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The second world



Published in News & Politics , Technology
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  • 1. The Second World By: Parag Khanna Powerpoint by: Sonya Sheets
  • 2. The Second World Controversy
    • Khanna stresses the opposing view of the current world powers: China, Europe, and The United States that they are now becoming Imperialist countries.
    • “ Imperialism:–noun 1. the policy of extending the rule or authority of an empire or nation over foreign countries, or of acquiring and holding colonies and dependencies.
    • 2. advocacy of imperial interests.
    • 3. an imperial system of government”
  • 3. The Goal of Modern Day Imperialism
    • Now that we know of what Imperialism means, we must ask, what are they looking for to control?
    • Khanna’s theory or much rather fact, is that all three of these Imperialistic countries are looking for energy and fuel on the face of this earth.
    • In order for these nations to do this, they are simply partnering up with second tier countries to obtain their energy and fuel.
  • 4. Geographical Significance
    • The writer also studies the geographical advances on political society of the world.
    • As an example, He notes that the largest country to ever be on the planet was most certainly the weakest. Russia, being a large country was “thinly spread” by the amount of people whom still live there today. He remarks that it was a joke to consider this entire era a country. It was such a little population as compared to the size of Russia.
  • 5. Why is this happening?
    • Lastly, Khanna observes that there are many countries that were liberated from a dictatorship past. Such as: Taiwan, Malaysia, and Indonesia.
    • These countries have similar structures in government, for they are vacant in actual government upholding. They are now seen as economical eras of opportunity to be taken advantage of. And hence, the Imperialists are beckoned to their sights of the future.