tyntec's SMS and mobile interaction products
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tyntec's SMS and mobile interaction products



tyntec's portfolio of SMS and mobile interaction products

tyntec's portfolio of SMS and mobile interaction products



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    tyntec's SMS and mobile interaction products tyntec's SMS and mobile interaction products Presentation Transcript

    • tyntec product portfolio
    • Our product portfolio: universal telecom services Universal telecom services such as SMS, voice and mobile numbers offer companies a range of benefits as a mobile interaction channel, because: SMS They work from anywhere and on any device Nearly every mobile subscriber knows how to use Voice them The network coverage that powers them is globally ubiquitous (independent from 3G) Mobile They are easy-to-implement and cost-effective Numberstyntec offers a range of products & solutions powered by universal telecom services: SMS and Voice transmission services as well as a cloud telephony solution, tt.One. Mobile Numbers are also provided in combination with inbound services and tt.One. 2
    • ProductsServices Highlights Mobile Outbound SMS allows companies to Reliable, fast SMS delivery integrate SMS into the heart of what they do. Whether this is sending time-critical Global reach alerts, carrying out marketing campaigns Real-time delivery receipts or interacting with customers. Mobile Inbound SMS allows companies to International & local numbers interact with their customers via text, which can be vital for anything from Reliable & scalable inbound platform marketing campaigns to social networking High speed processing of incoming SMS applications. Inbound Voice allows companies to interact Voice & SMS enabled numbers with their customers via voice calls, which can Reliable & scalable inbound platform be vital for social networking applications, VoIP services and more. High speed processing of incoming calls Outbound Voice allows companies to Reliable, fast voice transmission enable phone calls for social networking Reliable & scalable platform 3 applications, VoIP services and more.
    • ProductsServices Highlights Mobile Numbers can virtualize core mobile Voice & SMS enabled numbers communications capabilities such as SMS and voice calling into the cloud, eliminating the Reliable & scalable inbound platform need for a SIM card. We provide SMS-enabled High speed processing of incoming calls numbers as well as Voice & SMS enabled numbers. Number Lookup provides customizable Essential in Mobile Number Portability network information directly from the GSM network. This service enables companies to Real-time network check perform efficient subscriber database Routing optimization & cost savings cleaning, compile statistical data, implement anti-fraud procedures and ID verification, etc. 4
    • ProductsOur cloud telephony solution: tt.One Highlights tt.One bridges the telecom & web worlds Voice & SMS enabled numbers with mobile phone numbers, enabling Carrier-grade and easy-to-integrate companies to use a fully interoperable and Reduce the complexity of telecoms ubiquitous way to enable seamless communication with SMS & voice across SMS & voice connectivity several platforms, systems and apps. Plug & play solution for internet companies Customers can associate a mobile phone number with social networking profiles, instant messaging accounts or VoIP IDs, and virtualize all core mobile communications capabilities into the cloud through a virtual SIM card. 5
    • ProductsSolutions Highlights 2-Way Mobile Dialogue SMS allows Seamless inbound and outbound companies to integrate two-way mobile interaction services into marketing Global reach campaigns, enterprise applications and time Reliable & fast 2-way SMS interaction critical alerts. Online SMS Portal offers an easy-to-use web Easy-to-use web interface interface for SMS interaction for businesses looking to exchange SMS in a reliable, fast High quality & global SMS and global way. Wide range of plug-in options Mobile Authentication gives companies Easy, straightforward, reliable access to a powerful personalized, fast and cost-effective 2-factor verification with SMS, Gives companies access to powerful enabling the seamless transmission of One and personalized identity Time Passwords (OTPs) or mTANs. authentication to prevent fraud 6
    • Our products bring real advantages for you: 7
    • Some more information on what you get: High quality: tyntec offers fully reliable, fast and secure services, supported by strict Service Level Agreements. Global reach: businesses can integrate the mobile channel in an international scale. Easy access: tyntec works with fully ubiquitous, universal and standard mobile technologies, protocols and interfaces. Our services work from anywhere, on any device through a single point of access. Flexibility: tyntec can accommodate customer and operator specific requests and tailor mobile services accordingly. Convenience: tyntec’s services are easy and fast to integrate – no software or hardware installation and only one interface. 8
    • About tyntec tyntec is a mobile interaction specialist, enabling businesses to integrate mobile telecom services for a wide range of uses – from mission-critical applications to internet services. We reduce the complexity involved in accessing the complex telecoms world by providing a high quality, easy-to- integrate and global offering using universal services such as SMS, voice and numbers. Founded in 2002, and with more than 150 staff in five offices around the globe, tyntec works with 500+ businesses including mobile service providers, enterprises and internet companies. www.tyntec.com sales@tyntec.com 9