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Netcat has developed an “Intranet Express” solution using EPiServer CMS and EPiServer Relate community software. This solution is designed to provide customers with a fast start in the delivery of a community centric Intranet.

Using this solution, organisations can have a fully featured Intranet deployed in less than a month!

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  • Many Intranets only take a “top down” approach, where a small group of publishers make content available to the organisation. Thanks to the growth of social networks like Facebook or LinkedIn, employees are starting to expect to be able to interact in similar ways with their work colleagues.
  • Your staff are your community and your Intranet needs to be the ultimate in community engagement.
  • Silo Busting SharingWhile the community functions allow teams to work together, there is always a risk of information getting siloed away. The Intranet Express solution has a number of silo-busting features that encourage staff to share information between communities. As well, information stored in a central location (such as Policy and Procedure or file Resources) can easily be made available to the various communities where the material is most relevant. Builds on Existing SystemsImportantly, while this Intranet Express provides built-in document management features, it is designed to build on existing Electronic Document and Record Management Systems such as HP TRIM or Microsoft SharePoint.
  • To provide a high level of flexibility, CMS driven web-pages are highly integrated with the professional communities. For example, you can add CMS pages into any professional community and they appear as part of the community’s navigation. CMS pages in the left menu of a communityCentralised CMS driven content such as Policy & Procedures pages or Resources (from files in the File Manager or elsewhere) can be stored in the “Reference” area. These pages and files can be marked as relevant to specific communities. This way, when someone goes to their area, they see a filtered set of content that is most relevant to them.Categorisation & TaggingPages in the site (such as Policy & Procedures), community content, files in the File Manager and even staff profiles can be categorised against a centrally managed taxonomy, so that users can filter or search for almost anything by subject/expertise category.
  • Similar to Social Media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn , the Intranet Express solution allows users to add someone to your Contacts, and so connect with them. By connecting with someone you can then follow their actions in your Feeds, both on the homepage and in your My Page.
  • The Intranet Express solution comes with a number of pre-defined types of professional communities for business related work. These include:Organisation communities based on the hierarchical organisation structure (eg divisions and units). Location communities that can represent geographic regions or officesBusiness communities for committees, cross functional teams, projects or working groupsThe Intranet Express features powerful cross-posting and filtering capabilities, to allow Professional community-generated to be shared to other communities. The Intranet Express also offers a social space that is similar to the standard Relate+ templates, to allow staff to have their own blogs, image galleries and social clubs. Please see Social Space starting page 18, to learn more.
  • Community generated events can be set to display on a corporate events calendar, by users with sufficient level of authority.
  • The Intranet Express provides an extensive and intuitive staff directory, based on community membership - which can be taken from external sources such as Active Directory or a federated authentication system. Users can search for staff by keyword (eg name, responsibilities etc), as well as look for staff who have specific subject/expertise category (eg asbestos handling), are within any specified community or have any other special notes (eg First Aid Officer or Fire Warden).When you click on someone’s name in the staff directory (or anywhere else in the intranet) you are taken to their public profile page in the staff directory. The content of this page can be edited by each user on their My Profile page. If the user is not already one of your contacts, you can request to add them as a contact. Once the person approves your request, a two way contact connection will be made as seen on the My Contacts page.
  • The Intranet Express provides a powerful search engine that allows user to find CMS and Community content across the entire site. Users can search for contact by keyword, subject/expertise category (e.g. asbestos handling), was created after a set date or is within any specified community. Search results can then be filtered and sorted by a range of criteria.
  • The Intranet Express provides a range of personalised pages and function to give users access to information relevant to them.
  • Netcat Intranet Express Introduction

    1. 1. How to Rapidly Implement a Community Driven IntranetIntranet Express
    2. 2. EPiServer premium partner and innovative digital agencyMore about Netcat
    3. 3. About Netcat• Successful Australian companyoperating for 13+ Years.• Delivered manyweb, intranet, community andecommerce sites• Customers in allStates, especially in localgovernment.• Premium partner for EPiServer –one of world’s leading webbased CMS platforms.• Technically strong withreputation for delivering on timeand budget.
    4. 4. Most Intranets are top down orone way systems for deliveringcontent, with limitedcommunity engagement. Theyare where content goes to die.The Challenge
    5. 5. Your Intranet needs to be anengaging internal social andprofessional network, addedto, and owed by, all the peoplewho use it.The Solution
    6. 6. Intranet ExpressUsing EPiServer CMS and EPiServer Relate to provide:- Top down content and bottom up content- All the community features you’d expect- Cross posting and sharing to break silos- A way to build on document management systemsAll delivered in weeks – not months.
    7. 7. Innovative & Responsive Design
    8. 8. Integrated CMS with Sharing and Filtering
    9. 9. Contacts, Feeds and Timelines
    10. 10. Professional and Social Communities
    11. 11. Community Events & Corporate Calendar
    12. 12. Staff Directories & Profiles
    13. 13. Powerful Content Search
    14. 14. Comments, Ratings & Views
    15. 15. Forums and more
    16. 16. My Links & My Pages
    17. 17. Intranet Express provides a faststart in the delivery of acommunity centric Intranet.Using thissolution, organisations canhave a fully featuredcommunity-driven Intranet inless than a month!End Result
    18. 18. For more information, or call us on1300 NETCAT (1300 638 228).Thank You