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10 Steps To A Bountiful Faith Based Marriage
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10 Steps To A Bountiful Faith Based Marriage



“ A truly good wife is the most precious treasure that a man could find!” Proverbs 31:10

“ A truly good wife is the most precious treasure that a man could find!” Proverbs 31:10



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10 Steps To A Bountiful Faith Based Marriage Presentation Transcript

  • 1. 10 Steps To A Bountiful Faith Based Marriage Presented by: Ty Vaughn
  • 2. Tell him you love him frequently• Love is an action word and it calls for movement• Surprise him by leaving love notes• Be imaginative and creative• Share with him you want to be more than a companion• Tell him how important he is to you each and every day.
  • 3. Spend Quality Time Together• Make pleasurable plans for the weekend• Purposefully make time to just sit and talk• Be totally connected to him by listening carefully with your ears and eyes• Having some shoulder-to-shoulder activities together• He may like to just enjoy your companionship without conversation
  • 4. Acknowledge His Areas of Interest• Always let him know that you appreciate him• Be his “Pillar of Support" by finding ways to uplift him• Stroke his Ego• Do things together that He enjoys
  • 5. Give up Control to Eliminate Power Struggles• Recognize when you begin to feel the desire to control him• You may be dealing with some internal fears• Write down a few situations where you found yourself controlling your husband• For each situation, ask yourself what were you afraid of?• Was losing intimacy worth your need to control?
  • 6. Communicate With love• Speak to your spouse with respect and relevance• Always speak in the affirmative• Express your true feelings even if it’s a sensitive subject• Never assume your spouse can read your mind and know how you feel• You must open your heart and tell the unspoken truth.
  • 7. Give Him Space to be Alone• Personal quiet time is necessary for self- development• When his mind is filled with distractions do not crowd or badger him• Give him space and time to think things over and recover (i.e unwinding from his work day)• Refrain from being that wife who starts complaining about her day and demanding his immediate attention
  • 8. Do Not Give Societal and Religious Matters More Significance Than Your Spouse• God gave you himself first, your spouse second, and everything else must come after.
  • 9. ConclusionGive your all in all. Be vulnerable to his loveand began to appreciate the little nuisancesthat so easily beset us. “ A happy marriage isthe union of two good forgivers.” Ruth Bell Graham
  • 10. Never Forget the Reasons Why You Married Him• Keep these reasons paramount in your mind• Share the reasons with him from time to time• You married him because he was unparalleled and different
  • 11. Set Family Goals Together• Be specific• Work diligently to achieve them• Objectives could be long or short term• Working together improves and strengthens your bond as husband and wife.
  • 12. Pray For Your Husband• He cannot fight in the ring and in the corner• Pray that God leads him with a spirit of excellence to become a pioneer in his home and community• Do not promulgate pressure on him• Pray with him and for him so that he will enjoy Gods best throughout his life.
  • 13. ContactFor events or couples counseling, please contact Ty Vaughn-Relationship Expert at Themarriageseed.com Info@themarriageseed.com