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  • 1. ANNUAL REPORT 2009 CONFUCIUS INSTITUTE OF UADY 尤卡坦自治大学孔子学院 2009年年度报告 Overview 简介 The Confucius Institute of UADY (IC-UADY) was established in October 2007 under the collaborative agreement of Hanban, Sun Yat-senUniversity in China and the Autonomous University of Yucatán in Mexico. The collaborations between these three institutions haveachieved desired objectives in both Chinese course teaching and cultural activities. 国家汉办、中山大学和墨西哥尤卡坦自治大学于2007年10月签订协议,共同创办 尤卡坦自治大学孔子学院(简称尤大孔院)。自创办之日起,尤大孔院就制定了严谨的 汉语教学计划,顺利地开办了各个级别的汉语课程,并组织开展了丰富多彩的文化推广 活动。 Mission 使命:
  • 2. The mission of CI-UADY is to provide high-quality Chinese courses, promote Chinese culture in Mexico and at the same time to strengthen the cultural exchangesbetween China and Mexico. 尤卡坦自治大学孔子学院的使命是开办高质量的汉语课程,推广中国文化,与此同时加 深中墨两国人民的文化交流。
  • 3. ConfuciusInstitute of UADY 尤卡坦自治大学孔子学院 OrganizationStructure Andres Aluja Schunemann General Director 外方院长 Tel: +52 999 9282711Ext. 1351 E-mail: ciri@uady.mx WuXiaoyan(吴小燕) Chinese Director 中方院长 Tel: +52 999 9282711 Ext. 1360 E-mail: flswxy@gmail.com Pamela Cristales Ancona Tel: +52 999 9282711 Ext.1360 E-mail: pamela.cristales@uady.mx VolunteerTeachers 志愿者教师 PeiJinghua 裴菁华 Yang Weiqing 杨位擎 ZhengJiajia 郑佳佳 Address 地址:
  • 4. Biblioteca de Ciencias Sociales KM 1 Carr. Merida-Tizimin tramo Cholul Merida, Yucatan97305 Academic Activities 课程安排 After its establishment in 2007, CI-UADY has grown intoa consolidated institution in the promotion of Chinese language and cultural activities. 尤卡坦自治大学孔子学院自 2007 年创办后,已经顺利发展成为一所教授汉语和传播中华 文化的机构。 During the first semester of 2009, CI-UADY opened the following Chinese Courses and had 68 students in total: 2009 年第一学期,孔子学院开设了以下的汉语课程,共招收了 68 名学生。 Introduction: 25 students 预备级:25 名学生 Level 1: 22 students 一级:22 名学生 Level 2: 9 students 二级:9 名学生 Level 3: 12 students 三级:12 名学生 Total: 68 students 学生总人数:68 In June 2009, CI-UADY opened a short-term Chinese language course entitled “Travel Through China” for the students who were going to take part in the Summer Camp organized by the Institute. Twenty students registered for this course.
  • 5. 今年六月,尤大孔院为即将赴华参加夏令营的学生专门开了一门“畅游中国”的短期汉语 培训班,共招收了 20 名学生。 The second semester of 2009 started on 3 November due to the delay of the arrival of Chinese volunteer teachers. There are now four levels of Chinese courses and eight classes in total. 2009 年的第二个学期于11月3日正式开学,共开设了四个级别共八个班的汉语课程。 Introduction: 17 students Introduction:17 名学生 Level 1: 24 students 一级:24 名学生 Level 2: 19 students 二级:19 名学生 Level 3: 15 students 三级:15 名学生 Total: 75 students 学生总人数:75 Teaching Plan 教学计划 According to the teaching plan, each level of the Chinese courses offered in the CI-UADY will be opened for about 100hours in two semesters. The configuration of the courses is based on that of the New HSK. All the students are encouraged to take the New HSK from the beginning of next year for testing their Chinese proficiency.
  • 6. 根据教学计划,每个级别的课程设置均根据新 HSK 汉语考试为标准进行,课时数约 100 个小时,分为上下两个学期进行。我们积极鼓励所有的学生在明年初开始参加新 HSK 各 个级别的考试,以此对学生自身的汉语水平进行有效的测试。 Main Textbook 主要教材 The New Practical Chinese Book 《新实用汉语课本》 Cultural Activities 文化推广活动 1. Expo: Knowing China.This activity aimed to introduce Chinese traditional culture to the locals in Mérida and at the same time to promote the Chinese courses of the Confucius Institute. A rich variety of well-organized activities were held, such as the exhibition of Chinese calligraphy articles, the performance of Chinese martial arts and taiqi, the practice of writing Chinese characters, paper-cutting and chopsticks. The activity achieved great success. “中国日”文化推广活动 活动的目的是向梅里达市民介绍中国传统文化并同时推广孔院的汉语课程。精心 组织的活动内容丰富多彩,包括中国书法笔砚展、中国武术和太极拳表演、学写 汉字、剪纸和筷子游戏等。本次活动取得了非常预期的良好效果。 2. In July 2009, the Confucius Institute of UADY collaborated successfully with Hanban and Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU) to open its first Summer Camp in the Zhuhai Campus of SYSU in China. Twenty-five students participated in this camp and all regarded it an excellent opportunity to intensify their Chinese and experience the Chinese culture in China. The summer camp lasted for six weeks. 2009 年 7 月,尤大孔院在汉办的大力支持下与其合作伙伴——中山大学,成功在 中山大学珠海校区举办了第一届为期六周的中国文化夏令营。一共有 25 名学生 参加了此次夏令营活动。所有的营员都认为这是一次强化汉语学习和加深了解中 国文化的绝好机会。 3. “China Week” comprised of a series of conferences or lectures on the cultural exchanges between China and Mexico. The major speakers were CI students who were
  • 7. offered the opportunity to study Chinese in Sun Yatsen University. Their vivid presentations of their living experience in China helped promote the Confucius Institute and Chinese culture effectively. “中国周”活动主要是孔院组织的一系列中墨文化交流会议和讲座。主讲者主要是 孔院去年赴中山大学学习汉语的墨西哥本地学生。通过墨西哥本地人来讲述在中 国学习汉语和体验中国文化的经历是对孔院最好的推广方式之一。 4. This year, with the other 4 Confucius Institute in Mexico; organized 5 videoconferences to be hold at Confucius Institute of UNAM, and transmitting to all Confucius Institute in Mexico. The videoconferences had topics related to Chinese Medicine, Commerce and Economy, scholarships, and Chinese-Mexican relations. 今年,我们与在墨的另外4所孔子学院,在墨西哥国立自治大学孔子学院,组织 了5场视频会议,并将其传送到在墨各所孔院。这些视频会议讨论了很多内容, 包括中药,贸易与经济,奖学金和中墨友谊。 5. Course Closing Ceremony. At the end of every semester, CI-UADY organizes a closing ceremony as part of its academic activities. All the students and their families and friends are invited to the ceremony to share their achievements in Chinese language learning. Students are also organized to give performances in Chinese or connect with Chinese customs and cultures. It has been so far one of the most popular activities among students. 课程结业典礼。每个学期末尤大孔院都举行一次课程结业典礼,并邀请所 有学生及其家人朋友一起出席该典礼,共同分享他们学习汉语的快乐和成 绩。在典礼上孔院还组织学生用汉语进行表演,表演的内容一般都能紧扣 中国的习俗或文化。课程结业典礼是深受欢迎的一项活动。 6. CI-UADY has already submitted its application to Hanban of becoming an authorized HSK testing centre. As scheduled, it will host its first HSK test in January 2010. 尤大孔院已经向国家汉办提出申请成为正式的 HSK 考点。按照计划,尤大 孔院将于 2010 年 1 月举行首场 HSK 考试。 7. CI-UADY tries to promote its Chinese courses and cultural activities through different means of media, such as the website of UADY and the radio and local newspaper in Merida. So far it has become well-known in the city for being an authoritative institute to provide high-quality Chinese courses.
  • 8. 尤大孔院通过梅里达市的各种媒体对其汉语课程及文化推广活动进行了全 方位的推广,比如尤卡坦自治大学的网站以及本市的电台和报纸等。到目 前为止,孔院的推广工作卓有成效。 Self Access Center (SAC) 多媒体教学中心 A self-access center was installed in 2008 so as to provide more opportunities to the students to learn Chinese on their own. CI-UADY is working effectively on the operation of this center and firmly believes that more students will benefit from it. 为了更好地帮助学生自学汉语,尤大孔院于 2008 年配置了一间多媒体教学中心 ,并积极推进各项管理制度,以使孔院的学生有更多机会学好汉语。 CI Library 孔子学院图书分馆 CI-UADY is working earnestly on the establishment of its library in the second half of 2009. All the books in the institute will be carefully classified and relocated for the best use of them. Most of the books will be moved to the main library of UADY for public circulation and those remaining in the CI library will be listed in detail. All the Chinese teachers are encouraged to recommend good reference books to their students. CI- UADY is trying every means to make full use of its Chinese reference books. 2009 年下半年,尤大孔院正积极整理现有的汉语图书资料。为了更好地利用这些 图书资料,孔院将把大部分的资料整理并入尤大图书总馆进行流通,留存孔院图 书分馆的小部分图书资料则将作为教师的教学参考书。此外,孔院的汉语教师亦 积极向学生推荐各种学习的好资料,以帮助学生更快更好地提高其汉语水平。
  • 9. Expo: Knowing China“中国日” Summer Camp “中国文化夏令营”
  • 10. China Week “中国周” Course Closing Ceremony in June 2009 课程结业典礼(2009 年 6 月)