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Professional portfolio

  1. 1. BioOne of my greatest passions is helping students become more than they thought they could be.Educating has personally been an extremely rewarding experience and my years spent as a teacher haveallowed me to work with thousands of amazing students. In addition, I have been mentored from giantsin the educational field and the years that I have collaborated with them have been invaluable to me asa professional and a person. Below is a copy of my resume which highlights my educational andprofessional experiences. I have also included a list of my professional references.ResumeReferencesScott RobertsHead PrincipalBlue Valley Southwest High SchoolCell: 913-523-5446Work: 913-624-2015sroberts@bluevalleyk12.orgDr. Tonya MerriganExecutive Director of Curriculum and InstructionBlue Valley School DistrictWork: 913-239-4383tmerrigan@bluevalleyk12.orgLisa WilsonAssociate Principal- Curriculum and InstructionBlue Valley Southwest High SchoolCell: 913-710-1968Work: 913-624-2017lwilson@bluevalleyk12.orgShelli DupreeEducation Services Support Team- Secondary LiteracyBlue Valley School DistrictWork: 913-239-4337sdupree@bluevalleyk12.orgProfessional Development ExperienceThroughout my 10 years in education, I have been fortunate to participate in a number of professionaldevelopment opportunities. As my interests have shifted to the administrative side of the profession, Ihave become very intrigued with the planning and facilitation of professional development for peerswithin a variety of content levels. While serving on the Blue Valley Southwest Leadership Team, I havehelped develop a number of inservice sessions designed to improve the instructional practices for theentire staff. Below I have attached materials that reflect my leadership role for the Common CoreWriting Standards inservice March 14, 2013. It was my job to organize a team that could disseminate
  2. 2. information regarding a new writing initiative within our building. It was also my responsibility to trainthe staff how to holistically grade student writing samples.Planning Guide for CCSS Writing and Scoring DayCCSS Writing and Scoring Day Inservice PowerPointCCSS Inservice AgendaCommon Core TrainingMobilizing and educating an entire district about new educational standards is no easy feat. Over thelast three years I have had the pleasure of engaging in this challenging work through my participation inthe Blue Valley ELA Common Core State Standards Committee. As with any new educational paradigm,the learning curve for CCSS has been steep. However, through a relevant, consensus-building approachto professional development, I have been amazed at how well the Blue Valley community has acceptedthe new CCSS wave. Below are two documents that represent my involvement in this work. The firstdocument is a project that I undertook in conjunction with my doctoral direct field experience. My goalwas to create a user friendly resource to illustrate the contrasting elements between the previousKansas Reading Standards and the Common Core Reading and Writing Standards. This document hasbeen used within the Secondary E/LA CCSS committee. The second document is a Prezi presentationthat I administered during a parent Common Core information night.Common Core Reading and Writing Standards DocumentLiteracy and the Common Core: A Close Look at Reading and WritingAssessment and InterventionIt goes without saying that ALL students can and MUST learn. In order for this to happen, it is imperativeto effectively utilize common formative assessments to diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of astudent population. Additionally, purpose-driven interventions must be implemented to help developthe skills of students on all points of the learning spectrum. In December 2012, I obtained a doctorate inEducational Leadership. I chose assessment and interventions to be the subjects of my study. Below isthe abstract for my dissertation which details the rationale and findings from my research.Dissertation Abstract (attached)Parent EducationWhen educating the whole child, it is a necessity to involve parents and all stakeholders within aneducational context. I believe that is it the responsibility of an administrator to communicate effectivelywith parents and help equip them with instructional strategies to benefit their children OUTSIDE of theschool building. Below are two presentations that I delivered to parent groups regarding Blue ValleySouthwest’s AVID program and the ELA Freshmen Program.AVID Information NightIncoming Freshmen Night for English Language Arts