Evaluation online website(Hanaa)


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Evaluation online website(Hanaa)

  1. 1. 1Hanaa Alzuhaibi  Evaluation online website 1. Institution title:Al Musanna College of Technology (ACT) 2. Website title(URL):http://www.act.edu.om/ 3. About ACT:Al Musanna College of Technology (ACT) is one of the seven technological collegesaffiliated to the Ministry of Manpower. At present, there are three academic departmentsin the college namely: Business Studies, Engineering, and Information Technology. Twocenters in the college prepare for and support students career formation. These are theEnglish Language Centre and Educational Technology Centre. 4. Using the Scoring rubric:I evaluated this web site with criteria shown in this rubric:http://www.remc11.k12.mi.us/rubric.html (see summary)Standard: Writing Process Standard level Level 5 The reason The sentences in the colleges web site are well –structured and it is easy to understand. I didnt found spelling and other errors. It is clear and well-written content, each paragraph is separated from each other to make the content easy to read. Its really very organized I like it. See figure (1).
  2. 2. 2Hanaa Alzuhaibi  Screen shot Figure(1)Standard: Web Page (HTML) Creation Skills Standard level Level 5 The reason - In each topics there are title, heading and clear subheading. -It has tables and frames that make the site more organized. - Color or background image is used on the site. -The text is broken into paragraph. -In some situation it has images as hyperlinks.(see figure 2)
  3. 3. 3Hanaa Alzuhaibi  Screen shot Figure(2)Standard: Web Page Layout Standard level Level 4 The reason -headings and styles are consistent within pages -text, images, and links flow together - some of how it is difficult to read because the crowded of direction -
  4. 4. 4Hanaa Alzuhaibi  Screen shot Figure(3)Standard: Navigation Standard level Level 4 The reason - Clear order of pages, labeling, and navigation between pages. -Store of keywords is available in the site(see figure 4) -There are ease navigation panel below the website ,so the user can go through the web(figure) -Provide virtual tour in the site to explore the college campus .figure(5) -Has Site map for ease navigation(figure 6) -Some links dont work. When I click on portal link it an error on
  5. 5. 5Hanaa Alzuhaibi  the page was appeared. Screen shot Figure(4) Figure(5)
  6. 6. 6Hanaa Alzuhaibi  Figure(6)Standard: Marketing Your School Standard level Level 4 The reason -provide virtual tour service that help to discover the college campus in interesting and new way. figure(7) -provide profile about the college include the vision, mission, values and goals. -It shows what is happening on campus in term of news, announcements, feature stories, academic calendar and ELC calendar. Figure (8). -It not shows the communication with the community and student
  7. 7. 7Hanaa Alzuhaibi  achievement. -not provide course outline. Screen shot Figure(7) Figure(8)
  8. 8. 8 Hanaa Alzuhaibi  5. Summary: Standards Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Writing ProcessDifficult to Many errors Easy to understand; Same as level 3 but Clear, concise, well-writtenunderstand, but perfect spelling; one no errors online contentsentence consistent or two grammar,fragments, line of syntax, or semanticbad thought problems (√)structure,spelling,and othererrors. Web Page (HTML) Creation SkillsNo HTML Text is Headings; Title; Same as level 3 plus Same as level 4 plus at leastformatting broken into Tags such as, images and two lists, images as hyperlinks;tags; text is paragraphs; preformatted text; hyperlinks to related color or background image,not broken headings styles; centering; material Frames, tables, or image mapinto are used; no horizontal lines .lists,paragraphs other etc. HTML (√) Tags Web Page LayoutLayout has Text broken Headings label Hierarchy closely Consistent format; extends theno structure into sections and create follows meaning; information page-to-page; easyor paragraphs hierarchy ;some headings and styles to read; attention to differentorganization and sections consistency are consistent within browsers and their quirks pages ;text, images, and links flow together (√) NavigationOne Page One page Two pages (or one Three or more pages Title page with other pages with title page with links with clear order, branching off, and at least four bar added, within page or to labeling, and pages total; navigation path is heading, other navigation between clear and logical; all links work etc. resources);navigation pages; all links work between pages; links
  9. 9. 9 Hanaa Alzuhaibi  work (√) Marketing Your SchoolBasic Basic Shows school Creates a positive Level 4 plus makes one feelschool school activities, calendar of image of the school; like they would want to attendstatistics statistics, events, curriculum, shows what is this school; shows photos of etc. happening in the communication with the school, school; gives a sense community; community activities of the total school partnerships; the school is community welcoming,open;curricullum is challenging; shows student achievement,etc. (√)