The future of music in a digital age


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How the digital age is effecting the music industry, socially and economically.

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The future of music in a digital age

  1. 1. The Future of Music in a Digital Age By Emily Rosin
  2. 2. The phonograph and its LP was the first audio format for music, then came the tape with its Walkman, the portable player that outdate the 8 track…
  3. 3. and then there was… The compact disc (CD) is an optical disc used to store digital data. Its been commercially available since October 1982 and over 200 Billion have been sold worldwide since. Although, sales have dropped by over 50% of their peak in 2000. But why???
  4. 4. The Rise of the MP3 MP3 is a compression format that shrinks digital audio files. Because the files are so small, they require less storage memory and are virtually inexpensive to create.
  5. 5. File Sharing and Illegal Downloading Peer-to-peer file sharing began initially in 1999 when Napster began distributing free software that enabled users to illegally share files, specifically copyrighted music in MP3 format.
  6. 6. Social issues The main question of file sharing, is of its morality. Some people believe its morally OK because we should all be able to access and enjoy music for free, despite the needs/rights of the artists and producers.
  7. 7. “The cool thing about Napster is that it encourages enthusiasm for music in a way that the music industry has long forgotten to do.” Thom Yorke (Radiohead) 10 September 2000
  8. 8. Economic impact Peer-to-peer file sharing has caused a significant decrease in the sales of profits of music artists and producers. In the 2006 ARIA music survey, 15% of the 25% who hadn’t purchased music in that year said it was due to P2P file sharing. From the parody “Napster bad, Money good” cartoon after Metallica sued Napster.
  9. 9. Impact on user "Copyright law does not interest me. It does not pertain to my existence in any way, because it never could affect me. I buy the software I use for business and steal the software I use for pleasure. I buy CDs that I want to listen to, but I download MP3 files of music that I do not think is worth buying or that I can not find in reasonable price. It is not like I can get caught, so why not?” -Anon
  10. 10. Research Project Goal To look at how the digital age is affecting the music industry;  Will MP3s kill CDs?  The Future of file sharing?  How will it effect music artists and producers?  Social and economic impacts of file sharing.
  11. 11. A confession… …in the time it took me to complete this presentation (approx 3 days), I illegally downloaded 401.7 MB of music.
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