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Proposal tips and strategies P.P
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Proposal tips and strategies P.P


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. Writing aPersuasive Proposal
  • 2. Assessment Your are required to:a) Create a new Australian flag that, in your opinion, appropriately represents contemporary Australiab) Write a written persuasive proposal to an Australian government committee that explains and justifies your new Australian Flag design. To justify your design and persuade the committee you will need to state the reasons for your use of colour, symbols, shapes and placement.
  • 3. Proposals in a Nutshell● Proposals convince readers that a plan of action is plausible and that the writer is qualified to accomplish it. In short, they spell out—  What you intend to do (Create a new national Australian flag)  How you intend to do it (Change the symbols, colours, shapes and placement)  Why you attend to do it (To create a design, which reflects a contemporary Australian identity) In order to do this successfully, you need to write persuasively.
  • 4. Definition: persuasive writing…Seeks to convince its readers to embrace the point-of-view presented by appealing to the audiences reason and understanding through argument and/or entreaty.
  • 5. Persuasive Language Devices  Refuting opposing views on a topic  Rhetorical questions  Rhetorical statements  Repetition  Use of modality  Persuasive and/or evaluative adjectives and noun groups  Persuasive and/or evaluative adverbs and verb groups  Metaphors
  • 6. Persuasive Words- Include these words in your writing. Clearly, obviously, certainly Very, absolutely, utterly, Completely, perfectly
  • 7. Active vs. Passive VoiceExample:“The defendant’s embezzlement of companyfunds in 2005 is an example of his untrustworthiness.” “The defendant embezzled funds from thecompany in 2005; this act shows that he cannot betrusted.”YOU NEED TO USE AN ACTIVE VOICE!!!
  • 8. Is my argument clear and organized? Is the structure logical (e.g. does it contain statements of the current position, the problem, the possibilities, and the proposal being made)? Isthere strong coherence and transition between paragraphs (e.g. appropriate use of repetition, reference words and connectives)?
  • 9.  Does each paragraph have a clear, specific purpose and focus? Is there evidence of organization into headings? Is there a logical and sequenced flow of argument? PROOF READ AND EDIT YOUR WORK!
  • 10. Also ask yourself… Am I using persuasive language and techniques in my writing? Is my style and tone appropriate? Ismy vocabulary and grammar accurate and fluent?
  • 11. Remember to follow your checklist!And now the fun begins!