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Photostory3 Software

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  • Good empowerment document. I found this software good, but irritating. I had to keep saving the same story, even when I was not finished. Also the audio was not loud enough to be heard (I tried increasing the volume etc). Also, the music was too loud when I wanted voice, so it was a bad situation. I want to enter a comp with my new book and need good software that emphasises text and that give the reader a real buzz with music, audio and text moving around? Any ideas M?
    Thanks again, Marie
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Photostory3 Software

  1. 1. Welcome to Photo Story 3 for Windows Done by: Abdullah MohammedAl-Hajri 87174 Aamer Mohammed Al-Hajri 86845 To : Dr Alaa Sadik
  2. 2. Outline:  Definition.  Target learners.  Objectives.  Teacher roles.  Student roles.  Technical features.  Benefits.  Limitations.
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  4. 4. What is it?  Photo Story 3 is a free presentation tool for creating digital stories with photos, text, transitions, audio narration and background music. It is a modern day version of show and tell or story telling.
  5. 5. Which year levels can use it and which subject areas?  The software is suitable to be used in all learning areas where students want or need to present information, pictures and audio. The only limitation is that R-2 would probably benefit from teacher led, whole class projects, to familiarize them with the variety of options and steps. It is also a great tool for teachers to use to introduce lessons or units of work.
  6. 6. Objectives of Photostory software  importing pictures from anywhere and do anything wanted  Change the appearance by rotating/cropping/editing the pictures  Adjusting the color  Fixing the red eye  Adding special effects  Adding titles to pictures  Narrating pictures by recording own voice  Adding background music  Saving and view photo story  Correcting the lighting in pictures and many more features.
  7. 7. Objectives Learning  Students should:  Import and arrange their pictures.  Add a titles/captions/credits.  Narrate their pictures and customize motion  Add background music.  Export their stories.
  8. 8. Teacher’s role in using software  One of the most important role for teacher in this software isTo assure that students love the software. Endears the software to students.  Bring a ready project of this software.  Teaching students practical steps from downloading the software, setup it until making project fully.
  9. 9. Student’s role in using software Design andTech- Students could critique a product and explain how they would improve it through photos and text.They could also have a photo story of the process taken in creating a model of a new product.
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  11. 11. Technical Features of software  Obvious improvements.  Photo editing.  Adding effects.  Removing the borders: Auto crop functionality.  Captions and titles.  New narration capabilities.
  12. 12. Benefits of software  Easy to use  Trouble shooting in simple language  Story can be burned to a VCD or DVD for viewing  Photo Story program is not required to view story on other PC’s or mobile devices  Program will import many file types (ex: .bmp,.gif,.jpeg,.jpg, .pcx, .tga, .tif)  Photos can be imported from computer folders and MSN groups
  13. 13. Benefits…con’t  Each picture can feature up to five minutes of narration  Motion effects (pan and zoom) can be customized  Story can include as many songs as desired  Songs can come from computer files or be chosen from the Photo Story collection  Good effects (ex: B&W, sepia, colored pencil, washout, watercolor)  Up to 1024 characters can be added per picture  Background music can be added, and narration over top
  14. 14.  Photo Story is not supported on the Windows 7 platform.  Unable to draw freely on photos as in applications such as paint  Cropping the black border does not work with all web images Limitations:
  15. 15.  Windows Media Player is required  No ‘fun’ enhancements for altering the picture (ex. Distort image).  Pictures must be 4:3 aspect ratio.
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