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Doctor of Education Information Briefing

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Ed d ppt paul miller

  1. 1. Middlesex UniversityDoctor of EducationInformation Briefing Event
  2. 2. What is a Doctorate in Education, not?• Not a ‘PhD Light’ in terms of intellectual rigour and demands• Not a ‘PhD Light’ in terms of time commitment required• Not an advanced degree reserved for those wishing to teach at the University
  3. 3. What is a Doctorate in Education?• A doctoral degree that is as ‘valuable as a PhD, but distinct’ (Shulman, 2006)• A doctorate ‘for the professional practice of education’. That is, it’s for professionals with significant experience in education and who want to extend their expertise and develop skills in research and critical reflection on practice.• Has the rigour and scholarly expectations of a PhD, but has a strong emphasis on professional practice.
  4. 4. What is a Doctorate in Education?• Prepares candidates for leadership roles so they are able to extend existing knowledge to solve educational problems
  5. 5. The EdD addressing students’ needs• The EdD acknowledges mastery and expertise that students have attained in their field by respecting and building on the wealth of their professional knowledge; whilst simultaneously inviting them to examine and investigate in a critical research-based manner.• The EdD acknowledges that most students enter the programme after an extended break from academic study and have to manage part time studies with full time work, and thus has to provide support structures that accommodate the realities of students’ experience.
  6. 6. The Middlesex University EdD• Cohort community among students and academic- professional network that supports and mentors students• A teaching programme with a clear purpose and coherence• Intensive coursework that builds students’ capacity to engage in, interpret and apply educational research• Provides flexibility, choice and focus through programme with both core and concentration courses• Underpin face to face teaching with online support so that students will not feel isolated and so students can progress within the specified time
  7. 7. Programme Structure• 4 years Part Time• Evening/Weekend delivery• Online and face to face support• Modular
  8. 8. Programme Content• Year 1: 3 modules [Developing Advanced Professional Practice; Research Methods and Enquiry and Conceptualising the Body of Knowledge] [90 credits]• Years 2+3: 1, 2 or 3 research projects [180 credits]• Year 4: exhibition, thesis, viva voce` exam [90 credits]• 360 credits in total
  9. 9. Concentrations• Leadership in Education• E-Learning and Technology• Teaching and Learning• Early Years
  10. 10. Programme Summary• 3 core modules [18,000 words submission]• 1 to 3 research projects [36,000 words submission]• Public Exhibition & Thesis [18,000 words submission]
  11. 11. The Middlesex University Advantage• Research Projects & Thesis: in-depth, rigorous research into students’ professional context or practice• Concentrations: offering students a chance to explore various issues of professional interest with appropriate supervision/support• Core Courses: providing scaffolding to the EdD experience, both in terms of conceptualisation and contextualisation of practice and research
  12. 12. Who is eligible to apply?• You will be expected to hold a Master’s degree at a good grade from a UK university or equivalent overseas institution, plus four years’ work experience in an education related area.• If you do not hold a Master’s degree, you may be accepted on the basis of experience and/or scholarship.• Such cases are considered individually, with the possibility of portfolio/publication assessment.
  13. 13. How and when to apply?• You can apply online at: http://www.mdxpartnership.org.uk/edd OR• Contact the EdD Administrator: Joanna Sifonios, Middlesex University, Trent Park, Lakeview L200, N14 4YZ, J.sifonios@mdx.ac.uk ; 02084116587 OR
  14. 14. Key Contacts and specialisms• Dr Paul Miller: p.miller@mdx.ac.uk ▫ [Policy, Leadership in Education]• Dr Ian Terrell: I.Terrell@mdx.ac.uk ▫ [Teaching and Learning and New Technologies]