Designing for Real-Time Marketing


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The Internet, more specifically social media, has increased the speed with which we communicate. We’re Tweeting, Facebooking, texting, Pinning,Instagramming, and checking in constantly. This steady stream of information combined with the 24/7 news cycle has lead to the need for marketers to increase the speed of their engagement as well in an emerging field called “Real-time marketing.” Where there is marketing, there are designers. How do you design effectively for real-time marketing?

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Designing for Real-Time Marketing

  1. 1. Designing ForReal-Time Marketing#RTDesign
  2. 2. PRO
  3. 3. Vegas Baby!
  4. 4. Klondike Bar Chillin’
  5. 5. “In a world where speed and agility are now essential tosuccess, most organizations still operate slowly anddeliberately, cementing each step months in advance,responding to new developments with careful buttime-consuming processes…Now more than at any other time in history,speed and agility aredecisive competitive advantages.” #RTDesign
  6. 6. What isReal-Time Marketing?
  7. 7. BI N G O Real-Time Marketing
  8. 8. What isReal-Time Marketing?
  9. 9. Defined... “Real-time marketing is marketing performed "on-the-fly" to determine an appropriate or optimal approach to a particular customer at a particular time and place. It is a form of market research inbound marketing that seeks the most appropriate offer for a given customer sales opportunity, reversing the traditional outbound marketing (or interruption marketing) which aims to acquire appropriate customers for a given pre-defined offer. The dynamic just-in-time decision making behind a real-time offer aims to exploit a given customer interaction defined by web-site clicks or verbal contact center conversation.” #RTDesign
  10. 10. Human-Driven RTMCustomer Service #RTDesign
  11. 11. Human-Driven RTMOpportunistic #RTDesign
  12. 12. Human-Driven RTMSpontaneous #RTDesign
  13. 13. Re-Defined... “Authentic communication delivered at the right place, at the right time, with the right message linked to other stimuli; influenced by ever-changing audience needs.” #RTDesign
  14. 14. #1 RTM Gets ResultsChanges BehaviorsWord of Mouth Web Feel Positive Try/Buy+17% +12% +16% +14%Search Social Media Interested In Recommend+16% +11% +18% +22%Media Receptivity Consider+17% #RTDesign
  15. 15. #2 RTM is Content-Driven “Authentic communication delivered at the right place, at the right time, with the right message. Linked to other stimuli; influenced by ever-changing audience needs.” #RTDesign
  16. 16. Audi #Equality
  17. 17. Audi #Equality
  18. 18. #FastFoodAddiction
  19. 19. 42 Puppies...
  20. 20. 42 Puppies...
  21. 21. 42 Puppies...
  22. 22. National Puppy Day “…a special day, recognized on March 23rd annually, to celebrate the magic and unconditional love that puppies bring to our lives.” #RTDesign
  23. 23. #RTDesign
  24. 24. 42 Puppies...
  25. 25. How Do I DoReal-Time Design?
  26. 26. The Bridge
  27. 27. Do it! • Pick a client • Find some (relevant, actionable) news • Come up with a great concept • Share it with your client • Track your results #RTDesign
  28. 28. Don’t Go ChasingWaterfalls Concept Design Revise Review Revise Approve Publish #RTDesign
  29. 29. Best Practices ForReal-Time Design
  30. 30. Set Yourself Up For Success SUCCESS
  31. 31. The Fewer Cooks, The Better
  32. 32. Dream Team for RTM • Art / Creative Director • Designer • Digital/Traditional Media Expert • Account Lead • Client Legal Rep. • Client #RTDesign
  33. 33. Know Your Role Image: OutlawRave
  34. 34. Real-time Designer • Creative • Highly analytical • Big data / data visualization experience • Solid prototyping skills • Thrive in high-pressure #RTDesign
  35. 35. Go With Your Gut Image: Bryn Hobson
  36. 36. Stay Lo-Fi for as Long As You Can
  37. 37. Rave Reviews
  38. 38. Know When to Publish
  39. 39. Track Your Results
  40. 40. “The ability to analyze data in real-time and make itmeaningful for our business has been tremendous.”-Rick Wion, Director of Social Media, McDonald’s #RTDesign
  41. 41. Challenges ofReal-Time Design
  42. 42. Work Quality
  43. 43. Stuck in Social
  44. 44. Legacy
  45. 45. BI N G O Real-Time Marketing
  46. 46. Thank You!