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Xerveo Motion Natural Weight Loss Presentation
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Xerveo Motion Natural Weight Loss Presentation


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Xerveo Motion Weight Loss. About the Company, How the Product Works, Compensation Plan, and How to Get Started Losing Weight and Earning Money. garcinia cambogia.

Published in: Health & Medicine

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  • Link is dead Here is a NEW link Xerveo Now Gives you leads and Calls them for you
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  • Take this from somebody who has tried all the weightloss products and exercise plans out there. I remember being fed up with my weight and wanting to be slim... well it all started when a friend of mine recommended i try the Garcinia Cambogia and Colon Detox Diet... i thought it wasnt going to work but within a month i saw incredible results! I had lost 37lbs in a month! LOL! To this day i thank my friend for changing my life when they introduced me to the products. I thought I would help out and share my success with everybody. Heres where I found a free trial for the product, on this article:
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  • 1. Accomplish AnythingLet the next 10 minutes show you what your life could be in 2013
  • 2. What is Xervéo?• Xervéo is the powerful new concept in network marketing developed by one of the most successful “new entrepreneurs” in America, Andrew Rinehart• Xervéo is a new kind of distribution network where people can succeed at all levels with a product America needsNew Approach to Weight Loss
  • 3. Xervéo FounderAndrew Rinehart• On of the most successful young entrepreneurs in America• Generated hundreds of millions of dollars in sales in his early 20’s in previous ventures• Has created scores of young millionaires• Xervéo is Andrew’s next huge success “Complexity is your enemy, Any fool can make something complicated. It’s hard to make something simple.” Richard Branson, Virgin Airlines Founder
  • 4. Weight Loss Market in AmericaTwo Thirds of US Adults are OverweightThere are 100 Million Dieters in the US85% of these dieters are Women$500,000 to 3 Million is the averagesalary paid to celebrity endorsersearning an average of $33,000 per pound lostIt’s a 60 Billion plus marketplace and growingWith Xerveo YOU can earn place “at the table”
  • 5. Xervéo Motion• A ready to drink “take it anywhere” healthy weight control beverage• A great tasting, Refreshing Drink• A new concept in weight loss that fits an active “on the go” lifestyle• Clinically proven, time tested ingredients and a world renowned product formulator• A brand new idea in the multi-billion dollar weight control marketplace• Just Sip it & Share it
  • 6. Garcinia Cambogia• An exotic fruit grown in Southeast Asia• Recently named “The Holy Grail of Weight Loss” by Dr. Oz• Clinically proven to reduce overall food intake, reduce appetite, lower cholesterol, burn calories, and target belly and backside fat• 1500 MGS in each can of Xervéo Motion• The future of weight loss. Nothing to blend or mix, and no capsules to take
  • 7. Perfect “Powergrid” Compensation• 3 X 15 power grid compensation with DYNAMIC COMPRESSION the potential for 10’s of thousands If someone inside your grid goes $6 per person if you come in inactive, no worries, that level rolls of people in your total group up and doesn’t count! as Executive Distributor• Simple “get 3, get paid” qualification LEVEL 1 $5 per person if you come in as Distributor to get full commissions on EVERYTHING that lands in your entire 3 X 15 Power Grid• Simple “get 10 and you could double it” L2 Leadership Matching bonus program• When you personally have 10 recruits L3 active in your power grid you receive a 10% matching check bonus on each of your personal team members L4• A perfect compensation plan that people can succeed with L5 at all levels
  • 8. How to I get started?• $55.00 one time enrollment fee to joinThe Xerveo team, it’s a one time fee with nomonthly website fee or yearly renewal fees o48 single serving cans of Xerveo Motion beverages are $150, this fully qualifies you for the entire 3 by 15 power grid oPays a $50 “fast start” bonus to the enroller and also pays $10 to that enrollers sponsor then $10 to the next upline sponsor and $5 to the next upline sponsor. A 50% payout WITH a 1 to 1 ratio of PV to CV
  • 9. The “Sampler” Pack $499• 96 cans of Motion beverages, enough for sampling AND consumption The Sampler pack Increases commissions on your top 5 power grid levels from $5 to $6, a potential 20% permanent pay raise.• Pays a $100 “fast start” bonus and $10, $10 and $5 up the enroller tree• The “sampler” package also pays up to $150 in the entire “power grid in total royalty commissions.• This package is a potential 55% payout with both “fast start” AND residual income with a one to one ratio of PV to CV “unmatched in the industry” The $499 “sampler” Pack is for business-minded people who wish to permanently increase the income potential of their Xerveo distributorship AND have the samples needed to build. Who shares the most “motion” Wins!
  • 10. The True Value of theXerveo Motion systemJust 2 servings of the Xerveo Motionbeverage per day can get you to yourgoalsXerveo motion is only 25 calories, oneserving a day is a healthy way tomaintain once you have achieved yougoals while supplying healthy energyduring your dayWith Xerveo Motion you are “ready togo” anytime. No Blenders, No exercise.It’s the perfect drink for an activelifestyleOne big advantage of Xerveo Motion isthat when you have achieved yourgoals you can then go to a one servinga day maintenance plan.Xerveo motion is a very healthyalternative to soft drinks, energy shotsand other energy drinks
  • 11. How do I build with Xerveo?2 Simple Questions and 2 Simple Steps1. Have you ever heard of Dr. Oz?2. If there was a weight loss drink that tasted great, was clinically proven to work and you could drink it right now would you try it? (sample them now)3. I need you to look at a something and I will call you tomorrow to see what you thought of the video and how you liked Xerveo Motion4. www.xerveovideo.com5. “I would like you to meet one of my business partners over the phone to answer questions
  • 12. Your Business Decision1. “Lock your Spot” in the Powergrid2. Choose the right Enrollment Package3. Get some Xerveo motion in your hands, not now but RIGHT now4. The person who shares the most “motion” Wins! “There are 2 things you required for success, #1, be around and the right time, #2 do something about it. Ray Kroc, McDonalds
  • 13. Are you Excited? Grab a pen, get the best 20 numbers from your cell phone and call them all in the next 24 hoursBe fast, be brief, keep moving“you can accomplish more in 24hours of being excited than in 24months of being interested”Rick Moore, VP of Sales. Xerveo
  • 14. It’s as easy as “PSP”3 Simple Steps for Success1. Pique their interest quickly, give them a sample2. Share them www.xerveovideo.com3. Pass them by “3” way call to one of your upline partners “you will need enough stock on hand to get 6 cans in someone’s hands right when you sponsor them so they can start building. Not now but, Right Now!
  • 15. The “Motion Mixer” SystemBook 4 “Motion Mixers” Right away. The goal is 5 qualified prospects that generate at least 1,000 PVGet your new rep hosting a “motion mixer” right way, within 48-72 hours. Meet their “fabulous 5” ASAP!Nothing fancy, just show, then motion samples, stories & review this presentation Always think “BAMFAM” book a meeting, from a meeting. Pick a new rep at each “motion mixer” who can host the next one!
  • 16. Get to Ten Star Director Now!$250.00 bonus for January 2013 and always earn 10% Matching Bonus on your personal recruits. “speed of the leader, speed of the pack”1. Help your leaders “Get their 3 and get paid!!!”2. Be a “motion mixer” machine, 4 per week.3. Be on every call. 530-881-1400 then 240302# “Accomplish Anything” Author and Xerveo founder, Andrew Rinehart
  • 17. Now Hear From Our Founder Andrew Rinehart
  • 18. January 2nd to January 25th Over 2,000 pounds lost. There is now clear scientific evidence that dieters will lose 200-300% more weight with Xerveo Motion / Garcinia Cambogia than without. Hundreds of people have joined us and the top earners are making $3,000 to $4,000 a week. Web traffic is over 5,000 unique visits daily. Major network marketing leaders have joined us. Company has accomplished more in 23 days revenue, product and commission wise than 80% of companies accomplish in their first year. If we’ve done all this in 23 days, where will we be in 6 months, 1 year, 5 years?
  • 19. Why the Xervéo Model Works: Garcinia Cambogia is the future of weight loss and has now been combined with convenience. The distributor and customer demand will be enormous in 2013 and 2013 Our powergrid compensation plan will render most plans, including the binary obsolete. There are no “gotcha’s” We are stable, zero debt and built for the future We work with the best in legal, manufacturing, software, shipping, commissions and team building Major network marketing leaders have joined us My focus is on great product, unheard of commissions and stability for the distributor base The leadership team forming is unlike any other in the industry
  • 20. What’s Coming Recurring Revenue / Recurring Commissions Aggressive national travel Targeted web presence that will put Xerveo in the face of every dieter in the country Enhanced products / More Products Enhanced website / tools and marketing material A company of promotions The most powerful customer program in the industry. Customers turn in to distributors
  • 21. Thank You For Coming!