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Picasa program

Picasa program






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    Picasa program Picasa program Presentation Transcript

    • Picasa 3programDone by: Reem Faisal- 200910562 Amal AlShihi- 200800295
    • Contents• Introduction• The target group• Picasa and viewing photos• Picasa and editing photos• Picasa and editing photos - Basic Fixes• Picasa and editing photos - Tuning• Editing photos - Effects• Picasa and sharing photos• Video• Helpful resources• Bibliography
    • Introduction• Picasa Program: “ An image organizer and image viewer for organizing andediting digital photos, plus an integrated photo sharingwebsite”(Wikipedia, P.1, 2012)
    • Target Audience• Students• Workers• Talented people
    • Picasa And Viewing Photos• Picasa has an "edit view" with a viewing area. Full screen view is available in slideshow mode.• By pressing on the desired file, the stored images will be view automatically.
    • Picasa And Editing Photos Under the editing bar in Picasa there are 3 sections:a. Basic Fixes tabb. Tuning tabc. Effects tab
    • Basic FixesCrop: For better frame or to cut out parts of aphoto .Straighten: Use the slider to align the photo.Redeye: automatically correct red eyes that detectsin photos.I’m Feeling Lucky: Adjusting photos color andcontrast for perfect photos.Auto Contrast: Automatically set the brightness andcontrast to optimal levels, while preserving aphotos color values.
    • Auto Color: Automatically removes color cast andrestore the color balance, while preserving contrastand brightness values.Retouch: For removing blemishes and improvephoto quality. It can also help you to restore oldphotos.Text: Quickly and easily add text to your pictures.Fill Light: Use the slider to add light to theforeground of photos, making them more balanced.
    • TuningFill Light: Photos with bright backgrounds candarken or compromise important details in thephoto.Highlights: Increase the highlights to amplifythe bright spots of your photographShadows: Darken the shadows in your photo toprovide additional depth or contrast.
    • • Color Temperature: This can make your colors more brilliant.• Neutral Color Picker: Balance the colors in the photo.• Undo Tuning and Redo: These two buttons, only active when there are unsaved edits on the photo, undo and redo your edits in the order they were applied.
    • EffectsSharpen: Make the edges of objects in your photoscrisper andless fuzzySepia: Give your image an old-fashioned effectB&W: Give your image a historic or nostalgic effectWarmify: Warm up a cool photo, improving skin tones.Film Grain: Add a grainy film look to any photo Tint: Strip the color out of your photo and apply acolored tint over the top.Saturation: Use the slider to adjust color saturation.
    • • Soft Focus: Soften the focus around a center point that you select.• Glow: Brightens the white areas of a photo, causing a dreamy effect• Filtered B&W: Add the effect of shooting black and white film with a color filter.• Focal B&W: Turn a photo to black and white, while keeping one circular area of color intact• Graduated Tint: This allows you to apply a colored tint to the top half of a photo
    • Picasa And Sharing Photos • In Picasa, select the photos youd like to upload. • Click the Share button. • Select an album or click New to create a fresh one. • Choose a visibility level. • Choose an upload size. • Add email addresses for the people youd like to share with. Theyll receive an invitation to view your photos in Picasa Web Albums. • Click Upload.
    • Video Download and view albums Photos editing Sharing
    • Helpful resources To download Picasa:http://picasa.google.com/ Learn more about Picasa:http://support.google.com/picasa/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=93407&topic=1689864&ctx=topic#http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rskC6c_5L1Mhttp://www.wilmakarels.nl/picasa3/
    • Bibliography• Introducing Picasa 3. (n.d.). Retrieved 2012, from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rskC6c_5L1M• Picasa and Picasa Web Albums. (n.d.). Retrieved August 8, 2011, from http://support.google.com/picasa/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=93407&topic=16 89864&ctx=topic#• Picasa 3 downloaden & installeren: nieuws. (n.d.). Retrieved 2012, fromhttp://www.wilmakarels.nl/picasa3/• Picasa. (n.d.). Retrieved 2012, from http://picasa.google.com/
    • Thank You All Any questions?