Mobile interaction for financial service providers
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Mobile interaction for financial service providers

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Mobile interaction solutions for financial service providers by tyntec

Mobile interaction solutions for financial service providers by tyntec

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  • 1. Sophisticated Simplicity In Mobile Interaction g“ ee ch tin om o ic t n -d hl ec fe nt ier „t h yCustomer InformationMobile Interaction Solutions forFinancial Service Providers (FSPs)
  • 2. Sophisticated Simplicity In Mobile InteractionCustomer InformationMobile Interaction Solutions forFinancial Service Providers (FSPs)For Financial Service Providers (FSPs) wishing to eliminate the risk of delays Business benefitsand poor data security when transmitting sensitive information to mobiledevices, tyntec offers reliable and secure SMS services guaranteed by strict − Increase customer loyalty: By offering secure mobileService Level Agreements (SLAs). messaging services which safeguard financial assetsSafeguarding financial services across multiple channels − Reduce service costs: By implementing an easy and quick to use SMS service thatFinancial Service Providers are currently presented with a major challenge, allows consumers to self-protecting customer data against malicious online attacks while at the same monitor accountstime enabling consumers to manage their assets successfully through multiple − Increase revenues: Bychannels. providing reliable SMS functionality as an extension of existing services in a varietyFor this reason, Financial Services Providers must consider: of channels which offer value for money• Developing strong responses to consumers’ concern about identity theft and e-fraud. High-quality SMS• Providing easy-to-use and rapid-response services that offer value for money. Reliability − Guaranteed delivery of messages within 15 secondsReliable SMS solutions for FSPs and no-message loss policy Service Level Agreementstyntec’s high-quality SMS interaction services offer FSPs a reliable and − Unique SLAs measure serviceeasy-to-use service that strengthens customer loyalty, increases revenue and performance, including factors such as delivery time andreduces service delivery costs. Based on tyntec’s Quality-of-Service promise, number of messages processedFSPs are able to transmit sensitive financial data as well as authentication per secondcredentials within a maximum of 15 seconds to their user base. Global footprint − tyntec provides a vast global footprint, reaching about 90% of mobile subscribers worldwide
  • 3. Financial data processing via tyntec’s high-quality SMS interaction Consumer tyntec API Data Data sending Front-end Account DB sending over IP/IPSec application API Data is generated Authentication, Bank - Event management transaction of funds - Alerting Database - CRM Web Firewall - AuthenticationSensitive financial data is securely transmitted via VPN / IPSec to tyntec’s proprietary infrastructure. Once there, it istransferred into tyntec’s own GSM network. This offers FSPs a direct delivery path between their secure systems andthe consumer device. Combining these technologies provides the highest level of security, as well as a complete end-to-end control over the entire GSM delivery path.Mobile solution portfolio for financial services Mobile Outbound SMS Service tyntec’s Mobile Outbound SMS service enables FSPs to distribute any type of sensitive information via SMS across all sales/customer support channels. Personalized product introduction, account management information and even brokerage alerts can be delivered across multiple channels in an easy- and quick manner that significantly increases customer loyalty. This service also empowers the consumer to monitor movements of their funds, improving fraud prevention and therefore diminishing the risk of financial losses. 2-way Mobile Dialogue SMS Service 2-Way Mobile Dialogue SMS allows a fast and reliable sending and receiving of SMS which reaches more than 90% of global subscribers. Number Lookup Service The Number Lookup service provides customizable network information directly from the GSM network. This service enables companies to perform efficient subscriber database cleaning and compile statistical data, as well as implement anti-fraud procedures and ID verification. Mobile Authentication Solution tyntec’s high-quality SMS services are engineered to ensure that each user is legitimate by using One-time Passwords / mTANs. This provides powerful identity protection for those using online banking. tyntec’s ability to offer a unique 15 second guarantee of delivery means that consumers always receive time-restricted passwords in a timely manner.Munich +49 (89) 202 451 100 – London +44 (207) 436 0283 – Singapore +65 (6478) 3020E-Mails w w w.tyntec.comSophisticated SimplicityIn Mobile Interaction