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Join KIS Club MLM

  1. 1. KRIPKIS Regular Income Plan Incorporated by KiS Club
  2. 2. KRIP’s Working Concept This concept some how works in two ways : Single Level Marketing (SLM) Multi Level Marketing (MLM)
  3. 3. What is Single Level Marketing (SLM) ? SLM refers primarily to be known as Single Level Marketing. This also refer the marketing as well as selling demanding Products directly to consumers and fulfill their needs. Modern SLM includes sales made through the party plan, one2one demonstrations, and other personal contact arrangements as through electronic ways etc. SLM To be continued…...
  4. 4. Single Level Marketing Concept of SLM always rewards the sellers for their personal sales activity where They cannot sponsor any other person or sales personnel. Income will always be appreciated only in the form of Commission or Bonus. SLM naturally acts for a direct demonstration but this always somehow relates to Multi-Level Marketing interaction. SLM To be continued……
  5. 5. Single Level Marketing
  6. 6. Multi-Level Marketing  This is a Marketing Strategy in which the sales force is compensated not only for their personal sales but also personally generate the sales of others while referring them as own Down-liners and creating a long-lasting chain of distributors with a hierarchy of multiple levels of compensation.  In this strategy, the seller recruits other distributors or sales people, and also receives commissions and bonuses on the sales they make.  Down liners are necessary to increase their own sales, own sales force as well as fulfilling all time need of investments of their customers. MLM To be continued……
  7. 7. Major Motivating Factor in Module : Source of an extra regular (monthly) income Financial freedom Financial literacy Feel of an own Boss No time limit Social work Strong networking Early retirement age Personality development Leaving a legacy
  8. 8. Your Bright Future……..  Welcome to : KIS-KRIP
  9. 9. Create Your wn Future We people have a strong belief that Network Marketing is the only place where you are going to start your own business without any investment of the Money but; As your Time is very precious…, so the Time is the only Money here which could create an Expertise & Experience. “Simply our Future depends on … the more time you use the more money you make Spend more Time…...…..Earn more Money….
  10. 10. KRIP’s Model Structure LEVEL A LEVEL B LEVEL C LEVEL D
  11. 11. Calculation of G.V. & P.V. Calculation of your Business is all about G.V. & P.V. G.V. ref as Generated Value and P.V. ref as Paid Value. To be continued …..
  12. 12. Important Definitions We are defining important definitions herewith. Trading Volume- This refers a volume from total BuySell of shares or securities from Capital Market. II. Brokerage – This refers a commission rate applies on Buying and Selling volumes from Shares. III. Generated Value-This refers a commission volume generated from Buying-Selling volumes from Shares. IV. Paid Value- This refers a value or an amount calculated on the base of KRIP module’s concept. V. Capital Market- This refers the market through which we can deal in company’s Equities/Shares. I.
  13. 13. KRIP Income & Bonus Module 5%/2*8+5%/2*4+5%*2+20% 5%/2*4+5%*2+20% 5%*2+20% 20% Note: example of percentage given in Green Box is based on G.V. & P.V.
  14. 14. KRIP Income & Bonus Module Note: example of percentage given in Green Box is based on G.V. & P.V.
  15. 15. Types of Income or P.V. Here actual percentage of Paid Value given in terms of Commission or Bonus following. I. Commission on P.V. SLM concept 20%  Commission on P.V. MLM concept for Right leg - 5% MLM concept for Left leg - 5% II. Bonus on P.V. It starts from second down-line 5%/no. of downline.
  16. 16. KRIP’s Designation/Authority Sr. Sales Executive Sales Executive Sr. Sales Consultant Sales Consultants Note: Designation or Authority on KRIP will be given on basis of Downline you create be continued on other next three pages with Designation level w
  17. 17. Silver Designation slabs Initial Management/Staff:  Sr. Sales Executive  Sales Executive  Sr. Sales Consultant  Sales Consultant Work Responsibility:  First use Product itself.  Sponsor new people  Learning & Knowledge  Product knowledge & Business Development
  18. 18. Gold Designation slab Middle Management:  Sr. Manager  Sales Manager  Assistant Manager  Relationship Manager Work Responsibility:  Use products regularly  sponsor new people  Manage existing Team  Product Knowledge & Business Development
  19. 19. Diamond Designation slab Top Management:  President  Sr. Vice President  Vice President  Sr. Director  Director Work Responsibility:  Use the product regularly  Sponsor new people & Manage existing Team  Business Development & Leadership  Be a role model
  20. 20. Why KRIP for you? I. KRIP is a plan where we can enjoy 3 factor following.  Commission  Bonus  Rewards Being involved yourself in each respect, you are being Beware with all those rewards which will always keep You motivating like anything. II. Here you could collect an enduring knowledge about the investments’ products and be a profitable person in respect of everything.
  21. 21. How to start-up for KRIP? Here is an important process to register yourself in this KRIP plan as following: Fill a Login form & sign on payment disclaimer.  Activate a Kotak Securities’ D-mat & Trading account.  Basic documents’ formalities will be retrieved on the basis of an Unique code number will be given after Kotak’s account activated.
  22. 22. Payment Conditions  Our Payment conditions will always be legitimate.  Payment is always considered when there is a completion of both side legs (Right & Left).  Payment is made after when min G.V. (Generated value) is = > Rs. 2500 every month.  Payment is made after when P.V. (Paid Value) is => 500 Rs./month regular basis.  Payment done thorough RTGS/NEFT only.  Payment right will also be given to his/her nominee in case any mishappening arises with the Agent. Read payment disclaimer…… 
  23. 23. An advice for your bright future. Teach 6-6-6 will make you free 6 makes you Rich…!! 
  24. 24. Thank you For Listening….  Contact Mr. Kapil Kumar +91-9136189547