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Theme 3 prt_1

  1. 1. Tysen Quaintance10-22-11History 140Dr. Arguello
  2. 2. History of Portugal•Portugal was considered a worldpower between the 15th and 16thcentury.•Portugal’s economic base of spicesand slave trade became threatenedby the Dutch, English and French.•Portugal military sufferedsubstantial losses in two battle: the1578 battle of Alsace Oubir and the1588 Spanish attempt at conqueringEngland.•In 1755 Portugal also lost it’s capitalto an Earthquake.
  3. 3. History of Portugal• Portugal continued toweaken, in 1822 it lost Brazil, itlargest colony.• Between 1900 and the 1950’stwo million Portugueseimmigrated to America orEurope.•Revolution broke out and in1910 the Monarchy wasdissolved.•By 1926 a military leaderimmerges as a dictator.•In 1974 a coup brought aboutdemocracy and grantingindependence to all Africancolonies.•Portugal is now a member ofNATO and the European Union.
  4. 4. Portuguese Empire•The Portuguese Empire wasthe longest lasting of themodern European Empires,starting in 1415 and lasting upuntil 1999.•The empire has now beenbroken into 49 differentindependent states.•Portuguese explorers beganexploring the African coast1419 and by 1500 haddiscovered brazil.•In 1571 a sting of Portugueseoutpost connected Lisbon toNagasaki along the coasts ofAfrica, the Middle East andAsia. This brought thePortuguese tremendouswealth.
  5. 5. Portuguese Empire•From 1580 and 1640 thePortuguese and Spanishempires were in apartnership.•Portuguese outpost cameunder attack by Spanishrivals; the Dutch, English,and French.•With their small populationthey were unable to protectthere vast outposts. TheDutch cut off their trade lineswith the far East. Also, Brazillater became independent in1822.•Following WWII AntonioSalazar struggled to keephold of the PortugueseAfrican colonies. The last ofthese Colonies were liberatedin 1974 with the overthrow ofthe dictator.•In 1999 Macau was givenback to China.
  6. 6. Colonial Brazil•On April 22, 1500, PedroÁlvares Cabral landed in Braziland Claimed the land in thename of the king Manual thefirst.•From 1500 to 1530 very littleexpeditions came to the newland. When they did theybrought back brazilwood whichwas used to make a dye used inluxurious textiles..•Initially the Portuguesecolonization of Brazil wasprivatized. But in 1549 after 13of 15 colonies failed the kingdecided to send an expeditionthat would establish acentralized government. Withthis expedition also cameJesuits; which set up missions,converted the indigenous toCatholicism, and created peacewith them.
  7. 7. Colonial Brazil•The peace did not last long.From 1553-1557, war with thenatives consumed the colony.The first Brazilian Bishop Perowas killed and eaten by nativesin 1556 after beingshipwrecked. The thirdgovernor restored order andwith the Jesuit pushed theFrench out of Rio de Janerio.•The trade of Brazilwasrestricted to Portugal. Initiallythey used indigenous slaves butlater brought African slaves tothe colony to produce exportsof sugar, tobacco, and cotton..
  8. 8. Colonial Brazil•In 1808 fleeing Napoleonstroops Prince Joao came toBrazil and opened trade withEngland leading to Brazilbecoming economicallyindependent of Portugal.•When Prince Joao becameking and the royal family returnto Portugal in 1821; PrincePedro stayed behind to later bethe first king of Brazil in 1822.