Lecture 06 insert tab word 2007


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Lecture 06 insert tab word 2007

  1. 1. To add objects - pictures, clip art and different shapes ( Keyboard - letters, numbers, special characters ) For Maths Equation like x 2 Symbols π£
  2. 2.    Select ‘Page Numbers’ from ‘insert’ menu. You can choose the position (top, bottom) and alignment (left, right,…) of the page number. Page number can have different formats: ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ I, ii, iii, … 1, 2, 3, … a, b, c, …. Etc …
  3. 3.     Symbols are characters that are not found on the keyboard. More symbols if you don’t see the symbol you are looking for Click where you wish to insert the symbol. Select ‘symbol’ from the ‘insert’ menu. Select a symbol from the list, click the Insert button, and then the cancel button.
  4. 4.     Select ‘text box’ from ‘insert’ menu Click and drag to draw the text box Write the text inside… Different formats can be applied on text box: ◦ Color of the border ◦ Fill color ◦ Text font and color ◦ Etc… We Learn MS Word…. This is a text box!
  5. 5. Text or information on page at the top (Header) or at the bottom (footer) Edit - to change the contents Remove – to delete when not required Use can insert date, picture ,clipart
  6. 6.    When reaching the end of a chapter (or section), it is better to start the new chapter on a new page Place the cursor where you need to insert the page break, select ‘break’ from ‘insert’ menu. To view where the page breaks are in your document, use Show|Hide ( ¶ ) tool. Blank page can be used for new page in the document
  7. 7.    Select ‘Date and Time’ from ‘insert’ menu. Choose the date or time formats. Choose whether you want the date to be automatically updated or remain as originally inserted.
  8. 8. Insert Clip Art opens the Clip Art task panel    Click where you want the clip art to be inserted Click Insert on the menu bar Click Clip Art in the ILLUSTRATION
  9. 9.     Type ‘computers’ in the ‘search for’ text box and then click the Go button Clip art will appear in the task pane on the right of the screen Click on the picture you wish to select. The picture will be inserted to your document.
  10. 10.     Select your picture. Make sure the Picture Toolbar is showing (if it is not right click on the picture and select Show Picture Toolbar. Select Text Wrapping on the Picture Toolbar, as shown at right. Try all of the ways of text wrapping your Clip Art, and note the effect each has on the text around your picture. Note that other changes can be done by right clicking on the picture and selecting ‘Format Picture’ from the list.
  11. 11.   Click and drag the picture to reposition it on the page. To resize a picture, with the picture selected, click and drag on a resize handle.
  12. 12. Cropping hides parts of an image    To crop a picture, Click the crop button on the picture tool bar Click and drag on a resize handle in Black color at the corner To delete a picture click on it to select it and press the Delete key. 13
  13. 13. Before cropping full picture During cropping - black clipp corner for managing cropping Cropped Picture only one flower
  14. 14.      Write three paragraphs: personal information, your city and your college respectively. Format the text. Add some pictures using clip art. Add pictures similar to your city and to your college Add your student –id and page number as footer Add a suitable title to your file At the end of the third paragraph write 3 names of your classmates. Put the names in a list.