tyntec's high-quality SMS interaction

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You think that communicating with your customers via SMS is unreliable? You don’t know tyntec’s high-quality mobile interaction yet.

You think that communicating with your customers via SMS is unreliable? You don’t know tyntec’s high-quality mobile interaction yet.

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  • 1. Willing to use SMS in yourbusiness?Learn more about tyntec‘s SMS productportfolio and quality
  • 2. Why SMS? 2
  • 3. Consumer SMS vs. Enterprise SMSMobile is increasingly becoming a vital channel for enterprises and organizationslooking to engage with customers, staff and other stakeholders. Companies lookingto operate a mobile channel to interact with their customer need to consider thequality of service their mobile service provider can offer. Consumer SMS Enterprise SMS Unreliable Timely delivery Immeasurable Measurable via delivery notifications Subject to high levels of message loss and delay No message loss, full vs. transparency and security Insecure transmission routes through end-to-end delivery Viable for person-to-person Viable for all types of mobile communications only interaction: B2B, B2C, C2B, C2C. 3
  • 4. Importance of quality in SMS interaction Reliable SMS delivery can make a huge difference to any service, both for consumers and enterprises alike. For example, whilst it may only be a small inconvenience for a message from a friend to be delayed, if that message contains an airline ticket or important schedule information, then the delay becomes a serious issue. Without reliable delivery, enterprise communications services lose customer support and fail to prosper. 4
  • 5. tt.SMS = high qualitySMS remains one of the primary mobile communicationschannels and, as such, is a powerful interaction solution forbusinesses looking to engage with customers, staffmembers or other stakeholders.tyntec’s SMS services have an established reputation ashigh quality and easy to use, making tyntec the company ofchoice for some of the world’s largest companies. 5
  • 6. The tyntec quality promise for SMS 6
  • 7. More about tyntec’s high quality SMS Guaranteed delivery of messages within 15 seconds and no message loss. Real-time delivery receipts of all messages. Global coverage reaching more than tyntec can offer an unparalleled level of quality in its SMS 90% of mobile subscribers worldwide. interaction services. Service level agreements measuring service performance indicators like delivery time and number of messages processed per second. 7
  • 8. Our SMS productsProducts Highlights Mobile Outbound SMS allows companies to Reliable & fast SMS sending integrate SMS into the heart of what they do. Whether this is sending time-critical Global reach alerts, carrying out marketing campaigns Real-time delivery receipts or interacting with customers. Mobile Inbound SMS allows companies to International & local numbers interact with their customers via text, which can be vital for anything from Reliable & scalable inbound platform marketing campaigns to social networking High speed processing of incoming SMS applications. 2-Way Mobile Dialogue SMS allows Seamless inbound and outbound companies to integrate 2-way mobile interaction services into marketing Global reach campaigns, enterprise applications and time Reliable & fast 2-way SMS interaction critical alerts. 8
  • 9. Our SMS productsProducts Highlights Number Lookup provides customizable Essential in Mobile Number Portability network information directly from the GSM network. This service enables companies to Real-time network check perform efficient subscriber database cleaning, compile statistical data, implement Routing optimization & cost savings anti-fraud procedures and ID verification, etc. The Online SMS Portal provides companies Easy-to-use web interface with a user-friendly web interface for SMS transmission. The portal is fully supported and Simple to integrate you will also find there a range of software plug-ins and add-ons to both improve the Wide range of plug-in options service and provide unrivalled compatibility. The Mobile Authentication solution allows Easy, straightforward, reliable organisations to implement 2-factor authentication via SMS by building a Gives companies access to powerful mobile authentication component with One and personalized identity Time Passwords or mTANs into transaction authentication to prevent fraud processes. 9
  • 10. An overview on how to use SMSAuthentication & Campaigns & Content & Dialogue & chat transactions promotions entertainmentMachine-to-machine Media & broadcasting Mobile social Ticketing networking & web & couponing 2.0 Time-critical alerts Updates & reminders SMS & apps 10
  • 11. Customer benefitsWe are experts in translating the variety of complex connectivity standards, allowingour customers to concentrate on delivering their core competencies and benefit fromvarious advantages: Reach a global consumer base by connecting to the worldwide SMS footprint provided by tyntec. Implement SMS without additional investment in infrastructure by relying on tyntec’s robust and flexible technology. Minimize complexity for additional messaging reach by having single legal, technical and billing relationship for SMS. Count on high quality standards when dealing with mission-critical and enterprise communications. We work closely with each and every one of our customers to ensure they have the support they need with a 24/7/365 technical and customer support. 11
  • 12. Most importantly… With the right combination of high quality services and full support, our customers have peace of mind when implementing SMS as a standard tool in consumer and enterprise communications. 12
  • 13. About tyntec tyntec is a mobile interaction specialist, enabling businesses to integrate mobile telecom services for a wide range of uses – from mission-critical applications to internet services. We reduce the complexity involved in accessing the complex telecoms world by providing a high quality, easy-to- integrate and global offering using universal services such as SMS, voice and numbers. Founded in 2002, and with more than 150 staff in five offices around the globe, tyntec works with 500+ businesses including mobile service providers, enterprises and internet companies. www.tyntec.com 13 sales@tyntec.com