouens Thomas Inghem Draco Malfoy Adam Baker Draco Malfoy Simon Draco Malfoy cameo Gary Eshba Ray Marsden Draco Malfoy Dodge Landon Edward Gary viscount Trankavel Harry Patrick
  21. 21. Than ks for wa tc hing!