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Character sheet

  1. 1. Skuli Ketilson / Orinar Warblade: 10Charging Minotaur (Zantranna): 5 per day Enlarge (Zantranna): 1 per day for 5 min/30 RndsSTR Check +10, Dmg 2d6 +9, Immune to Att of Opp Double Height (12 6"), Weight x8 (2240lbs+gear)Must move 10 - 40, -2 AC for the rest of the round. STR +2, Dex -2, Att -1, AC -1, Dmg Size +1*Stone Foot Stance (IH - 1st): +2 STR checks, +2 AC vs Larger CreaturesHearing the Air Stance (DM - 5th): Blindsense** 30, +5 Listen ChecksGiants Stance (SD - 5th): +1 Size Dmg*Maneuvers (Can Ready 5 and re-pick with 5 minutes of practice)Lvl 1 Steel Wind Strike (IH): Attack two opponents, resolve separately. Steely Strike (IH): +4 Att, -4 AC. Charging Minotaur Strike (SD): Same as above, but -2 STR Check (synergy bonus). Leading the Attack (WR): Hit = +4 Att for all Allies vs Target, 1 Round.Lvl 2 Wall of Blades Counter (IH): Replace AC with Att Roll, can call after opponent resolves.Lvl 3 Iron Heart Surge (IH): +2 Att, Remove any one spell effect.Lvl 4 Mithril Tornado (IH): +2 Att, can attack all adjacent foes, resolve separately.Lvl 5 Elder Mountain Hammer Strike (SD): +6d6 Damage, Overcome DR/Hardness.AbilitiesBattle Clarity: Int bonus (+2) on Reflex Saves when not Flat Footed.Weapon Aptitude: Spend one hour per feat to change weapon specialization (currently 2).Improved Uncanny Dodge: Keep Dex bonus (+2) to AC when Flat Footed, Cant be Flanked.Battle Ardor: Int bonus (+2) on Crit Confirmation.Battle Cunning: Int bonus (+2) to Dmg vs Flat Footed or Flanked.Feats Class Skills B/M Other Skills B/MPower Attack: Transfer BAB to Dmg Balance (Dex): 10 (9) Appraise (Int): 2Weap Focus & Specializ: +1 Att, +2 Dmg Climb (Str): 14 (11) Bluff (Cha): 1Cleave, Great Cleave Concentrate (Con): 6 Disguise (Cha): 1 (11)Improved Initiative: +4 Craft Weapons (Int): 6 Escape Artist (Dex): 2 (0) Diplomacy (Cha): 6 Forgery (Int): 2Size Dmg Chart Intimidate (Cha): 14 Gather Info (Cha): 1 (3)Tiny Medium Large Jump (Str): 14 (13) Heal (Wis): 0- 1d2 1d3 Waterdeep Hist (Int): 6 Hide (Dex): 2 (10)1 1d3 1d4 Waterdeep Loc (Int): 12 Listen (Wis): 0 (5)**1d2 1d4 1d6 Swim (Str): 7 (4) Move Silently (Dex): 2 (0)1d3 1d6 1d8 Tumble (Dex): 10 (9) Ride (Dex): 2 (0)1d4 1d8 2d6 Martial Lore (Int): 15 Search (Int): 21d6 1d10 2d8 Sense Motive (Wis): 01d8 1d12 3d6 Spot (Wis): 01d4 2d4 2d6 Survival (Wis): 01d8 2d6 3d6 Use Rope (Dex): 2 (0)1d10 2d8 3d82d6 2d10 4d8*Dmg Size +1 does not affect ranged attacks in both cases.**Blindsense allows the user to detect and pinpoint the location of any creatures that he cannot see within range of effect by hearing and feelingvibrations. Does not otherwise affect combat per normal concealment/blindness rules.
  2. 2. Initiative: +6 BAB: +9/+4 CMB: CMD: (10+Str+Dex+Size) 16, 17, 21, 22 AC: 19 Flatfooted: 17STR: 18 (+4) INT: 14 (+2) Fort +10 Ref +4 Will+3 Touch: 12DEX: 14 (+2) WIS: 11 (+0) Base +7 Base +3 Base +3CON: 16 (+3) CHA: 13 (+1) Con +3 Dex +2 Wis +0 Hit Points: 103 BC +2 Current: 103 PC -3Scale mail +4 AC, +3 Magic, Dex +2 AC (Max +4) = +9 / Penalty Check: -2Attack Modifier Damage Critical Type RangeZantranna +2* +17/12 2d6 +14 18-20 X2 P/S-Thrown* +14 19-20 X2 10+Giants Stance* 3d6 + 14 18-20 X2+Enlarged* +18/+13 3d6 + 15 18-20 X2--------------------------------------------------No Bonuses---------------------------------------------------Throwing Axe +2 -Melee +15/+10 1d6 +6 19-20 X2 S -Thrown +13 +1d10 Frost 10Dagger (MW)-Melee +14/+9 1d4 +4 19-20 X2 P/S -Thrown +11 10Dagger-Melee +13/+8 1d4 +4 18-20 X2 P/S -Thrown +10/+5 10Dagger +3 of Seeking-Melee +16/+11 1d4 +7 18-20 X2 P/S -Thrown N/A N/ADagger of Bane +3-Melee +18/+13 1d4 + 2d6 +9 18-20 X2 P/S -Thrown +16 10Punch +17/+12 1d3 +4 19-20 X2 BOther Weapons-Melee +13/+8 +4 +1 -Thrown +11Bonuses Modifier Damage Size-Specialization* +1/+1 +2-Zantranna in hand +1/+1 +1-Enlarged +1/+1 +1 +1-In Giants Stance +1-Power Attack -9/-4 +9/+4
  3. 3. Encumbrance Total Carrying XP:STR 18 Light 100lbs Med 101-200 Hvy 201-300 100.0 (0.0 free) 36,000STR 20 Light 133lbs Med 134-266 Hvy 267-400 53.0 (80.0 free) +9000 +300 Lbs TotalBelt w/ Pouches & Sheathes 2 6.5-Manacles (MW) 1-2 Potions 1-Caltrops 1-Patrol Horn 1-Piergeirons Writ --Safe House and Pad Lock Keys --8gp, 5sp (37 coin weight open) 0.5Backpack Leather 2 10-Healer Kit 1-Ink and Pen --Manacles (MW) 1-Satchel (holds 20lbs) 1-Scroll Case 1-Seal & Wax 1-Sheets of Paper (5) --Waterskin 30oz (holds up to 60oz/4lbs) 2-Weapon oil (blessed)/Cloth 1WeaponsGreatsword 47* 50Throwing Axe 2Dagger (MW) 1WornScalemail (Gold) 24 32.5Cloak (Green, Swordcaptain Broach) 1.5Shirt Linen (Black) 0.5Pants Wool (Black) 1Boots Leather (Black) 2Mithril Glove + Gauntlet (Steel, Left) 2Watch Tabard (Green) 1.5Earring – (Gold, Right Ear) -Leather Bracer - (Right) -Loot Notes:25gp 1? Landon Hired by Humbraz Periadost.16sp Deyner D’Phiarlan, Gereth PeatfingersGems 5 (355gp each) = 2485gp Brice Blackmoor III (Silver Sentinel), Voril NPC Golem: Molly Watch Salary: 6sp per day, on duty or off Patrol Bonus: 1gp per patrol, 20 per month Monthly Wage: 38gp 1gallon = 8.35lbs = 134oz | 15oz per pound (rounded down for skin weight)
  4. 4. Potions1 - Dark Vision: 5 hours, can see 60 in total darkness (not magical darkness), black and white only.1 - Shield of Faith: 5 Minutes, +2 Deflection bonus, Creates a shimmering field around the user.Magic Items+2 Greatsword, Zantranna: Bound to Skuli, it gives him +2 STR when held, and also bestows the powersCharging Minotaur (+2) and Enlarge (lvl 5). Magically weightless to Skuli when held, but seems unbearably heavyto others, who must strain to lift it.Binding on a spiritual level with Zantranna incurs the following personal costs: Att -1, Ref Save -3, Hit Points -6.*In its natural state Zantranna weighs 60lbs, but it will grow or shrink (by 1lb per day) to match its new owners size (1/6th owners weight).Currently weighs 47lbs, its weight only affects Skuli’s encumbrance total when stowed.+2 Throwing Axe of Icy Burst: 1d10 frost Dmg upon Crit.+3 Scalemail of Retaliations Feather: Opponents dealing 10 Dmg receive 1d6, at 0 opponent takes 3d6. Ignoresthe first 60 of falling.Gauntlet of Infinite Blades: Creates an infinite amount of daggers at will, that last 3 rounds, then disappear. 5 Charges per day, renewed at dawn. 1 Charge: +3 Dagger 3 Charges: +3 Dagger of Seeking: When thrown, it cant miss, regardless of concealment, if the correct square istargeted. 5 Charges: +3 Dagger of Bane vs specified type (+5 +2d6)Ring of Chameleon Power: +10 Hide Check (Free Action), +10 Disguise (Standard Action)Can change appearance, including armor, clothing, weapons and equipment, only limitations being no more than 1taller or shorter, cant change body type (sex, or race), but otherwise can appear to be a completely differentperson. A creature that interacts with the illusion (example: tries to pull illusionary long hair) makes a will save todetect the illusion. The disguise can be applied an unlimited number of times, but the effect wares off after 90minutes. The illusion has no audible affects on the user or his equipment.
  5. 5. Stored Equipment (Location: Docks Ward Safe House) Lbs Total ------>114.5lbsSatchel 1 1 21-Bedroll 5-Flint and Steel --Winter Blanket 3-Trail Rations (5) 5-Spy Glass 1-Empty Waterskin (2) 0.5-Empty Coin Purse (5) 0.5-Candles (5) 0.5-Map Case 0.5--Map of Waterdeep region 120 miles --Torches (4) 4Satchel 2 1 21-Grappling Hook 4-Climbers Kit 5-Rope Silk, 100 10-Extra Satchel 1Satchel 3 1 21-Tent (Large) 20Reinforced Iron Crate (Zantranna’s) 50 54.5-3 MW Locks 3-Coin Purse 1 1--50pp-Coin Purse 2 0.5--25gp
  6. 6. Skuli Ketilson (Skoolee) - Sentinel Pseudonym: Orinar the MightyHeight: 6’ 3” Weight: 280lbs Hair: Red Eyes: Blue Age: 35What is your personality?Fairly light hearted and easy going on the surface, but underneath, ever the cool and calculating warrior, waiting forthe best moment to strike a fatal blow to any problem within reach. He sympathizes with the cities middle classes,critical of the excess of the wealthy and the squalor of the destitute. He thinks of himself (since joining theSentinels) as an unseen hero for honest hardworking folk. He has a keen sense of duty and is utterly devoted to thebrotherhood of the watch. He has seen enough of the world to know that nothing is black and white and, in specialcircumstances, may ignore minor infractions of the law, as long as the greater good of Waterdeep is served and noinnocent citizen is affected.What did you do in your life before you became an adventurer?Being the sons of a City Watch drill instructor afforded he and his brother, Grenyar, the opportunity to becomecompetent fighters, weaponsmiths and employed as officers stewards by the time they came of age. After a fewyears, they dreamt of a more exciting life outside of the city and decided to strike out on their own, beyond thereach of their often overbearing father (Gudrek).Where are you from and what are your connections to your origin?Born and raised in Waterdeep, his grandfather immigrated from Luskan in his youth. Skuli has only heard tales ofthe old country, but has no connections there. Almost everyone he has ever known in Waterdeep has beenconnected to the City Watch in some way.What is your family like?At only 6 3", Skuli is the runt of the family, being only slightly taller than his own mother. It was his physicalinferiority to Grenyar that drove him further than anyone could have ever have expected. His uncle Einar, the tallestin the clan, possesses a kind heart and always made an effort to keep Skulis spirits up when his fathers relentlesstraining regiments seemed impossible to endure. His mother and grandmother are experts in the art of Northerncuisine, which produces odors that ensure few guests at the dinner table, but evidently grows the heartiest of men.What do you look like?A life of intense physical training has turned his impressive 280lb frame into a tower of steely sinew. His red hairand beard are kept short and uniform, as would be expected of a soldier of the worlds greatest city-state. His blueeyes and bright smile keep the bar maids swooning, but his thick bones and weathered skin mark him as purecommon stock (to Waterdhavian eyes). His Sentinel alter ego, Orinar the Mighty, is a copy of a Luskan mercenarythat was killed on the Chult expedition. Orinar was a brave and honorable warrior who once saved Skulis life andhe hopes that, through his work with the Sentinels, the name will become famous and honor his dead friend. Orinarhas long red hair and a full beard. The disguise is subtle enough to enable him to switch identities (between Skuliand Orinar) in public without attracting attention. Essentially, only his head, mithril glove and sword are affected bythe Orinar projection.What do you like and dislike?Skuli loves life in the great city. A youth spent patrolling the many wards and keeping the peace among people ofall social classes has given him a perspective of things that, perhaps, only members of the City Watch share.Having seen and caused plenty of death in his younger days, he has grown compassionate for the living, even ifthey happen to be on the wrong side of a battle. He doesnt care for money and possessions, living life on the edgeof a sword, he knows the value of every breath.What would you never do?He would never betray a friend, torture (beyond standard interrogation techniques), or steal from an innocentperson. When faced with bullies or thugs, his reaction can become quite severe, though he will refrain from killinganyone who doesnt pose a serious threat. The ideals of a stern, but benevolent peace keeper, have been drilledinto him since birth, and he has lived long enough to understand their necessity.
  7. 7. What would you like to achieve in the future?He would like to find a trustworthy group of adventurers that he can call upon when powerful beings or groups, runamok in his fair city.Who do you love and hate?Skuli and Cartima Ultrace, while occasional co-workers, have a heated on and off relationship, but duty leaves littletime for pleasantries. Perhaps someday things will be different... At the moment, most of the enemies of his past have come to know Lord Kelemvor personally, and those whohave not, no longer pose a threat. He has a handful of friends that he grew up with, whose families are career citywatch, like his own, but the duties of a Sentinel requires that he distance himself from his former life to the pointwhere he only sees friends and family on special occasions.How religious are you?In his youth, he had only a passing interest in the gods, but, since joining the sentinels, he has recognized that hisdeepest convictions are in harmony with the temple of Tyr. His only prayer is to receive the wisdom to deliver truejustice, and before going on patrol, he purifies Zantranna’s blade by cleaning it with blessed weapon oil. If someonehas offended his sense of justice, but arresting them would be unreasonable, then, he might demand that theymake a donation to the temple of a sum proportionate to their crime.What are your prized possessions?Zantranna (greatsword): One of the twin blades of Braga.Ring of Chameleon Power: Standard issue for a Sentinel of the Watch.Scale Mail of Retaliations Feather: Issued by special request from Master of Arms, Helve Ultrace.Gauntlet of Infinite Blades: A gift from Maskar Wands.Past AdventuresA New Life BeginsAfter leaving the City Watch, Skuli and Grenyar hired on as body guards for a charismatic Baldurian merchantcaptain, Mosler Tantin, whose recent seasonal market deliveries had left his balance sheet floundering. He neededthe pair to back up his lead body guard, Orinar the Mighty, before he would dare to attempt more profitableopportunities with a variety of notorious pirates and thieves. Soon, with Orinars guidance, the trio helped Tantindevelop a reputation for being an inconvenient mark within the black market community of the Sword Coast.The Black Lane One year into their partnership, a mysterious man in Athkatla hired Tantin to deliver a shipment of Scorma to aYaun-ti named Zstulkk Ssarmn in Skullport. He dreaded the idea of entering such a place, but the payoff was muchhigher than he could resist. After making the delivery, Zstulkk made him an even more lucrative offer. "There isss a portal carved into the cavern wall, four hundred feet to the Eassst, it will take your ship to the LapalSssea in Chult. On the shore you will find a dozen cratesss filled with valuable ssspicesss and a well dressssedman. Take him to where ever he wishesss, and the cratesss are yoursss to sssell. Should the windsss bring youthisss way again, I may be able to offer you more of the sssame."Over the course of a few years, they entered the portal from Skullport to the Lapal Sea several times, but eachtime, the moans and cries from the slave pens on Skull Island tore at Skulis heart and he vowed that he would liveto see the day when this place is finally buried under the mountain.The Great Expedition A few years later they met an old bosun in Calimport, named Quavor, who had served Tantins father and been hisown boyhood mentor. He told the tale of a cavern filled with veins of precious gems hidden by the deep jungle, onlya few miles North East of the mouth of the River Tath, and so, with a hold full of Calimshite mercenaries, they setsail for Chult. There they hired a guide and a team of workers from the shanty village outside the walls of PortNyranzaru, then set anchor near the mouth of the river and began constructing an earth and timber fort (FortQuavor). After some turmoil, a temporary alliance was made with one of the local Batiri* goblin tribes, who led themto the cavern in exchange for steel weapons, only to find that it had become inhabited by a clan of Xuthus** ogres.
  8. 8. They lured the Xuthus into an ambush and took control over the mouth of the cavern, but discovered that it ranmuch deeper than anyone was willing to explore, possibly even under the Mistcliff Mountains. For a time they heldthe cavern uncontested, blocked up one end, cut a pathway through the jungle and began picking out enough gemsto finally turn a profit. Eventually, a Xuthus war party broke through the barrier and overran the mine. Skuli andGrenyar would have surely been amongst the many casualties that day, if it werent for, Orinar, who sacrificedhimself to the bloodthirsty horde. More warriors were hired, many battles were fought and control of the mine changed hands once again. During thefinal battle, a Xuthus warrior named Braga, legendary amongst the Batiri, was slain by the brothers and the TwinBlades of Braga*** were claimed, but the entrance of the mine was collapsed by the Xuthus shaman and the greatexpedition finally concluded. In the end, Tantins profits were sizeable, but the blood spilled took a heavy toll on Skulis conscience. So manyyoung men would never return to their families. Even the Xuthus were only protecting their home. As they loadedthe last crates onto the ship, he could only think about how long it would be before he could see his family again.Gren and Mosler were already discussing their next expedition when Skuli told them he would be parting wayswhen they reached Calimport. They didnt seem surprised until he refused his full share of the gems, only enoughto get home.* Batiri: Nomadic jungle goblins. Green skinned, larger, more intelligent and physically adept than typical northerngoblins. They speak a similar dialect.**Xuthus: Chultan cave ogres. Grey skinned, and as with most Chultan species, superior to their northern cousinsin every way.***The Twin Blades of Braga, a pair of large magical swords. Equivalent to a long sword when held by a Xuthus.A Tale of Two SwordsAt the fall of Rolidar (The ancient dwarven empire of Faerun, also known as the Empire of Shimmering Swords),Udokas Bloodbearer, an ogre king said to have bathed in the blood of Gargauth (Demipower/ former archdevil),captured the twin daughters (Zantranna & Ravatranna) of the Imperial Weaponsmith, Belril Swordsteel. He forcedthem to work, making him a pair of blades that would surpass all others and unite the tribes under him. They knewthat Udokas planned to sacrifice them in a ritual to further empower the blades, so they poured all of their lifeessence into them, ultimately sacrificing themselves. The blades were much more powerful than Udokas hadhoped for, making him invincible in battle (slaying many evil humanoids), and his tribe grew, until, at the battle thatwould have made him master of the tribes, the blades failed him, and they were claimed by a new king. And so thisprocess continued for a thousand years, until they came into possession of Prince Braga, passed down by hisfather Tarmikos the Blind (ogre mage), and like all the others, they served him well. Until one fateful day, when hefaced off against two young humans, Grenyar and Skuli Ketilson. The blades forsook their owner, becoming tooheavy to wield and Braga was cut down. At first the swords seemed merely a trophy for the two young warriors,being too large and heavy to wield, but each night as they slept, voices from the blades sang out to them in theirdreams. The songs were in dwarven, but somehow they understood. Finally, they realized that they shared thesame dreams and took a closer look at the 60lb swords. They found that they had become light as a feather, butonly in their hands. Over time the blades shrank in size to match their new owners, and through dream song,revealed their names and the tales of their history to the brothers, but the communication was limited to just that.Now when they sleep, sometimes they hear dwarven songs gently sung of the glorious fallen empire, and darkones who may still lurk deep underfoot.A Sentinel is BornFive years ago, Skuli was serving as a Swordcaptain (Patrol Leader) of the City Watch, when Thyriellentha Snome,Mage Civilar - Commander of the Watch-Wizard Corps, discovered that her cousin Dandobar, likely heir to theSnome fortune and Waterdeep based distilling empire, had been replaced with a polymorphed Yaun-ti spy, it didnttake her long to extract the plot behind it. It seemed that the great Yaun-ti tribes of Chult had predicted that Sseth,their long dormant god, will awaken and restore their place as the master species of this world. In preparation forthe coming war, they had been infiltrating the upper echelons of human nations for decades, but had only recentlyturned their focus to distant Waterdeep. An unknown number of weak but important people, mostly heirs of the trulypowerful, had already been taken to Skullport, where they awaited collection by an infamous Drow slaver.
  9. 9. Captain Rulathon realized that sending Force Grey into Skullport would not only risk losing Waterdeeps last andmost powerful line of defense, but also risk breaking the unspoken treaty, so he chose to assign Cartima Ultrace(Priestess of Tyr) to lead a squad of sentinels to extract the young nobles quietly. Cartima recruited Skuli to be her guide, since he had been to Skullport in his youth and knew something of thelanguage of Chult. Four other disguised sentinels, two watch-wizards and a drakkar manned by 40 veteran cityguard marines disguised as northmen raiders rowed into Skullport. After locating the nobles in the Iron Ring cell compound on Skull Island, they decided to make contact withAhmaergo "the horned dwarf", Skullports most influential slaver boss. They told him that the Yauntis plot wouldlead to open war with Waterdeep, and that the most reasonable choice of action would be for him to make hisguards scarce during the raid. Realizing that the foreign powers of Yaun-ti and Drow risked only Skullports livelyhood in their gamble, he agreed and the ensuing raid was a success, though the forces of Skullport were eventuallymobilized, the delay gave the liberators just enough time to execute a daring escape. When they returned to thecity, each of the imposters were arrested and Swordcaptain Skuli Ketilson was offered a position with the Sentinels.Now he works directly for Captain Rulathan.Wands and Daggers Several months ago, Skuli was assigned to help Maskar Wands investigate the murder of his youngeststepdaughter. Maskar wasnt certain what manner of beast was responsible for the gruesome act, but he suspectedthat it was somehow masquerading as one of the many residents of his estate. He used a wand to reduce Skuli insize so that he could take on the appearance of a fat little boy with his ring and introduced him as his nephew to thestaff. Skuli discovered, that Maskar supplies the rings for the Sentinals. Three times a day, Skuli had to meet withMaskar to receive a fresh application of the wand and kept track of the time on a large hour glass in his bedroom.He was also given a magical mithril gauntlet that could conjure a dagger magically tuned to piercing the hide of anykind of creature that might appear. After several nights, Skuli was finally attacked by a devil swine* that had beenposing as one of the attendants. Though he had temporarily mastered the finer points of knife fighting, and wasarmed with a fearsome blade, he nearly met his match due to his reduced size and strength. Maskar suspects thatthe beast was attempting to gain access to his laboratory, where there are a number of items that might attractsuch a demon.* A shape shifter of demonic origin, often mistaken for a lycanthrope. Its natural form is that of a large and horrifyingpig, but it most often attacks in its grotesque hybrid form resembling an old man with fangs, claws and devilishlypointed pig ears. More than a match for most men in single combat, it relishes in terrifying the weakest possiblevictim before it feeds.More on the Sentinels of the WatchSentinels typically operate alone and are not made aware of other members as they are often called upon toinfiltrate dangerous organizations with the use of their rings, and any compromise of their identities could behazardous for all involved.They are typically warriors, chosen based on their martial prowess, intelligence and loyalty.When not disguised with intent to infiltrate, they assume an alternate identity as free roaming City Watch officers,which allows them to remain useful on a daily basis while acting as a double blind, in case they have been trackedor partially identified.When a sentinel does require backup, he or she is typically paired up with a cleric in good standing. The cleric willnot be made aware of the Sentinels true identity, unless a long term partnership is required.The sentinel rings bare a tiny emblem that allows them to identify each other without revealing their true identities.As far as Skuli knows, the only people who know that Orinar is his alternate identity are Helve and Cartima Ultrace,Captain Rulathan and Maskar Wands.The Adventure BeginsSkuli currently resides in a safe house in the Dock Wards, three doors South of the Blackstar Inn on Gut Alley.There are a number of safe houses scattered throughout the city. Keys are assigned based on an agents objective.Sentinel protocol dictates that agents use an alternate disguise when entering from the street.
  10. 10. Skuli’s Family (All Warblades specialized in Iron Heart / Bastard Sword)Ketil Denalepute Grandfather Age 83 Orsar (honorary)Seated amongst the “honorary” Honor Guard of Captain Rulathan during official ceremonies, Ketil the Pincushion(as his last name translates) and his best friend Flosi Halvardson visited Waterdeep as sailors about sixty-fiveyears ago, and, astounded by the freedom and wealth its citizens enjoyed, decided to stay. Joining the city watchseemed the perfect fit for their natural size, ability and desire to see wrongs righted, as it was for many a strayNorthmen in those days. He married a carpenter’s daughter and had two sons and three daughters. Retired twentyyears ago as a highly decorated Sword (Sergeant), he refused promotion early in his career, preferring to stay inthe thick of things. He and his wife (Hrefna, age 75) reside in the family estate (a two story courted stone house inCastle Ward) with his son Gudrek and Gudreks’ wife Svalla. Among his many tales are the time the watch roundedup the Shadow Thieves (about 60 years ago), and how he once pulled a young officer out of a well in North Ward(about 50 years ago), who now holds the title of Open Lord (a well that connects to the catacombs under the City ofthe Dead). The story of Ketils life before Waterdeep, as told amongst the family, is a brief one. Ketils (warblade)clan was wiped out by another when he was about fifteen years old. By chance, he returned from a fishing trip tofind his village in smoldering ruins. He rowed his small boat to the mainland and then walked for many days untilfinally reaching Luskan, where he hired on as an oarsman for a trade ship. Offering no surname, his shipmatesnamed him Denalepute after observing the many small scars covering his body, which he says he received fromplaying swords with his brothers. When asked about his clan, and where he came from, his reply is invariably“Some things are better left forgotten.”Einar Ketilson Uncle Age 61 Orsar (Envoy to The Order of Master Shipwrights)Several years ago Einar was the Docks Ward Guardsword (duty head for shifts patrolling the city docks), and it washe that sent Mosler Tantin to meet with Grenyar and Skuli (Don’t tell Gudrek!). Fellow clanless warblade OrinarSverdbrotsyor (Sword Breaker) was secretly charged with looking after the boys, as Einar felt that it was importantfor them to believe that they were truly striking out on their own. Since Skulis return, Einar has aided his trainingregime by preparing deadly gauntlets of rope and timber to test him a few times a month (Balance, Climb, Jump,Tumble). Currently retired from patrol duties, Einar continues to serve as the Watchs envoy to the Shipwrightsguild, which, incidentally, is a great help for finding locations and materials for use in Skulis training (typically withinhalf built ship hulls). As the envoy, his duties are a combination of inspecting the guild member’s operations toensure that they are adhering to Waterdeep’s strict business laws, designed to ensure a fair and competitiveenvironment and also to act as a point of contact for those guild members to voice any complaints or concerns thatmay fall within the Open Lord’s jurisdiction. Never married, he resides alone in a small villa in the Docks Ward.Gudrek Ketilson Father Age 56 Rorden (in charge of one Castle Ward barrack)A driven man, Gudrek has accomplished much in his life, and is well respected by his peers. Ranked a 2nd tier drillinstructor in the watch, he is responsible for turning seasoned blades, that have served at least 2 years, into deadlyswords*. His commanding officer is the Master of Arms, Helve Ultrace. As a family man, Gudrek can be somewhatcold and distant. Never one to show emotion, his mind is always on his job. He is very proud of Skuli’sdevelopment, as he has clearly surpassed everyone in the family by great strides, but he treats him the same asever… Skuli has become mostly immune to the old man’s ways. When Skuli is off duty, he has been known to visitthe barracks and spar with Gudrek and his students. Gudrek and his wife, Svalla, have known each other all of theirlives, as she is the daughter of Ketil’s friend and watch brother, Flosi (now deceased).* Ketilsons regard their warblade techniques as family secrets, only exchanging maneuvers with honorablewarblades of the North on occasion.Grenyar Ketilson Brother Age 37 Blade (Retired)Has not been seen by his family since Skuli parted ways with him seven years ago in Calimport.Grenyar was always the best at everything while growing up and this has made him supremely confident. Clearlydestined for greatness, everyone expected him to outgrow the City Watch, everyone, that is, except his father, whowas quietly heartbroken until Skuli returned to fulfill his expectations. Unmatched in strength, speed and wit (in hisown mind), and inheriting his father’s boundless determination, makes Grenyar extremely dangerous to those whowould make an enemy of him. Skuli imagines that his brother is probably a famous mercenary captain,
  11. 11. commanding enormous sums for his services, or a land granted knight in a carefully chosen kingdom. For if hewere still a sailor, he surely would have paid a visit by now.Skuli Ketilson Age 35 SwordcaptainOn the Castle Ward roster, assumed to be stationed within Piergeiron’s keep.
  12. 12. Know Thy WatchWaterdeep has both a standing army (the City Guard) and a police force (the City Watch). Though they often worktogether, the average Waterdhavian or visitor to the city will most often come into contact with watch street patrols,and see the Guard only at city gates, manning the walls or boarding ships for harbor inspections, and overhead ongriffonback.Down the years, watch patrols have exhibited a variety of ranks, uniforms, and strengths, because the watchexperiments continually with tactics, equipment, and ways of achieving two impossibly conflicting aims: tosometimes catch miscreants by surprising them with persons they dont identify as watch officers; and to usuallyreassure citizens and enable them to cry for ready aid by allowing them to readily identify watch officers from afar,on sight, due to distinctive uniforms (and at night, distinctive lanterns and the like).Patrols pass along main streets once between bells, and vary their routes often. Dockside, "red-light," and knownfrequent-theft areas receive around five patrols per bell, as do known "bad" taverns and inns. Temples are policedlightly, because clergy are assumed to police their own grounds and buildings. (The term "hour" is unknown in theRealms, but temple bells strike more or less in unison, an hour apart.) Watch patrols are on foot but can callhorsedrawn watch prison carts to carry off prisoners or confiscated goods.All watch patrols are armed and carry more than one "watch horn." These nonmagical signal horns are used toblow various -- and slightly altered, from time to time -- patterns of calls, to do one of the following: Summon watch reinforcements Summon City Guard aid Summon Watchful Order aid Summon "duty healers" (priests lent by various city temples) Proclaim that an alert or search is now ended Proclaim that someone has been found Warn fellow watch members away from a dangerous spot or delicate situationTo outsiders, "watchmen" (a term that some use for both genders, so a shopkeeper may be heard saying: "Andthen the lady watchman come running, sir, and strike me blind if she didnt . . .") come in three sorts: "patrolman"(male) or "patroljan" (female), "captain" (any officer controlling a patrol) and "commander" (any officer of higherrank). Many folk call every watch member "officer," just to be safe.Watch members actually hold these ranks, from lowest to highest: blade, sword or "armar" (equivalent to asergeant), swordcaptain (patrol leader), rorden (in charge of a watchpost or barracks, or either five or six patrols),orsar (envoy to guilds, citizen groups, noble families; also serves as prisoner escorts and in honor guards),guardsword (duty head for shifts patrolling the city docks and gates), commander ("officer of the shift"), andwatchlord (the administrative and disciplinary heads of the watch, usually three or four officers who hold specialtitles personally bestowed on them by Piergeiron). The Captain of the Watch holds sway over all of these.The watch also has special offices (such as jailer, armorer, and horsemaster) that are held in addition to ranks."Civilar" is a term applied to all ranks from swordcaptains up through orsar.Swordcaptains and higher always wear uniforms or (rarely) armor with uniform tabards, and any watch membermay wear helms, gauntlets, and leather armor if they (or a superior officer) deems it necessary. A watch memberdoesnt have the right to order an inferior watch member not to wear armor.Rank badges take the form of tabards; thanks to widespread counterfeiting, pins are no longer used except onceremonial occasions. By rank, these badges are as follows (all are encircled by an oval line sculpted into a rollingwave at the bottom and the peak of Mount Waterdeep at the top): Blade: diagonal slash (lower left to upper right) Sword: diagonal slash (upper left to lower right) Swordcaptain: X shape (crossed diagonal slashes) Rorden: horizontal dagger (hilt on left) Orsar: vertical open human right hand, fingers uppermost and palm showing
  13. 13. Guardsword: two horizontal swords, upper one with hilt right, lower one with hilt left All higher ranks: two staring eyes, horizontal sword beneath them (hilt on left)Members of the watch enjoy a wide but legally undefined immunity from most Waterdhavian laws while exercisingtheir duties. They can appeal any sentence uttered against them by any Black Robe (magistrate) to the Lords ofWaterdeep, which in practice means Piergeiron -- who has been very lenient with watch members of long serviceand good character.On the other hand, watch members hate "bad" watch members and will hound a suspected bad apple until they fleethe city, agree to all investigations, or clearly establish their innocence. Watch members found guilty of crimes ormisbehavior are often fined by the watch as well as punished under law. Conversely, distinguished service oftenearns handsome retirement bonuses from the Lords (sometimes even outlying land or in-city buildings).Most Waterdhavians grumble at the watch, but obey them, because the watch is seen as fair (if often thick-headed)and helpful as well as jack-booted. (Theyll unhesitatingly search for missing children, safeguard broken-openshops or scared persons, and so on.)Persons arrested by the watch are often taken to holding cells in the city wall towers, but the main lockup is a levelof ironbar cells in the "dungeons" of Castle Waterdeep, with dangerous prisoners being handed over to the Guardfor imprisonment in caverns inside Mount Waterdeep.Watch SundriesWatch members inevitably become experts in particular neighborhoods, but in the last two decades the watch hasmade an effort to rotate patrol duties, mixing "area veterans" with watch members from other parts of the city, soevery watch officer at least knows the street layout (and places of treacherous footing, poor visibility, or particularambush danger) of the entire city.Policing the sewers is now the duty of the City Guard, and the watch rarely enter them except when pursuingsuspects or discovering sewer tunnels that connect with building cellars.Every veteran watch member knows at least the heads and heirs of all Waterdhavian noble families by sight, plusthe persistent troublemakers among the nobility. Many know most of the guildmasters faces, too.Forms of AddressWatch members customarily address male citizens as "goodsirs," except for persons they know to beWaterdhavian nobility, whom they call "gentlesirs." Mixed-gender groups of folk that include known nobles arecalled "gentles," and if the watch members dont recognize any nobles in the mob, theyll use the word "citizens"(even if they know many of them to be visitors).Non-noble women are "goodwives" unless young, whereupon they become "goodlasses." Young males are usuallycalled "jacks" or "my jacks" (as in: "What befalls? Hold and deliver truth, my jacks!")"Hold!" (which means "Freeze!") and "Down arms!" (which means "Drop your weapons!") and "Talk truth!" (whichmeans "Answer me!") are frequent watch commands.When watch members address officers of superior rank, the word "sir" is the all-purpose formal address. "Sorn" isan added term of respect, somewhere between "trusted" and "worthy" in meaning, and is applied thus: "Sorn sir.""Sorn" is also used in the other direction (by higher ranks addressing lower), but instead of "sir," its added (or notadded, if the speaker is grumpy or disapproving or merely bored) to the word "trusty."In most daily situations (such as in barracks or on the streets, not in front of a Lord or Palace official or at a noblesrevel), watch officers tend to ignore rank formalities when their ranks are similar.A watch patrol leader would think something was wrong, or she was being mocked, if members of her own patrolstarted calling her "sir" or "sorn sir," and so would a senior commander, if officers one rank lower than him did thesame thing. This is due in part to the practice, now almost universal in the watch, of carefully being very formal and
  14. 14. polite when you think your superior is making a mistake, or breaking the rules, or just being an ox-haunch(behaving like a jackass): in other words, clearly indicating your disapproval by tone and excessive formality withoutactually saying a single word of disagreement.The watch places far more importance on diligent behavior while on duty (and springing to the aid of, or showingthoughtfulness toward, ones fellow watch officers) than on matters of etiquette. Theres little or no discipline(beyond a sharp comment) for missing a salute or stumbling over another officers title; the watch prides itself onbeing "family" (albeit a gruff, ungentle "slap-on-the-back, mock-ones-fellows" family) and not "a bunch of sniff-nosed, post-headed warriors."SalutesMembers of the City Guard salute often, usually with a raised weapon, but watch members seldom do so.Some little-used formal and ceremonial salutes exist, but the most common watch salute performed indicatesrespect for someones judgment, prowess at arms, or bravery. The saluter draws to attention, looks at the person tobe honored, and while doing so, sharply raps the hilt of a sheathed weapon (usually a belt dagger) with one closedfist.To any watch superior, a watch member salutes by tapping his temple smartly with an upraised, vertical forefinger.The replying salute to an inferior is identical only if the superior officer desires to convey profound respect orgratitude.Otherwise, the superior officer bends the left arm (at the elbow) up and across in front of her, turning that handedgewise-on with fingers and thumb together ("a karate chop"), and strikes it gently, down from above, with theoutside of her right hand, similarly bent but formed into a fist. (The fist "bounces" off the fingers of the other hand,after striking just once.)A covert salute from a watch member to another officer (used in exaggerated, not-trying-to-hide form by officers notcertain of the rank of the person theyre saluting): Put the heel of the horizontal right hand on ones own belt, thenswing fingers together in a single "tap" against the belt (as if patting ones own belly). If this is immediately followedby a move to scratch ones own left shoulder, it means: "Hi, there! Ive got trouble, big trouble, and need you to stayand confer with me. Contrive to get close to me in some non-obvious manner, so we can talk."PayA watch member receives 25 gp upon joining, plus a free uniform, a pair of boots, training, and (one) weapon. Ifdismissed without completing training, all must be returned except 12 gp.Thereafter the watch member receives free room and board at assigned watch barracks (bunk, small beer, simplefare, bath access, weapon oil; need not be accepted, or can be taken up only on a casual "feel like it tonight"basis), plus 5 sp per day (active duty or not), plus 4 sp per patrol (normally only one patrol per day per watchperson, the day normally being divided into three slightly-overlapping shifts/patrols). Officers receive the same 5 sprate, but 5 sp, 7 sp, or 1 gp per patrol, depending on rank.The watch member also receives one replacement uniform, a pair of boots, and an additional weapon per year;others must be paid for out of salary. (Additional weapons and gear are often issued "for free" out of armorylockups for patrol use, but must be returned or replaced.)
  15. 15. Code Legal of WaterdeepThe First Plaint: Crimes Against The LordsSEVERE: . Treason (including Assault Upon a Lord): A. Impersonation of a Lord: A. Impersonation of a Magister: B after flogging. Forgery of an Official Document: B or C (permanent) and D. Assault Upon A Magister: B or F (10 years) after floggingSERIOUS: . Theft, Vandalism, or Arson Against the Palace or Any Part of the City Walls: E (as justice demands) plus H (costsof repairs plus 2,000 gold pieces). Impersonation of a Guardsman or Officer of the Watch: F (as justice demands) plus H (5,000 gold pieces) andflogging. Repetition of any Lesser or Minor Offense Against This Plaint: E or F (1 month) and/or H (up to 1,000 gold pieces). Willful Disobedience of Any Edict Uttered Against One by a Lord: H (up to 1,000 gp) and/or C (up to 5 years)LESSER: . Unlawful Observation or Copying of an Official Document F (3 weeks) plus H (300 gp). Assault Upon Any City Officer Who Is Acting in the Line of Duty: F (1 week) plus H (as justice demands; usuallybased on ability to pay; flogging if unable to pay anything). Attempting to Discover the Identities of the Lords: H (500 gold), J (Repetition of Crime)MINOR: . Blasphemy Against Lord, Magister, or any City Officer: G (4 days) plus H (20 gp). Impeding the Swift Process of Law by Delaying the Actions of the Guard, Magisters, or Watch: F (2 days).SentencesA- Death (instant)B- Death (upon conviction)C- Exile or Ban Against Future EntryD- Mutilation (loss of offending extremities, branding)E- Enforced Hard LaborF- Imprisonment (dungeon)G- Imprisonment (light work in Castle compound)H- Fine (payable to City)I- Damages (payable to injured party)J- Edict Against Convict (public pronouncement forbidding convict to do something; e.g. continue in presentbusiness, repeat circumstances that led to an offense, etc.)
  16. 16. The Second Plaint: Crimes Against The CitySEVERE: . Poisoning of Water (City Wells; includes attempted blockage or attempts to control public access, or charge feesfor such access): A. Murder: B or E (10-15 years). Spying, Sabotage: B or C (permanent) plus H (costs of repairs plus 2,000 - 5,000 gp) or F (20 years) plus HSERIOUS: . Fraud: C (permanent) and I (as justice demands) or F (up to 10 years) and I, and J. Fencing Stolen Goods: G (up to 2 years) and H (typically twice the price the goods were sold for) and J. Unlawful Duelling (Manslaughter): C (up to 5 years) and I (to family, typically 1,000 gp) or E (up to 3 years) and I. Murder With Justification: C (up to 5 years) or E (up to 3 years). Repetition of Any Lesser or Minor Offense Against This Plaint: F (1 month) and H (up to 1,000 gp) and J. Bribery of a City Officer or Official (attempted or apprehended): C (up to 20 years) and confiscation ofall property except one weapon , one weeks rations, and clothes worn by offenderLESSER: . Unlawful Entry into the Harbor (1 charge per vessel per occasion): C (1 year) andH (500 gp). Unlawful Duelling (apprehended; i.e. on fatality): G (1 week) and H (100 gp) and J. Entry into City after Curfew, or not by Main Gates: H (100 gp) and C (1 year, if engaged in questionable activities)MINOR: . Bribery: G (1 week) and/or H (amount of bribe or attempted bribe). Unlawful Flight Intrusion (into City airspace, of intelligent being flying by means of an aerial mount or magic): H(300 gp) and J (in peacetime; in wartime, sentence can be A). Blasphemy Against Foreign Ambassadors: G (up to 1 week), I (50 gp) and J. Vagrancy: F (overnight). Littering (includes Relief of Human Wastes in Public): F (overnight) and H (2 sp to 1 gp, based on ability to pay)and J. Brandishing a Weapon Dangerously or Threateningly Without Due Cause (note: being in a brawl is not due causeunless one is menaced with a weapon): F (overnight) and H (1 gp). Dangerous Operation of a Coach, Wagon, Litter or other Conveyance (including Airborne): H (5 - 50 gp, as justicedemands; note that this will be in addition to the sentence for any charges placed under The Fourth Plaint). Leaving the city of Waterdeep after curfew by means other than the main gates: H (500 gp).SentencesA- Death (instant)B- Death (upon conviction)C- Exile or Ban Against Future EntryD- Mutilation (loss of offending extremities, branding)E- Enforced Hard LaborF- Imprisonment (dungeon)G- Imprisonment (light work in Castle compound)H- Fine (payable to City)I- Damages (payable to injured party)J- Edict Against Convict (public pronouncement forbidding convict to do something; e.g. continue in presentbusiness, repeat circumstances that led to an offense, etc.
  17. 17. The Third Plaint: Crimes Against The GodsSEVERE:. Defiling of a Holy Place(Temple Burglary, Temple Arson, or Temple Vandalism): C (5 years) and I (as justicedemands) or E (up to 5 years) and I or F (up to 3 years) and ISERIOUS: . Theft of Temple Goods or Offerings (includes spoilage or consumption of same): F (up to 1 month) and I (doublethe estimated value of the goods) and J. Tomb-Robbing (or Unlawful Entry and/or Vandalism of a Tomb): G (up to 1 week) and I (costs of repairs andreplacements plus up to 500 gp, payable to whoever maintains the tomb. temple, guild, City, or family) and J. Repetition of any Lesser or Minor Offense Against This Plaint: G (up to 1 week) and H (up to 1,000 gp) and JLESSER:. Assault Upon A Priest or Lay Worshiper: I (of up to 500 gp; payable to temple, and usually based on ability topay) and J (in addition to charges placed under the Fourth Plaint arising from such an assault)MINOR: . Public Blasphemy of a God or Priesthood: I (up to 10 gp, based on ability to pay) and J. Drunkenness (and Disorderly Conduct) at Worship: I (up to 5 gp, based on ability to pay) and JSentencesA- Death (instant)B- Death (upon conviction)C- Exile or Ban Against Future EntryD- Mutilation (loss of offending extremities, branding)E- Enforced Hard LaborF- Imprisonment (dungeon)G- Imprisonment (light work in Castle compound)H- Fine (payable to City)I- Damages (payable to injured party)J- Edict Against Convict (public pronouncement forbidding convict to do something; e.g. continue in presentbusiness, repeat circumstances that led to an offense, etc.)
  18. 18. The Fourth Plaint: Crimes Against CitizensSEVERE: . Arson (of Ship, Structure, or Stored Property): E (up to 3 months) and I (value lost plus up to 500 gp), and/or C(up to 10 years) and I. Rape: D and I (up to 2,000 gp) or E (up to 5 years) and I, or F (up to 10 years) and I. Assault Resulting In Mutilation or Crippling: D and I (up to 2,000 gp) or E (up to 3 years) and I. Magical Assault: H (up to 1,000 gp) and I (up to 2,000 gp) and J. Forgery (not including official City documents): C (up to 20 years) and D and the confiscation of all property except1 weapon, 1 weeks rations, and offenders clothing worn at the time of sentencing. Slavery: C (up to 10 years) and flogging if shackling, cruelty, whipping, branding, or physical indignities areobservedSERIOUS: . Robbery: E (up to 1 month) and I (value of goods lost plus up to 500 gp). Burglary: F (up to 3 months) and I (value of goods lost plus up to 500 gp). Theft or Killing of Livestock: I (double cost of lost stock). Repetition of any Lesser or Minor Offense Against This Plaint: F (up to 1 week) and I (double normal), or G (up to2 weeks) and I (double normal). Usury: I (City recovers excess over legal rates, returns to injured party)LESSER: . Damage to Property: I (value of goods lost plus up to 500 gp) and J. Assault (Wounding): I (cost of medical attention plus up to 500 gp) and J. Assault on Livestock (nonfatal): I (cost of medical attention plus up to 500 gp; maximum damages always apply iflivestocks breeding capability is impaired). Unlawful Hindrance of Business: I (up to 200 gp) and J (this charge includes instances of blocking access to aplace of business without permission of owner or a Magister; and trying to frighten, disgust, or drive awaycustomers in or in front of anothers shop)MINOR:. Assault (without wounding or robbery): F (overnight) and I (up to 50 gp). Excessive Noise (interfering with sleepor business): I (up to 25 gp) and JSentencesA- Death (instant)B- Death (upon conviction)C- Exile or Ban Against Future EntryD- Mutilation (loss of offending extremities, branding)E- Enforced Hard LaborF- Imprisonment (dungeon)G- Imprisonment (light work in Castle compound)H- Fine (payable to City)I- Damages (payable to injured party)J- Edict Against Convict (public pronouncement forbidding convict to do something; e.g. continue in presentbusiness, repeat circumstances that led to an offense, etc.)