Netcat SiteSWiPE introduction presentation
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Netcat SiteSWiPE introduction presentation



Netcat SiteSWiPE is a powerful and user-friendly solution for migrating content from early generation EPiServer sites or other legacy CMS systems into EPiServer CMS 6 and 7

Netcat SiteSWiPE is a powerful and user-friendly solution for migrating content from early generation EPiServer sites or other legacy CMS systems into EPiServer CMS 6 and 7



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  • The numbers stand for themselves
  • The bubbles represent our core products and the texts inside it states examples of what you can build with it
  • The beauty and the uniqueness of our offering lies in the bisection
  • This explains how the products are tied together through the Online Center. We have the potential to create whatever online experience you need. Because our product portfolio touches on so many areas, sites can be tailored to fit the needs of any customer---whether it be social, campaigns, commerce, content or a mix of them all.
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Netcat SiteSWiPE introduction presentation Netcat SiteSWiPE introduction presentation Presentation Transcript

  • The easy way to migrate your content to EPiServer Netcat SiteSWiPE
  • EPiServer premium partner and innovative provider of professional services Introducing Netcat
  • What we do Web & Mobile eCommerce Community & Intranet Migration & Transformation Personalisation & Marketing Integration & Search
  • About Netcat • Successful Australian company operating for 13+ years • Delivered many web, intranet, community and ecommerce sites • Customers in all States, especially in local government • Premium partner for EPiServer – one of world’s leading web based CMS platforms • Technically strong with reputation for delivering on time and budget
  • Awards and Recognition • 2012 iAward for Best eGovernment solution (for SWiPE and Casework Practice) • 2007-8 iAward for Best Software for Government (Facsia) • Finalists in the APICTA awards for Best Government Software in 2007-8; • Finalists in the 2009 NSW Export Awards • Named in the 2009 Deloitte APAC Fast 500 of region’s fastest growing ICT companies • Panel member of NSW Govt. IAMS and 2020 procurement contracts
  • It is common for migrations to cost more than the CMS software itself. Why SiteSWiPE ?
  • Netcat SiteSWiPE is a powerful and user-friendly solution for migrating content from early generation EPiServer sites or other legacy CMS systems into EPiServer CMS 6 and 7 Why SiteSWiPE?
  • Before and After SiteSWiPE
  • SiteSWiPE Process 1. Start Project • Start new, load existing or import & export projects 2. Download • Download the current site with ability to exclude some content 3. Build Structure • Use drag and drop rules to recreate the sitemap 4. Map Content • Create block and page rules to move content to the right place 5. Import • Import or re-import your content into the new site
  • SiteSWiPE Screenshots
  • Key Benefits • Some of the advantages of the SiteSWiPE tool – Friendly user interface – Migrate from any site – Download only once – Keep your page and file structure intact – Use mapping rules to migrate content with great accuracy – Retain your metadata – Retain links to files and between pages – Convert re-useable content into blocks – Eliminate unwanted clutter and clean your HTML – Reuse your mapping rules on multiple projects – Replace or augment your site – Hosted service makes it easy • Jump straight to the demo now
  • Friendly user interface The drag-and-drop interface – just like EPiServer’s personalisation UI.
  • Migrate from any site SiteSWiPE works the same, regardless of whether you are migrating from an earlier EPiServer CMS versions, from third party CMS systems, or even from a flat file HTML site.
  • Download only once Once you have downloaded all the files that you need, you don’t have to download again (although you can choose to).
  • Keep your page and file structure intact SiteSWiPE can generate a new site structure and that replicates your current sitemap and navigation.
  • Migrate content & metadata with great accuracy SiteSWiPE’s mapping rules extracts content and puts it into the correct fields and blocks in the new templates. Plus SiteSWiPE’s mapping rules migrate metadata as well as content, ensuring that all relevant metadata is retained.
  • Convert re-useable content into blocks • SiteSWiPE's mapping rules also support the ability to find and create reusable blocks in EPiSercer 7 CMS. Not only will SiteSWiPE be able to create a new block and insert into the correct page, the system is able to detect if the block is used more than once - and, if so, simply creates a reference to the same block each time.
  • Eliminate unwanted clutter & clean your HTML Through SiteSWiPE’s ability to selectively include or exclude pages as well as strip out old HTML content, customers can filter out unwanted content, resulting in a new environment that is fresher, more accessible and easier to manage.
  • Retain links to files and between pages SiteSWiPE automatically retains links between web pages and other assets like images, CSS, and files (such as PDF and Word Documents). SiteSWiPE convert existing links to EPiServer links so that all internal hyperlinks stay working even after pages are moved within EPiServer.
  • Reusable mapping rules Mapping rules can be reused between projects – slashing the cost and time associated with migrating multiple websites.
  • Replace or augment your site • SiteSWiPE places material in whatever area of the site you select, meaning you can choose to either: – Replace the current homepage and put all the new content in below this - and go live immediately. – Put the content into a 'staging area', where it can be retained for reference or copied / moved into the new site as needed.
  • Hosted service makes it easy • Netcat usually hosts the SiteSWiPE software on our server and simply connect to a web service on the target machine. This web service can be installed easily by a client or EPiServer Partner. This means that you don't need to install or maintain any software - we do it all for you.
  • Watch Demonstration Videos SiteSWiPE in Action
  • SiteSWiPE drastically reduces the costs and stress associated with web content migration. The End Result
  • For more information, visit or call 1300 NETCAT (1300 638 228). Thank You