15 Digital Safety Rules Every Household Should Follow
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15 Digital Safety Rules Every Household Should Follow



Check out uKnowKids', www.uknowkids.com, latest SlideShare on the 15 digital safety rules that everyone should enforce, and then head over and download our free eBook with the same name, ...

Check out uKnowKids', www.uknowkids.com, latest SlideShare on the 15 digital safety rules that everyone should enforce, and then head over and download our free eBook with the same name, http://uknow.co/Zhnrlt!



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15 Digital Safety Rules Every Household Should Follow Presentation Transcript

  • 2. IntroductionThere are so many worries for a parent today when itcomes to keeping kids safe online. The good thing is thatwith good communication and clear rules, you can easilyhelp kids establish boundaries. www.uknowkids.com
  • 3. Rule 1: Lock Down Privacy Settings• Settings likely default to public, so it is critical that you check your child’s privacy setting on their social media accounts.• Applications that run through Facebook, such as photo sharing and games, can access users personal information unless you change the application security settings.• Remind your kids that Facebook posts and tweets are public, so they should not put anything up that they wouldnt say to someone in person or would be embarrassed to have their school principal read. www.uknowkids.com
  • 4. Rule 2:Limit Personal InformationNever post, put in an online profile, or share with someone you dont know inreal life the following things:• address• telephone number• parents’ work address/telephone numbers• school name and location• names of siblings www.uknowkids.com
  • 5. Rule 3:Don’t Overshare; Posts are PermanentYour children might think it is cool or popular to shareevery detail on social media sites and blogs, but you needto reinforce that not everything is meant for the public eye.You should have your child imagine how he orshe would feel if his/herteachers, classmates, grandparents, or futureemployers visited his/her blog or Facebookpage. www.uknowkids.com
  • 6. Rule 4:You Don’t Know Someone You Have Never Met• Kids need to be aware that the possibility exists that the person on the other end of the profile isnt really what he or she claims.• Until they have actually met someone, they dont really know that person, even if they have spoken on the phone and interacted online. www.uknowkids.com
  • 7. Rule 5:Privacy in Photos and Videos• Tell your children to abide by these rules before posting:• Dont send a photo of yourself to anyone you dont know in real life.• Remove geotagging from pictures taken with your phone. Information automatically embedded includes latitude and longitude of where the photo was taken.• Crop out or blur any location-specific information in the background. You dont want your house number in any videos that might turn into a YouTube sensation.• Do not include location-specific information or identifying information such as full names and birthdates in captions. www.uknowkids.com
  • 8. Rule 6:Consider Facebook Cautions• Turn on "tag review" in your childs privacy settings, and Facebook will notify him or her of any tagged photo before your child’s name is displayed alongside the photo.• Facebook allows users to put their location on every post. Tell your children not to do this, and change their privacy settings so their friends cant check them in either.• Facebooks policies and default privacy settings are always subject to change, so keep up on changes. Visit the Facebook Safety Center, continue a dialogue with your child, and responsibly monitor his or her social networking account and privacy settings. www.uknowkids.com
  • 9. For the final 9 Digital Safety Rules and a full list ofreferences, resources and contributors, download our free eBook entitled “15 Digital Safety Rules Every Household Should Follow” Check out uKnowKids if you need some helpenforcing these rules, and give our product a try with our 30-day free trial! www.uknowkids.com