Sust 4103 capstone project poster smith


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Sust 4103 capstone project poster smith

  1. 1. Need University Logo here Radio Conversations about Sustainability UNIVERSITY LOGO HERE Gavin Smith Civil Engineering Student How was this project GRAPHS Why do a Radio Show? GRAPHS relative to the universitySustainability is as vague as vague can be.It is an overused and often misapplied term. wide conversation about IT WOULD BE GOOD TO USE THISIn the grocery store or really any commercial SPACE TO PROVIDE GRAPHICS THAT sustainability?setting we are inundated by claims about the IT WOULD BE GOOD TO USE THISsustainability of different products. To MAY INCLUDE SPACE TO PROVIDE GRAPHICS THAT This project addressed all four majorunderstand the impacts of our choices we MAY INCLUDE areas of sustainability studies as outlined byhave to go far out of our everyday routines. the sustainability minor here at the UniversitySustainability is a smart thing to choose, but TABLES PICTURES of Arkansas. The show was produced from ahow do we choose which dish soap is generalist point of view and as such wesustainable and which is not? Can FIGURES TABLES dipped into the built environment with Dr.something be more sustainable than another MAYBE YOU WANT TO PUT IN QUOTES FIGURESthing? What does it mean to be Braham, Dan Coody, and Gary Kahanak, FROM STUDENTS AND OR PARTNERS IN MAYBE YOU WANT TO PUT IN QUOTES into the managed environment with Johnunsustainable? What happens when thingscollapse? Will it hurt? Questions are at the THE PROJECT FROM STUDENTS AND OR PARTNERS IN Sampiers and Sarah Dayringer, into theheart of the discussion. Anyone whos tells THE PROJECT economic with Sarah Dayringer, and into theyou definitively what sustainability means is environmental with Dr. Boss, Dr. Alverson,either a time traveler, selling something, or and Dr. Smith, and into the social with Dr.both. A radio show is the perfect place to Brubaker, Sarah Dayringer, and Dan Coody.parse this subject ad infinitum. If you want todo something for the good of the planet and The project was effective and all my goalsyour fellow beings, as hard and as frustrating were met, that being said my biggest goalas it is, there is still a world of things to be Podcasts for each episode can be found on the web at, search the site for “sustainability” was just to show up and do it. Radio is, likedone just by listening, asking questions, and all public media, an invitation to vulnerability.talking. Losing your train of thought while What did I do? Sustainability Show #1 Sustainability Show #6 broadcasting live is a different experience Dr. Edmund Harriss, UA Math Dept. Dan Coody, former mayor from doing the same in a private The first episode of the show aired the conversation. Offending your guest goesfirst week of the spring semester. The show Direction and inspiration for the show Sustainable building from a small bump in the conversation to athen aired once a week until week nine, Sustainability Show #7 public humiliation. I wanted to earn my spurs Sustainability Show #2when scheduling problems moved in. At the for this seemingly perilous experience.writing of this poster the tenth show is done Dr. Steve Boss, UA Geology Dept. Gary Kahanak, energy auditor Whether or not the show was an effectiveand there are four more shows planned and Home energy efficiency medium for advocating for sustainability or Human environmental impacts.scheduled. It is hoped another student will impacting others in any way is up forcontinue producing the show in Fall 2012, Sustainability Show #3 Sustainability Show #8 discussion.but even if no one picks it up the show will Dr. Edmund Harriss, UA Math Faculty John Sampier, NACA director The biology series was another smallbe there and can always be picked up at alater date. Waste water treatment Current state of the literature segment that was produced on the sustainability show. Only two segments were There were several lessons learned while Sustainability Show #4 Sustainability Show #9 produced. The series asked the question:producing the show. The main lesson was Dan Dean, Architect, Farmer, and Activist what can Biologist teach us about design. It Dr. Robert Brubaker, UA History Dept.that productive value is a function of turns out that enthusiasm for the naturalexperience plus the time put into What does Collapse feel like? Dan Dean Did His Thing world is what they have to teach us. In thepreproduction planning and editing. The Sustainability Show #10 first Segment Dr. Andy Alverson shared his Sustainability Show #5show was a disaster several times from a love of diatoms and enumerated some of theproduction perspective. There were times Sarah Dayringer, Policy expert Dr. Andrew Braham, UA Civil Engineering amazing facts surrounding this ubiquitous,when I froze up mid question, and times Sustainability and Transportation obscure, and highly important branch of the Rio+20 UN conferencewhen I gaffed the mixing board. All in all I am tree of life. Dr Smith shared the story of theproud of the mistakes I’ve made. How else reintroduction of the black bear to thecould I have learned? Ozarks. This poster was prepared in partial fulfillment of SUST 4103 Sustainability Capstone