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Produce your own video.

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Windows Movie Maker

  1. 1. With Windows Movie Maker Done by: Hessa Shaima
  2. 2. Content•••••
  3. 3. What is windows movie maker•
  4. 4. History of windows movie maker• 2000 : Windows Movie Maker 1.0 (Windows Me)• 2001 : Windows Movie Maker 1.1 (Windows XP)• 2002 : Windows Movie Maker 2.0 (Windows XP)• 2004 : Windows Movie Maker 2.1 (Windows XP SP2)• 2004 : Windows Movie Maker 2.5 (Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005)• 2006 : Windows Movie Maker 2.6 (Windows Vista)• 2007 : Windows Movie Maker 6.0 (Windows Vista)
  5. 5. - Windows movie maker features.••••
  6. 6. • Tasks• Timeline• Preview
  7. 7. Tasks3 Tasks:1.Capture/Import2.Edit3.Finish
  8. 8. Timeline/ storyboard• 5 Tracks – Video – Transition – Audio – Audio/music – Title• When we edit our movie, different parts will go in these tracks
  9. 9. preview•
  10. 10. 1- Import media into movie maker:• Capture video clips or pics from digital camera, or import from files saved on your computer. – Click on import video/pics2- Move video/pics to the timeline:• Each item will appear in the collections part• Drag each item to the story board and drop them in the order you wish them to appear.
  11. 11. 3- picture time:• You can also change the length of time that the picture shown in the movie• By default each picture will be shown for 5 seconds• If you want to change that amount of time drag the “end trim handle” , notice when you click and drag the amount of time will show in the window.• If you are using video you can crop the length of the video using the same process.
  12. 12. 4- Video effects:• You can employ different effects that will jazz up the video.• In the task part, under step 2, click on “view video effects”• The collection of effects will appear in the collections area• click and drag an perfect effect down to the clip in the storyboard• You can use multiple effects on an item
  13. 13. How to create a movie• There is star will appear to represent an effect is on the picture• You will notice that there are 2 stars on a picture with 2 effects• You can preview the effect on your pictures/video
  14. 14. How to create a movie5- Transitions:• You can employ different transitions to jazz up the video• In the task part, under step 2, click on “view video transitions”• The collection of transitions will appear in the collections area• Drag the transition between the clips in the storyboard.• A blue line will appear to show where the trans will go
  15. 15. How to create movie 6- Titles / Credits• Again, in the task part, under step 2 click on “Make titles…”• Chose where you want to put the title/credits• Type the title in the text box• Below, you can change the animation or the font and color• Once complete, click on Done.
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