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5 things your referral program should have



Do you currently have a referral program or are looking at starting one? If so, let Amplifinity help you out. We have define 5 critical features every referral program should have. These features will ...

Do you currently have a referral program or are looking at starting one? If so, let Amplifinity help you out. We have define 5 critical features every referral program should have. These features will jump start or strengthen any referral program.



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    5 things your referral program should have 5 things your referral program should have Presentation Transcript

    • 5“Must Haves” Referral ProgramFeatures and Functions You ShouldConsider before Launching aReferral Program
    • PromotionPromotion means EVERYTHING to the success of yourreferral program.Some experts call it “asking” forreferrals, others call it“advertising” or “marketing” yourreferral opportunity. Eitherway, you should be doing a lot ofit. Before launching your referralprogram you should have areferral promotion plan to grab(and keep!) the attention of yourbrand advocates!
    • PromotionSome things to considerWhere to Promote:Depending on your business, you shouldpromote your referral program where youengage with your potential advocates,including: at checkout, on your website,In-store, through email marketing, etc.How to Promote:Clear messaging and clean design definitely helpto engage potential advocates in the referral process.Frequency:The average person needs to see a message 5-7 times before acting. So keepcommunicating!
    • Tools to ReferConsider how your potential advocates talk to theirfriends, colleagues and families and let your advocates use thosesame tools to make referrals.Email SMSYour potential advocates have hundreds, if not thousands Texting is the new email - and this is especiallyof email addresses in the contact list of their favorite email true for the younger generations. If you market toprovider. When asking a potential advocate for a referral, millenials, it’s crucial to give them a referral toolmake sure they can quickly and easily get access to theircontacts so they can send out an email referral without any that uses their language - SMS is that tool.added steps. OfflineSocial Media In this digital age it’s easy to forget about what isAre your advocates on Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? Then happening offline. But 77% of all Word of Mouthso are their friends! Give them an easy way to post still happens face-to-face. Don’t neglect thisinformation about your company so everyone can see. valuable channel.
    • Customer ServiceSure, referrals are the main goal of any referral program but yourprogram can also build loyalty, company engagement, and it can reducechurn. However, this is only true when customers enjoy and remembertheir referral experience.
    • Customer ServiceA few things to consider when planning your program’s customerservice:Technical SupportWhen advocates lose their logins, have questions about how to refer, etc. make surethey have a place they can call to get an answer.FulfillmentOffering a great reward to your advocates for making areferral? Great! Just make sure they know when they’reeligible for the reward, when they’ll receive the reward, andmake sure it gets there on time! This is the stage that canmake or break your advocates’ sentiments about the program.Advocate DashboardA dashboard is one way to offer your advocates a transparentreferral experience. Amplifinity’s advocate dashboard allowsadvocates to login, check referral statuses, make morereferrals and track rewards.
    • Tracking and ReportingWhen running a large scale referral program, you need to track every step of theprocess and then be able to easily report on the metrics of each of those steps.Throughout the referral process, from the time your advocates receive apromotion about the referral opportunity until their friends make a purchasebased on their recommendation, everything has to be tracked and measured.
    • Tracking and ReportingThe core metrics you should be tracking in your referral programinclude:• Registered Advocates• Referrals made• Leads (accepted referrals)• Conversions – Sales• Web analytics: unique visits, bounce rates, page viewsReporting should be easy, centrallylocated, and customizable to reflectyour business.
    • IntegrationReferral programs are great and they really do increase brandadvocacy, leads, and sales, but only if they are adopted by yourmarketing department, sales, and management teams.For this adoption to happen, the referral process has to integrate into the rest of thecompany functions.• Leads and Sales from referrals should be tracked with the company’s other leads. For example, if your company uses SalesForce to track and manage client relationships, referral information should directly integrate with SF.• Salespeople should be given tools to ask for referrals while performing the basic functions of their jobs. This can be as simple as giving them easy ways to print out referral promotion materials to hand out, or an ipad app to sign up advocates in-store in seconds.
    • Referral Programs can be hugely successful, but they have to be set up right and have the key features and functions that give them long term success. Want to find out what tools Amplifinity can provide for your company’s referral program?To find out more, see our demo:Or you can contact us at 734.585.5684 or visit us at www.Amplifinity.com